Shir Khan@Berlin Kreuzberg Institut

Robosonic host a nice monthly onlineradioshow called "BKI - Berlin Kreuzberg Institut".
They have already hosted Christian Martin (The Martin Brothers), Riva Starr, Italoboys, Daniel Steinberg.
And they also included me. Check it out - with a Shir Khan-Interview via Skype.
>>>Shir Khan@Berlin Kreuzberg Institut
>>>Berlin Kreuzberg Institut

Riva Starr / Made to Play - Podcast

Stefano Miele aka Riva Starr just sent me his mix he did for the Made to Play-Podcast.
His new 12" will be released on Jesse Rose's label "Made to Play". The EP has got 2 real bombs:
SQUASH and SNATCH! (that is the name of Stefanos future label as well).
The mixset contains an exclusive preview of his "Black Betty Bootie" and his Fatboy Slim remix (already played twice by Pete Tong over this weekend). Thanks again Stefano for playing our party and Djing the sound of Now.

1) Riva Starr-La Conga (Dirtybird)
2) Riva Starr- Freedom (White)
3) Riva Starr- Squash (Made To Play)+ Winx- Don't Laugh (Nervous)
4) Riva $ Vs. Nick Cave - Black Betty (White)
5) Riva Starr - Snatch! (Made To Play)
6) Riva Starr- I Jack U (Southern Fried)
7) Riva Starr - Maria (Kindisch)
8) Radioclit - Secousse - Riva Starr rmx (Mental Groove)
9) Malente & Dex- Hyperactive- Riva Starr rmx Feat. Jammer & Frisco (Exploited)
10) Riva Starr – Jack My Bell (Southern Fried)
11) FatBoy Slim Vs. Riva $ - Rockafella Starr (White)
12) Riva Starr – Riva's Snake –Bart B More rmx (White)
13) Funkagenda- Afterclub- Riva Starr rmx (Toolroom)
14) Stefano Miele-Kewok (daniel Haaksmaan rmx) white
15) Diplo Wassup Wassup' feat Rye Rye - Bart B More Remix (Mad Decent)
16) Daniel Haaksmaan-Who's Afraid of Rio (Riva Starr rmx) Man Rec
17) Mescal Kid-Magic (Size)
18)Rhumba Macumba voice tool
19) Oliver $ - Funk Mundial (Man Rec)

>>>Riva Starr / Made to Play - Podcast

that was... berlin battery vs exploited party @ villa berlin

(there are lots more videos of the night on youtube...)

thanks for everybody who played:
Riva Starr, Malente&Dex, Shir Khan, Jack Tennis, DJ Supermarkt, Ponypop, VJ Ultramoodem, Schlechtboys

and thanks for all those who came:
that's you...

it was a real fun-rave night. have a look!

really good fotos by richard cameron
other fotos by dj supermarkt

shir khan, daniel dexter, riva starr

shir khan, malente

daniel dexter, jack tennis, malente

shirkhan, malente&dex

the ponypop ladies

mr. ultramoodem, jack tennis, malente&dex



WALTER MURPHY & THE BIG APPLE BAND - a fifth of beethoven (not the SOULWAX rmx, but the hidden cat-almost like soulwax-rmx)

sorry, not the soulwax rmx: Soulwax did a remix of this song, but it will not be out before next month..., someone mixed something up...
but still:
This is FUNKY!!!!
The original track - of course - was part of the soundtrack to the film SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER and i have to admit i never stopped loving this track since way back then. now it sounds like: Walter Murphy vs Justice's D.A.N.C.E. Simple but very effective and not without Soul!

>>>WALTER MURPHY & THE BIG APPLE BAND - A fifth of Beethoven (hidden cat rmx).mp3

beethoven on myspace!


