PETER VAN POEHL - Parliament

There are three songs on my mind at the moment which sound like: Spring!!!
First up there is swedish pop-weirdo Peter van Poehl with his second album "May Day". He lives in Malmö, Berlin and Paris. And he sounds a bit like Nick Drake, Simon & Garfunkel mixed with Phoenix, Marvin Gaye and some psychedelical Krauts... (well, more or less).
Once a musician in Bertrand Burgalat's band, he later (2006) released his first beautiful album "Going to where the tea trees are".
"Parliament" is the first uplifting single from "May Day", a "BIG" folk-pop-song with lots of strings and SOUL!!! Oh, and the video is actually great, too! Never forget: life is great!


(curious about the two other songs that make my day...? Easy, tiger! One each day...)



It´s out now, my new Afrowave remix of Puple Crush´s anthem.
I´m hardly saying that but this remix seems to be an outstanding one.

so better give it a listen and download your own personal copy asap.

PURPLE CRUSH - Get Digital (BEN MONOrmx) (ysi)


Dj Supermarkt party weekend...

hi amigos, in case you are around, come and join the "Sause-weekend"!

20.3. Berlin, Maria:

21.3. Hamburg, Neidklub:

and more more more....:
27.03. ESP-Valencia, The Mill
28.03. Berlin, Scala (Man recordings vs berlin battery feat Sinden, Mr. Wix, Daniel haaksman)
10.04. ESP-Barcelona, Nitsa
11.04. ESP-Taragona, El Cau
24.04. ESP-Mallorca, tba
08.05. ESP-Lleida, Cotton Club Stage @ Festes de Maig de Lleida
16.05. Leipzig, Ilses erika (Pop Up party: Melt Klub)
22.05. Berlin, Scala (with junior boys)
23.05. Nürnberg, Blaue Nacht im Festsaal des K4
12.06. ESP-Madrid, Low Club
17.-19.7. Melt Festival (tbc)
08.08. Berlin Festival, Tempelhof Airport


BREAKBOT - penelope pitstop

Ace new track by our favorite french produer of the moment. A very special thumbs up from my inner "softrock" soul to the great video idea! Thanks Thibaut...


Deejay Punk-Roc - My Beatbox (Les Rhythmes Digitales RMX / Malente Re-Edit)

Ain't that Thin White Duke Remix for Depeche Mode bad? I know. Here it goes again. You know the deal: "Back in the days whatever name of a sucessful musician has been so much better".

I have to admit everybody failed to deliver a good Depeche Mode Remix since Adrian Sherwood or maybe the Beatmasters, but Thin White Duke who is also known as Les Rhythmes Digitales and Jacques Lu Cont failed miserably when producing the latest Seal album too. And Madonna? I've always been an Erasure fan, but the rest of that album he crafted for her?

Speaking of Erasure. Vince Clarke did a Franz Ferdinand Remix with is not too bad (not as good as the one from Zodiac Cartel, wich seems to not gonna ge a release, is it - not? Why?). For those who did not know: Vince Clarke has been a member of Depeche Mode on their first album 1981 and then left to do some Yaz (or Yazoo) with Alison Moyet.

One of their songs on the "Upstairs At Eric's" Album has recently been sampled by Rex The Dog for "Bubbalicious". I'm just upstairs now and to lazy to go downstairs and check on with exact Song he raped.

Liking the Congorock Remix of that, not too much into all the other mixes. I did a Congorock Remix recently and I heard Fool's Gold is gonna trow it at the blogs in some time.

Anyway I love the new Depeche Mode single "Wrong". They are around for almost 30 years and unlike the Stones or U2 they are still relevant. I'd do a Remix for Depeche Mode for free in a heartbeat and die straight after....

Deejay Punk-Roc - My Beatbox (Les Rhythmes Digitales RMX / Malente Re-Edit)

Hope to see you soon at this site, some time later if i'm not dead. take care



Kissogram - Deserter (Shir Khan Rmx)

I did this remix for a Band from Berlin called "Kissogram". Right now they are touring with Franz Ferdinand and they have a new album called "Rubber&Meat". This here is my remix which only includes the original vocals in the end. Instead I mainly used Vocals from Otto von Schirach (Cock Rock Disco) and made it my hook. The song is about a "Deserter" who actually breaks out of the army (I guess....not sure:)). In my version a drunk soldier is singing "Dance like a hoe" (represented by Otto von Schirach) who likes to shake his booty instead of going "Ratatata" (dropping bombs so to say:))

Kissogram - Deserter (Shir Khan Rmx)



Armand Van Helden - Illin' N Fillin' It (Malente Remix)

Yes. I did TWO official Remixes for the new Armand Van Helden 12". Someone caught him dancing with his fortune around the neck on that photo above. Nice shot.

Armand Van Helden - Illin' N Fillin' It (Malente Remix)

Anyway, Southern Fried allowed me to blog one of the Remixes. And I always do as I'm told. As I know some of you prefer less vocals I added the Instrumental.

Armand Van Helden - Illin' N Fillin' It (Malente Instrumental)


There is a second mix I did called "The Monster's Lose Mix", which the label sent out to the jocks these days. It's completely different, but as good as ... and has been played by Annie Mac on BBC 1 last friday. I think you might still be able to stream the show over there at radio 1.

Ah and make sure you buy as soon as they release. I did tell you 'bout Jaimie Fanatic in my last post, did I? Well he handed in a dope remix too. check-ch-check-check-ckeck-ch-ckeckitout

fuck, Van Helden's myspace is flashy!



Ever heard the name Greg Wilson? He is one of the top old school disco DJ legends, which made (back in the days) edits only by using  a tape-recorder, cutting the tape. Wow. And he's still hot and doin remixes for the likes of Groove Armada, Ignition or: Grace Jones. Respect.

GRACE JONES - Williams Blood (Greg Wilson Remix) (ysi)

b.t.w.: if you wondering what song he's playing in the video: it's David Joseph "You Can't Hide Your Love" (1983)