Mystery Jets - Half in Love (Foamo RMX / Malente Re-Dub)

So, if you're into british rock music and dance music influenced stuff plus you don't buy your vinly at rough trade shop, go get your kicks at norman records. That's where I order my Late Of The Pier, Foals and Mystery Jets.

And if, like with my "Half In Love" 7" of the Jets, they get confused and send you the wrong item, you just contact them and they help you personally and immediately. Awesome service. Most of the stuff you find e.g. at juno they offer 50 pence cheaper. And they carry a lot of items juno doesn't have.

I find "Half In love" one of the cheesiest but best Mystery Jets songs, not to say I love it. And I also love what Foamo did. What I don't like though is the original vocals with Foamo's Instrumental. So I took the liberty to "fix" that for playing it out in my sets. Hope everyone digs this.

For those who didn't now the original till now, I added the video this time. So go buy Mystery Jets vinly at norman records. Or all these dope Foamo jams in all the other online or in town shops.

Damn. I just saw that Foamo plays in Brisbane Empire Club New Years Eve and I play in Brisbane Monastery Club same NYE. Who did this? Guys!? You should merge these parties as these clubs are not even 100 meters away from each other anyway. You Brisbananians are craaaazzzzyyyy... (and have good taste in music obviously)

Mystery Jets - Half in Love (Foamo RMX / Malente Re-Dub)



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fiscal hat gesagt…

great re-edit! the foamo remix sounded a bit tacky, but you underlined all its clear structure and cut out the annoying bleeps. way to go!