27.09.08:Exploited&Berlin Battery presents: Malente&Dex-Recordrelease@Villa

This Saturday we have a new edition of our Berlin Battery Party.
Here are the facts:
Sa - 27.09.08 - Villa - Landsberger Allee 54 - Berlin - 23.00
MALENTE&DEX Record Release
ft. RIVA STARR (Dirty Bird/Made to Play), MALENTE (Exploited/Fools Gold),
DEX aka DANIEL DEXTER (Exploited/Television Rocks), SHIR KHAN (Exploited/BB),
Upstairs: Ponypop vs Schlechtboys

This is the recordrelease of MALENTE&DEX - HYPERACTIVE (+remixes from BOBMO, RIVA STARR, BIRD PETERSON/Exploited Records)
The feedback on this 12" has been simply amazing. Therefore, we invited MALENTE&DEX aka DANIEL DEXTER for you.
MALENTE has more hot remixes coming out soon for the ones of ARMAND VAN HELDEN and others (his TWOCKER Rmx was hot too btw). He will also release a 12"on SOUTHERN FRIED in December and another hottie on FOOLS GOLD next year. DANIEL DEXTER is the new underground-don. He has been Djing crazy and just killed it with his latest track WHERE'S MY MIND (a coverversion of THE PIXIES) which got lots of love.
Last but not least, we invited one of the remixers of the record. We are very proud to host RIVA STARR from London (actually we got him even before Watergate could invite him to the GET PHYSICAL-Night with MANDY).
RIVA STARR is an italian guy who lives in London and has his studio at the back of 93FEET EAST in Bricklane. There he shares a studiospot with 2 more Italians: MOWGLI and SOLO. RIVA STARR has been dropping bombs on DIRTY BIRD, FRONTROOM, SOUTHERN FRIED, KINDISCH and remixed AUDIOBULLYS, TWOCKER, DEADSET, RADIOCLIT, RENE VAN MUNSTER and of course MALENTE&DEX. He will release more good stuff on MADE TO PLAY soon and he just did an amazing mix for ANNIE MAC on BBC RADIO1 which you can hear this Saturday on BBC1 (scroll down for link).
For now we gonna give away 2 tracks of RIVA STARR from his SCRATCH'N ITCH-EP on SOUTHERN FRIED as well as the BOBMO-Remix of HYPERACTIVE from MALENTE&DEX which was hosted by our favourite XLR8R-staff.
Get everything here:
>>>Riva Starr - Scracth'n Itch/Jack my Bell (zipfile)
>>>Malente&Dex - Hyperactive (Bobmo Rmx)via XLR8R

>>>Exploited Records
>>>Riva Starr@Myspace
>>>Annie Mac@BBC Radio1
>>>Dex aka Daniel Dexter@Myspace

The Teenagers, Jape & The Young Punx tonight at Maria Club Berlin

no question, where we are tonight... because all three acts were already introduced in berlin battery!

here is a new and outstanding remix for The Teenager's "make it happen". This is one of the rare examples of a Teenagers remix that takes the original somewhere new and exciting: Imagine the song produced by Phil Spector and played by Air. this is very special! As usual recently I don't know anything about TWINS that did the mix. Just check his myspace!

>>>THE TEENAGERS . make it happen (Twins remix).mp3


Studio R feat Mocky - Clapz / Studio R feat. Capitol A - A+R

Life can be tough sometimes. My whole laptop died. Not only my harddrive - no - the whole thing.
I was lucky enough to recover most of the files. Now I have to wait until the new Macbook comes out.
Until then, I will work on a very oldschool and slow Mac. The only good thing about this was that I checked some of my
external harddrives where I found lots of good music on it.
Once - there was a project called STUDIO R. I was actually involved in this project as the DJ and samplesource. Not many people knew about the project because we didnt do any liveshows. We did 2 12" Vinyls - one on Sonarkollektiv and one on Compost/Black Label. The first single featured Canadian Rapper MOCKY. The second single had CAPITOL A on the Mic. I made a selection for you of the best Remixes. Grab a nice TRICKSKI and SLOPE-Remix of the track STUDIO R feat. MOCKY - CLAPZ (Sonarkollektiv) and the LLORCA and BEN MONO-Dub of STUDIO R feat. CAPITOL A - A+R (Compost/Black Label). Actually - these files werent on my external harddrive. I only found the artwork. Therefore, I bought them myself at Beatport:) Here you go. Enjoy the ZIP-File.
>>>Studio R feat Mocky - Clapz / Studio R feat. Capitol A - A+R (zipfile)


Everyday Hustle (AC Slater RMX / MALENTE Re-Edit)

The Sinden remix of Rick Ross Hustlin' was the first Bmore track that grabbed my attention. This was back in 2006 when the second wave of Bmore began. The first wave never reached Europe so don't blame me for being ignorant. With it's oldschoold drumloops / breaks it defenitely had a big impact on the sound happening today.

