27.2.@Social Club Paris: Exploited Records Night

Time to continue the saga. After some crazyness and drunk Shir Khan action (this time I lost my mobile in Geneva - actually the hotel already sent it back to me....Big up to Hotel Cornavin in Geneva who found it) we are back with the Exploited Tour.
Triple Trouble Action at Parisian Social Club with Adam, me and Malente&Dex who I still consider as one person:) though its 2 Individuals with different styles (nasty Khan:)).
Special track - either in the warm-up or in the end will be probably this track here:

>>>>Rheingold - Dreiklangdimensionen


PHOENIX - 1901

...well, this great song was originally posted by berlin battery yesterday at 4pm, because that was the minute, that Phoenix spread their "1901" as a free present from their website. As a present to berlin battery the corporate structure surrounding the band Phoenix (not the band!) deleted the post for copyright infringement reasons via Google/Blogger. Strange world this is! So here it is again.... and again....

...it's 4pm and what a great way to start my new blog:
Phoenix just released a new song from their upcoming album through their website. It is called "1901".
Phoenix for me are a little bit like an old friend from school. I am not seeing them very often, but every contact or sign of existence makes me feel warm and happy. There is hardly a "living" band, that found its way so deep into my soul, because they were with me in situations, where i needed a remedy for my soul, which for me is the best way to describe "the sound of Phoenix".
Years ago i split up with a girlfriend and felt really dark, shitty and depressed (you know how that feels...). I decided to escape the Berlin winter and my crap state of mind to the south of Portugal for a week and the day before i left, i bought "United", the first album by a new french band called Phoenix. It really changed my life, no shit! The CD did not leave my Cd-player for a whole week (truth). There was a warmth in their music, that really worked like medicine to me. When i came back, i felt so much better and the reason was honestly "United" (lets say combined with the south of Portugal...).
Few months later i was going to play a festical in Mallorca with le hammond inferno and guess who was going to be there, too: yep, Phoenix!
I was feeling really special about seeing them play live. But that wasn't so easy. They were stuck on the airport, because all of their band equipment arrived ages too late on the island, so they almost did not play at all. They were put back in the line-up from a 8pm slot to later to later to later to... very late in the night, but they came and they played without any sound/linecheck at 3 in the night.
The festival was called "Isladencanta" and it was situated in the middle of the island in a valley between some mountains and the site was breathtakingly beautiful. For some reason there was hardly any audience there, but it looked amazing, because behind the big stage there was a mountain and on the mountain was a small cemetery. so you looked at the band and because there was no backdrop, you could see the graves in the back.... (do i need to say more...?).

They played and it was... well, you know how it was...

Coincidence happened, that we shared the same shuttle bus back to the Hotel after our shows, so i was sitting there with Phoenix, feeling like a small kid... I gathered all my strength and told them the story about "United" and my Portugal and they reacted so touched, it really meant something to them, i felt. I will never forget that special ride in the bus my whole life. They were extremly nice people (as they still are now) and until today i deejayed several times for their shows so we meet from time to time...

It will be out in may and has the fantastic title "Wolfgang Amdeus Phoenix". Here is a first song from it. Enjoy it as much as i do and if i bored you with my long private story: i don't care!

There is also a dj-mix compilation "Kitsune Tabloid" available by Phoenix on Kitsune. check it out!

>>>>PHOENIX - 1901





SEPALOT vs. ICONZ - Get Crunked Up (SEPALOT Mix)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

This is a heavy one for you all out there.

Great remix work done by Mr. S-A-Lot aka Dr. Crunkenstein himself.




METRONOMY in Berlin!

Not much words needed for our party tomorrow (friday)! This is definetly one of the strongest line-ups we ever had, so we hope to see you there.


