Robert Boogert - Deserve You (Malente Re-Edit)

Not too long ago I stumbled upon Robert Boogert, producer from the Neatherlands. And today I really wanna share my enthiasm with you. As soon as I heard his definition of bassline driven fidget-house-music some questions crossed my mind. So I conctaced him on sykpe to gain knowledge.

Malente: „Where are you coming from musically? Your production sounds great. You must have done stuff before... any former projects?

Robert Boogert: „Ehm yeah. I'm originally a jazz guitarist. I'm attending conservatory in Amsterdam, which is a great school to study the jazz. Two years ago I heard some awesome basslines which made me into house music. Before then I never would've thought I'd like that style. But I sure do!!! I'm mainly trying to put some originality and music theory into the house. Because I don't often hear that. Anyway, I never produced before, I play in several bigbands and funkbands. I also have a fusion band where we only play instrumental songs that I write

Malente: „I see. That explains a lot. You got the ears. What I found unique about your apporach on fidget stuff is that it's really soulful, musical, funky and positive. Warm but the same time rockin' hard. And it sounds nothing like music theory or dry at all.

Robert Boogert: „Yeah, I really like it when it has a curtain recognizeble sound, not just a bassline. It needs to be an actual song.“

Malente: „So what did you release and what's on your scedule next?

Robert Boogert: „I released three EP's: Phatique EP (Downsouth), The Blizz EP (Hypotron Records) and Problemized EP (SMD Records). Deserve you that track you edited is on The Phatique EP in it’s original version. You should also check out Broke on this EP. It’s one of my personal favourites. Coming soon is Da Hype EP on Prompt Digital wich will be really good!! And there’s an upcoming EP on SMD Records, where im more into the Daft Punk style. Last but not least a Remix of Kynatix is to be out, wich I just uploaded on myspace.

Malente: „As you're from Amsterdam. Do you work with people like Brabe (he uses some sounds quite similar) or Mason or Jesse Voorn?

Robert Boogert: „Barbe, is a dude who makes awesome tracks. Maybe there’ll be a cooperation with him in the future. I hope that somehow we start a new 'Genre' although that might be to ambitious. But it certainly is something people not heard often before I think.“

Malente: „Yeah that's for sure. Barbe did a great remix for my forthcoming 12" on Southern Fried. Dope production! You already released quite a bit, but your name's not out there yet (trying to change that with this post). You feel you need to learn how to DJ? Also because that's where the money's at? I mean you can buy some ice cream with the money you made from your 3 EPs, but playing DJ gigs could get you a Volkswagen.“

Robert Boogert: „Yeah definitely!! I'm working on that right now. A friend of mine who's in the Beesmunt Soundsystem is teaching me now. And what DJ-sets I need to buy, all that stuff. Although it’s hard because the Jazz study needs a lot of time, though I love the Dj world to!! So I think i'm going to lay low on the jazz for a while and focus on djing and producing. I recently bought a 'Mixer' which gives me the oppurtinity to have a great guitar sound. I’m going to use this on my new releases gonna be awesome! More funky soul with crazy basslines.“

Malente: „Yeah man. Keep the musical input coming. As you said before many of the artists don't even know how to play an instrument (me for example).

Robert Boogert: „Haha. For sure adds substance to the music we make, but well fortunately there are no rules in music! Everything is possible right?! I love ur productions though. If you know every single musictheory it’s hard to keep an adventurous sound .“

Malente: „I think it’s just good we have all these different approaches. Sounds like final words...“

Robert Boogert: „Hopefully my name will come into the scene soon, Volkswagen sounds nice.“

Malente: „Fingers crossed! And hey, you should get that "Jazz" tune by the Beatdoctors on Jaimie Fanatics new Label „We Are All Kidz“, it’s on beatport. Could be the soundtrack to this interview... well second track on this soundtrack after my Deserve you Re-Edit.

Robert Boogert: „I’ll check it out!“

And, dear reader, you should check it out too. Plus Robert’s myspace and all the related stuff. There’s so much more than just Justice and Soulwax out there. Explore!

Robert Boogert - Deserve You (Malente Re-Edit)
(yousendit) buy Robert's stuff on beatport

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Anonym hat gesagt…

"Hit Me" is one dope track...id buy that if it was released...

malente hat gesagt…

seems as if you ahve to wait: da hype EP on Prompt Digital is coming soon... Robert said. you can always go to his myspace and ask him yourself.

Anonym hat gesagt…
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Anonym hat gesagt…

have no myspace;)but the double dephts remix of hit me was floating around the net lately, thats why i wondered...also coudnt find any info what the upcoming releases are going to contain..anyway looking forward to it!

malente hat gesagt…

well they are upcoming... patience. in the meantime buy whats on beatport. trackitdown has even more to offer http://checkout.trackitdown.net/search/keyword?q=robert+boogert&searchButton.x=0&searchButton.y=0

or you try junodownload until the new stuff is out.

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