Damn close to a proper cover is this version of Hustlin'. The AC Slater Remix has been all over the net, I know that and I usually try to avoid editing those songs already posted to death. This time though I edited about everything, even slowed it down and made it a proper 4/4 djtool for those who like just a flavour of dubstep in their sets.

Well, as you don't read this anyway and download just everything right away, who am I to tell you how this Re-Edit sounds like? It is by the way Re-Edit no. 22 here on Berlin Battery. From me to you and for free as always. I really hope that all the work I put into this not only helped you to rock your floor, but also made you buy some tracks or even better 12"es by the featured artists. They need your financial support. No joke.

Everyday Hustle (AC Slater RMX / MALENTE Re-Edit)





BONAPARTE - Ego (Jack Tennis Dub Mix)

Berlin hipster Bonaparte is going to release is first record (on Staatsakt) and all the DJs and producers from the likes of Sirius Mo, Rampa or Round Table Knights remixed his songs.
 I've posted my reggae-version of "Too Much" a while before, now this remix is more for the clubs. Don't miss his record release party next friday at Villa/Berlin (one day before our big BerlinBattery/Exploited night there!). More about Bonaparte's songs here or listen to more remixes here.

BONAPARTE - Ego (Jack Tennis Dub Mix).mp3 (ysi)



Tomorrow is the day!!!

Jack Tennis, Shir Khan and Dj Supermarkt will join to get the Nitsa Club in Barcelona shaking.
Be aware! and see you there!



What a great name for a band! I thought it translates "Klumpfuss" in German..., but it is the name for these big strange fishes that look like a piece of rock and live very deep in the sea, where it's dark.. (how cool is that)
These guys/this guy are/is from Sweden and that's about everything i know about them. But this remix they did for "los ambientos" STUDIO speaks a strong language and that'S enough. It is really groovy in an electro-disco sense, but still like no other song i ever heard in my whole life. Very hypnotic, repetitive, no big changes, just a cool BEAT with a BIG bassline! A real slow burner... Took me some time to completely fall for it. But now it is THERE with me! It's addictive and a real shaker! Even the "Nu-Shooz"-style part at the end is a winner. Go for it and watch them grow (the track and the Klumpfiskies).

>>>STUDIO - Westside (Klumpfisk rmx).mp3

They did two other remixes for Lykke Li and The Magnetic Fields and two nice mashups with The Beastie Boys and Peaches... Check them at their myspace:

well, no myspace for the fish yet...:



Oh my gawd! My Harddisc crashed. This is nearly the end of Shir Khan and Exploited Records.
Here is my latest Dj-mix I was happy enough to save.
No big editing - only the real deal.
Its a mix I want to play more in clubs. Lets see if it works out.


1. Morgan Geist - Lullaby / Environ
2. Golden Bug - Looklooklook (In Flagranti Rmx) / Gomma
3. Bot’ox - Babylon by Car (Invincible Scum Rmx) / I’m a Cliche
4. Soundstream - Rainmaker / Soundstream
5. DFD Disco Edits - La Poppe / Electric Minds
6. Kaos - Just like thiSSSssssss (K on 45 Mix) / Astrolab
7. Liquid Liquid - Optimo (Optimo Rmx) / Domino
8. Subway - Simplex (Gatto Fritto Mix) / Soul Jazz Records
9. Runaway - Brooklyn Club Jam (L.S.B. Baqueira Jam Mix) / Rekids
10. Zoo Brazil - Rock the House / White
11. Armand van Helden - Shake that ass (Mowgli Rmx) / Southern Fried
12. The Death Set - Listen to this collision (G.L.O.V.E.S. Remix) / Bang Gang 12″
13. Debra Dolche - Goodies (ZS Dolle Rmx) / Coco Machete
14. SR-EM - Smells like Srm / Smells like Srm
15. Nina Simone - Take Care of Business (Pilooski Edit) / Verve Remixed
16. FM Belfast - Killing in the name of (Lotus) (Antipop & Gaea No Killing Lotus Mix) / Thugfucker
17. Bomb the Bass - Butterfingers (Adam Sky Ravebuffer Rmx) / K7!
18. Italoboys, John Coltrane - Bahia (Mucho Lungo) / Mothership
19. The Sound Republic - Get Loose (Take a breath) / SpatulaCity
20. Jeff Doubleu - Foxy Jazz / White
21. Monte Laa Productions - Tooney / Haikai Music
22. Act Yo Age - The Flash (Shir Khan Powerhouse Rmx) / Sweat it out!
23. Adam Sky feat. Danny Williams - The imperious urge (Kubo Rmx/Interlude) / Exploited
24. Erdmöbel - Au Pair Girl / Tapete Records



Da Fresh - Insomnia & Madness (MALENTE Re-Edit)

Looks depresing? Well, I can assure you it doesn’t sound depressing at all. It's far more cheesy then it looks.