METRONOMY (because music/london)
CIRCLESQUARE (k7/berlin)
LORENZ RHODE (exploited/duesseldorf)

SHIR KHAN (berlin battery/exploited/berlin)
JACK TENNIS (berlin battery/outfit/berlin)
DJ SUPERMARKT (berlin battery/bungalow rec/berlin)

MAX PASK (throne of blood/nyc/berlin)
FINN JOHANNSEN (macro rec/de:bug/berlin)
HUNEE (internasjonal/berlin)

VJ ULTRAMOODEM (exploited/berlin)

If there is one band that reflects the sound that makes the hearts of the berlin battery boys beat, it must be Metronomy. Their artistic approach on weird disco is simply irresistable. I was so lucky to see them Live some time ago in the White Trash (supported by a young band that by then hardly anybody heard of: Late Of The Pier) and it must be by far the best "electronic" Show i ever saw. They rocked! Don't miss them!
This remix was the start of my love for the three boys from Brighton. Call it "weirdo-polka-disco":

>>>INFADELS - Love like semtex (Metronomy rmx)


It all went downhill // WHOW

And then twitter came along and stole my time. Yes I now also do twitter (follow me). After being at ground zero in laptop land I wasn't able to do any edits till today (included), I didn't even have Ableton or Logic on the machine. Additionally I moved in with my girlfriend before and after I spent 5 weeks in Australia. Now I even have deadlines for remixes and releases hauntig me in my sleep. Not to mention the friday/saturday DJ-cycle.

Poor you (no Malente Edit) happy me (nobody layed me off despite: CRISES). In fact I had a lot of happy days recently. One of these days was D.I.M.'s birthday about a month ago wich he celebrated in club 77 while I stayed in Sydeny (see the pigs;) - man I am so funny today).
Boys Noize played back to back with his girlfriend. Yep, she battled the man with her iPod. I think she won the battle as she played Kate Bush and Münchner Freiheit. The Australians seemed not even irritated when she took the mic, pitched her voice up and held a speech in German to let everybody know that it is in fact D.I.M's birthday and that they love him heeps, just to see him hiding his red face behind the DJ booth...
The music was great even when Alex played on his own for an hour ;) In fact it was incredibly funky, disco, futuristic and not hardcore at all. Great set. I went to club77 with Jaimie Fanatic who toured Australia too that time and we where both going "WHOW"
Speaking of "WHOW" and Jaimie (from right: Jaimie, Malente, D.I.M). The man from Rotterdam is the first guest on the opening night of Moston & Malente's WHOW Party.

Happening every 2nd month on the 3rd Saturday from now on (21.FEB09) in my new hometown ESSEN at the awesome little GOETHE BUNKER club. This time Lars Moston (Berlin) is hosting. Jaimie Fanatic from Rotterdam and Max Cherry (Cologne) as well as Brian Lindsay (USA) complete the line up AND they're all gonna celebrate Mr. Moston's brithday. A life fully of brithdays ain't that crazy... Gets better below the following pic:
Should you be around on saturday and you don't wanna pay on the door write yourself on the guestlist. just drop an email to whowparty@gmx.de and you can get in FOR FREE before 0.30h. Come on...


(celebrate) the day after you!

hi opossums. This is my first post for some time now, as i had to take a holiday from my head to get a new "mind dimension...mind dimension...mind dimension...".
I actually wanted to do this post on the day that George Bush left the oval office, so sorry for the delay.
Uk popsters The Blow Monkeys released "(Celebrate) the day after you", a great housy pop-song in 1987 as a clear message to the then-Prime-minister of the UK Maggie Thatcher ("the iron lady") to...well...disappear. There are a lot of similarities between Bush and Thatcher, because both politicians led their country in a big crisis. The discontent of the people in both countries/times grew so strong, that lots of artists finally became active in resistance. In 1987 there was the Red Wedge movement, a collective of musicians, that found together in the aim to help stop the conservative governement. Head of Red Wedge was Billy Bragg, but also Paul Weller & The Style Council, Jerry Dammers/The Specials and many more (a.o. The Blow Monkeys) gathered for free concerts to raise awareness, support strikers etc. I actually was a fan of all these bands even before, so when they joined i got really interested in their matter.
The original version of "(Celebrate) the day after you" was on The Blow Monkeys's third album "She was only a grocer's daughter" (the title was another insult on poor Maggie). It is already clearly influenced by early House-music. Soon after the band was one of the first Uk-pop-bands to turn into a House-project (alongside Style Council and ABC), which did not really help their success. It features guest vocals from Soul-legend Curtis Mayfield. If you are not familiar with this great pop band, check out their best-of CD as a starters set. it is worth every penny it costs nowadays.