I mashed this up some months ago. The main ingredient is an instrumental called „Madness“ by french producer Da Fresh, who throws a DAF-esque synth bassline an a stomping beat, creating an irresistable groover. I shortened that a lot and put some cheesy Faithless vocals on top. Shoot me if you don’t like it. Or just wait till next week.

Hey and don’t buy those crappy Faithless records, spend your money on Da Fresh’s tunage and hug him on myspace. By the way DAF or Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft released some great albums like "Die Kleinen und die Bösen" as well as "Gold und Liebe". What they did latetly though is crap and sounds like Rammstein. Speaking of Rammstein. Don't visit their myspace, they have far too many friends already. And who knows, there might be explosions and fire in your computer and shit.

Da Fresh - Insomnia & Madness (MALENTE Re-Edit)
(yousendit link)



GBs - Lucky In Vichy

Some little Italo-Disco/Cosmic-anthem for you guys.


>> GBs - Lucky In Vichy.mp3

JACK TENNIS - The Toolbox

I opened my toolbox for you. And it's got all you need: a kickin' beat, a rollin' bassline, a vocoder vocal and a break that makes you go "aaarrrrrgghhhh!" and "whoooooo!" or "yiiiiieeeppppiiiieeee!" or what ever. Here it is:

JACK TENNIS - The Toolbox (ysi)


BEN MONO on Facebook - become a fan.

... and don´t hold back posting pix, vids etc.

ben mono on facebook HERE.>>



(once more for technical reasons...)
Finally new stuff from Brixtons Basement Jaxx. They have always been diffrent to anybody else and followed their own path, which now makes them the fathers of all those new important club-producers that (like them) have a brider horizon musically (like Diplo, Switch, M.I.A. a.m.m....) There is no doubt, that the Jaxx were among the first to play around with all this, including things like Fidget House and maybe even the NU-Rave thing (hello? what else is "Where's your head at"), but they always fly straight to a diffrent level, way before there is a label for their last experiments.
Coming form Brixton they sure now, what it means to be multicultural. But their sound comes closest to my vision of a modern way to combine cultural backgrounds, because they just take a wild trip in uncountable territories in every single song they do.
There are two new promo 12 Inches around with six new songs which are mindblowing in their diversity. You can hear African rhythms, balkan violins, breaks, brass band sounds, folk guitars (one song is with Lightspeed Champion), fidgety cut-ups and much more which i haven't discovererd yet. But then it has that overall "circus"-vibe (meaning it sounds like a south american street parade marching through a hip cool club), which i just love. For some people what they do is just too much, but i think this is just way ahead of the time, again...
I must admit that i fully understood (felt) their vibe, when i saw them Live years ago at the Brixton Academy (with Royksopp as support). They playd with the full Basement Jaxx team, dancers, rappers and it was a really big "fiesta".
They never really made it in Germany (no touring etc.). Maybe it's because they do not sound "serious" enough for this country. (file also under: Audio Bullys)
I hope these new songs are part of a new album or maybe they just produced too much music recently...
"Twerk" has all that's good about them: a bouncy vibe, which makes you shake your ass, alongside vocal snippets that remind me of M.I.A., fidgets of Flashdance's "maniac". Sounds like it was produced by Switch? Wrong. Remember who started it!
(Really surprised to not find this on any other blog. I hope it's not because you would have to buy the 12 Inches... Shame on you!)

>>>BASEMENT JAXX - Twerk.mp3




Berlin Battery in full effect. And I'm really glad to play with A-Trak and Boys Noize tomorrow. And do you know what? Boys Noize is my myspace friend now!!! Wow. I can't belive it.
Here are your dates for the weekend, all Berlin Battery authors will play on the next days:

Friday, 12th of september:
 - Berlin Battery Night at Sweat Club/Leipzig with Shir Khan and DJ Supermarkt
- Ritter Butzke/Berlin: Jack Tennis with Boys Noize, A-Trak, CLP, Schowi a.m.m.
- Theatre Club/Thessaloniki-Greece: Malente

Saturday, 13th of september:
 - Wildstyle/Nürnberg: Shir Khan
 - Blame it on London/Bucarest-Rumänien: Ben Mono with Telepopmusik

Come over if you are around!