>>>BLOW MONKEYS - (celebrate) the day after you (extended remix)



BEN MONO playing live with Munk.

For all those who were wondering what i´ve been doing recently.
After almost 10 years of not playing in a band i started a 2nd try.
This time I am playing guitar with the band Munk from Gomma. And it suddenly made me turning into a rock guy.

Sooo - this is some footage from our favorite gig so far in Munich at Registratur.

.... and make sure you enable the "hi-quality"-option.



News from the friendly label Sunday Best: Sportsday Megaphone is the project of the 22 year old multi-talented Hugh Frost. He directed the Friendly Fires video too! Very nice DIY electronic badroom-laptop-pop. Check out his album "So Many Colours/So Little Time" or go to his myspace to listen to more.


The next Berlin Battery night with Metronomy live at Scala/Berlin (febuary, 20th) is coming nearer and nearer. And I just heard that their support is the new K7 act Circlesquare. And Lorenz Rohde is going to play his first live gig ever that night (alongside Shir Khan, DJ Supermarkt & Jack Tennis). Wow, Berlin Battery in full effect!!!

CIRCLESQUARE - Ten To One (ysi)


DJ HELL- The Angst

First single from DJ Hells new album "Teufelswerk" which  is divided into 2 themes, "Day" (more Krautrock, co-produced by Peter Kruder) and "Night" (more ChicagoHouse). 
 I'm not sure if I like "The Angst". It sounds a bit like a crossover between balearic and gothic, or? Strange...


Exploited Mini-Tour feat. Malente&Dex, Shir Khan, Adam Sky, Lorenz Rhode

We have a little Mini-Exploited-Tour coming up featuring Malente&Dex + Shir Khan and Adam Sky at Social Club in Paris and Lorenz Rhode with Metronomy at Scala in Berlin. Expect House music's cultural diversity at its best.
We gonna give you 2 free Downloads:

Malente & Dex - Heatwave.
Lorenz Rhode - Tronic Matic.

And Exploited Records is now at Myspace too...check it:
Exploited Record's mypace.

N.A.S.A. - Hip Hop feat. KRS-One, Fatlip, & Slim Kid Tre

I wanna say it with Connys words: Yo bothers and sistas! Never heard of N.A.S.A.? No, not the space guys... N.A.S.A is the new hot hiphop shit from Hollywood, their debutalbum "The Spirit of Apollo" features superstars like KRS-One, David Byrne, Tom Waits (!), Kanye West, Chuck D...
They will play (live!) an exclusive show on the hiphop and disco night on this saturday, feburary 7th, at Scala/Berlin. Check the whole line up on Scala's mypace.
Keep it real!


BEN MONO vs. SIRIUSMO feat. Bajka - Post Protection Remix

The remix of that "Protection" - remix Siriusmo did some while ago which probably got both of us first attention within the scene.
For free download, cause i feel it still fits quite well.


BEN MONO vs. SIRIUSMO feat. Bajka - Post Protection Remix (ysi)


PHOENIX - Twenty-One One Zero

Finally, news from Phoenix. Twenty-One One Zero is the pre-release from their forthcoming album "Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix" (no joke, this is the real titel. OMG), first released on Cartiers compilation "Love". Hope that they go back to their roots like in 2000 on "United". More pop, less rock please!
Do you remember the Buffalo Bunnch and their remix for "If I Ever Feel Better"? I've played this one for months. Still a banger!

PHOENIX - If I Ever Feel Better, I'll Go To The Disco (said the Buffalo Bunch) (ysi)