Amateur Boys - Bears & Bells Full Moon mix

While Malente is in Greece at the moment, I just had to think about my great night in Athens.
I played at a party called AMATEURPARTY which was hosted by the AMATEUR BOYS.
It was a very cool disconight and they have booked really cool people like RODION, JOAKIM and yes - me (though i am normally not a Disco-Dj).
I was happy to play a bit of a different set there....and the Amatuerboys also played a great Dj-Set. Athens rocks.
Here is a Dj-set from them....and here is some pics from the party where I played in Athens.

Amateurboys - Bears & Bells" Full Moon mix
1. Late of the pier - The bears are coming (Beyond the Wizard Sleave mix) 2. Dominique Leone - Clairevoyage a Medley Performed By the 16th Rebels of Mung 3. Moby - I Love to move in here (Holy Ghost remix) 4. 40 Thieves - Theme from Nutrider Mindtrip 5. The Glimmers - Not Donna 6. Bot'ox - Babylon by Car (Discodeine remix) 7. Simon Baker - Plastik (Todd Terje Turkatech Remix) 8. Chilly - Dance with me 9. Black Ghosts - I Want Nothing (Vincent Markowski Wokalny Dub) 10. Liquid Liquid - Bellhead 11. In Flagranti - Firmly Planted Memories 12. Jump - Funkatarium 13. Photonz - Shaboo (Andy's Edit) 14. Kudu - Hot Lava (Curtis Vodka 2057 remix) 15. International Music System - Runaway 16. Panda Bear - Good Girls/Carots 17. Chic - I Want Your Love (Todd Terje edit)

>>>Amateur Boys - Bears & Bells Full Moon mix



Mom & Dad - Sexmachine (MALENTE Re-Edit)

"James Brown is dead". I once did a tune with Will Styles from Sydney using the vocal sample of this oldschool techno track by a project called LA Style. I was totally in to use the synths too and do a bootleg, but he wanted to do something more breaky / funky. We would have been soooooo ahead of time.

Well anyway, we wasn't. The reason I wanted to do something with the LA Style track had been because I was booked to play the 2006 Good Vibrations Festival Tour in Australia and the headlining act was the amazing Mr. please please himself: "Jaaaayyyms Brouuuwn!" Half a year after the tour he really died.

Also on this tour was a guy called Dave Taylor, who had this "Apache" bootleg and some three remixes out. Yep, Switch. Just recently somebody called him "godfather of fidget house". Well that time nobody knew about the term "fidget" not even Dave himself (back then I asked him how he would call it, but he didn't know...Now 2008 he would).

So Dave, James and me touring 2006. And without us - I dare to say - there would not be any edit this week. Without Mom & Dad though, none of us would be here anyway. Hope you like the fotos from my personal archives. The godfathers and me... Buy their stuff and Mom & Dad's, who's on Bryan Cox's great Crux label

Mom & Dad - Sexmachine (MALENTE Re-Edit)





This is what WEEN should sound like today, if they would still have that sense of that modern, experimental fun pop anarchy of "Chocolate & Cheese". Starfucker (or Strfkr...?) from Portland/Oregon to me sound like The Teenagers jamming with The Flaming Lips in a Kindergarten Spielgruppe... This is weird pop music from two guys that play their gigs in women's dresses and did their album in the parents bedroom (well maybe not...). Their sound has no rules, but they still play Pop (in a very wide sense).
One of their songs called "German Love" spread through the internet some time ago and it will be one of my tunes of the year. Now there is an album, and i have to say, this is really really good and "serious fun". Totally unique and mindblowing.
Oh, and I really like the fact that they are not dropping every gig they ever did on youtube and their weird totally non-informational myspace. This is full of myths, i love it! One of the albums of the year, for sure!

>>>STARFUCKER - Florida.mp3





Good News (for me...)! The new album by one of my absolute favorites REPUBLIC OF LOOSE is on the way. It's called "VOL IV: Johnny Pyro And The Dance Of Evil" and this is the first single of Dublin's only groovy dub-pop-funksters.
check out their myspace for more songs of the new album...



Favourite Vinyl Story

Not long ago I was asked to tell one of my favourite Vinyl stories. Here is one.
Its in german and its hard to read (sorry....dont know how to get the pic bigger). so probably not everyone understands (or even can read it...) and I still dont know if this really belongs here, but I thought it gives quite a nice insight of my past which of course isnt electro: It was Pop, Hip Hop and Punkrock ala Ramones, Stiff Little Fingers and my favourite Berlin Band Jingo de Lunch.....


THE FAINT & DJ SUPERMARKT tonight in Maria/Berlin

If you are in Berlin, this is the place to go. The Faint already had two albums out in the US, when the eighties Electro-Rock/Clash revival started in europe some years ago. They were influenced by Gang Of Four way before other people heard of a movement called Post Punk.
This is the real thing, not one of those shallow bands/producers that think Electro is the new Hip Hop... until they find out it's something else they don't understand and move on.. to Metal probably, because it is easier to get rich with it. The Faint are still relevant today, with a new 12 Inch on Boys Noize's label and an album coming up. There would be no Klaxons, Shitdisco a.m.m. without them.


THE STREETS - The Escapist (video)

How can you not like Mike Skinner? Check out this simple D.I.Y. video by Uk's only new Shakespeare. This is such a great and simple story, just like his music. "The escapist" is one of his "powerballads" (like "dry your eyes", he has one on each album...) with strings and everything you need...
This is what Mr. Skinner himself said about the video: During a great period of intense mixing we decided that it might be nice to shoot a video. This isn't the way the record industry works and so it was under the radar of the label and done totally for us by us on a shoe string. It was totally different from any other promo that I've made in that it was something real that we just filmed rather than trying to create something real looking using lots of people and lots of angles. I feel like it's more than a video in that sense. Aswell as looking quite odd without all the singing and quick cuts.

MICKEY MOONLIGHT - interplanetary music (RITON rmx)

This is destined to be massive. Ed Banger's new signing MICKEY MOONLIGHT is from UK and thankfully a depart from the distorted Banger sound. The original is a cover version of a Sun Ra song (!!!???) and it's sung by Bishi, Zongamin and a girl called Suzi Silver. Reminds me of Tom Tom Club and the lazy grooves of the Happy Mondays. Top Ace fun Disco! The Riton remix puts some electro in it but stills keeps the warm atmosphere. Great. Thanks

>>>MICKEY MOONLIGHT - interplanetary music (RITON rmx).mp3



We need more Gossip on berlin battery. This is a nice one. A drunk Lily Allen rants with Elton John on stage of some award show about age and cocaine... No respect!



Latest shredit-bootie i did recently. Helped me make it through my Benciassim-shows... very groovy Electro-Disco-Pop! Combines two songs i really love... Enjoy!

oh, and check out CSS's new album "Donkey". It's cool!



Foals - Electric Ballroom (MALENTE Remix)

I really wanna do more bands. I mean I get a lot of remix requests these days, but not too many from the likes of the Faint, Friendly Fires, the Ghost Frequency, the Presets, well you name 'em.
And this is though I have a THING (big) for quality IndieRock.

I'm not only having breakfast to the Rumble Strips or the Zutons, oh no. I've also been doing IndieRock parties in my hometown every wednesday from 2001 for at least 4 years. And when I have an offday from Djing as Malente I ...and I know this sounds odd for a professional DJ: I still I love to conquer the decks of the best local IndieRock Club and battle the DJ(-friend) there.

Incidentally this will happen again on friday. So if you're around, come to Fieber-Tanzparty at AMP in Munster, Germany and watch me spin 7"es of stuff from These New Puritans to the Ting Tings, from the Kills to the Rapture and so on...

Hey, and at least I had the chance to do a remix for one of my, and even more important, my girlfriend's favourite bands: Foals. Unfortunatley (part1) it's not gonna be released on vinyl. Unfortunately (part2) it's not one of their stronger songs. But this shouldn't be taken as an excuse or a complaint.

I'd do remixes for an even weaker new the Strokes, Franz Ferdinand or Depeche Mode tune. So dear label of those bands i'm so passionately talking about: just call me up, drop me an email plus throw a little bit of money at me and I'll be on the job in no time...

Foals - Electric Ballroom (MALENTE Remix)