Denmarks Who Made Who just finished their new album (release date march '09 on Gomma) and this is the first single. Check out the Hot Chip remix of TV friend or (and now it's getting complicated) the Tomboy edit of the Hot Chip remix of TV friend...I'm not sure if i'm free to post the song/remix/edit but you can get it here.


FILTHY DUKES @ berlin battery party in Berlin!

here we go again...
The Filthy Dukes guys have been highly influencial for years now. They started as a Dj-Duo which got them a regular night in FABRIC/London called "KILL 'EM ALL", where... well... everybody played so far that i have in my recordbag for the last 5 years.
They started the mix of Techno/Electro with Indie/Rock/Pop already ages ago along guys like Erol Alkan/Trash Club and had a.o. Justice, Erol Alkan, Bloc Party, Crystal Castles, Late Of The Pier, Chemical Brothers, James Murphy, Jackson & His Computer Band, 2 Many DJs, Zombie Nation, Shinichi Osawa, Brodinski & Simian Mobile Disco... playing at their parties.
Soon after they released their first 12 Inch "this rhythm" which featured the singer of LATE OF THE PIER and that's also the idea of their upcoming album "Nonsense in the dark" (great title...february 2009). Seems like they invited some of their friends that played with them at Fabric to join for the album. Lets see and hear...soon!

Here is a very tasteful DJ-Mix-stomper between Disco-Electro-Fidget-Pop from the boys which features lots of unreleased material, like new tracks from their album and some unreleased remixes. 75% of the artists have been introduced on berlin battery already, so i guess they will be in good hands here in Berlin!
Have fun and come to join us at the picknick soon!

for the tracklist send us an e-mail: berlinbattery@gmail.com
(well, if you can't beat 'em, fuck 'em!)

>>>FILTHY DUKES - dj-mix


Zero Inch-Party@Berghain Kantine with Leroy Hangover (Gomma), Daniel Haaksman (Man Rec) and Shir Khan (Exploited/BB)

This wednesday Zero Inch is having a nice party at Berghain - the infamous Berlin-techno-afterhour-club. Actually, this party is not happening in the big room but in the Kantine of Berghain. However - the soundsystem is massive. Zero Inch is a digital distributor like Beatport and they already made some nice parties. Hosts will be Tibcurl from Zero Inch and the infamous "Icke Micke"-Parties straight outta Vienna and her partner Dj Glow from the austrian label "Trust" + a nice liveact. I am happy they made a nice lineup including Daniel Haaksman from Man Recordings, Leroy Hangover aka Munk aka Mathias Modica from Gomma and myself.
Since I am a big Gomma-fan and one of my most influential records has been WHITE TRASH by LEROY HANGOVER on GOMMA, I am gonna share the track PIN by LEROY HANGOVER with you.
(Leroy Hangover - PIN)
Oh.....and because I dont want to write another post....dont forget to check out my radioshow on FRITZ....tonight I have Boys Noize live in the studio....next week its Mr.Oizo and you can always win CDS.

Mystery Jets - Half in Love (Foamo RMX / Malente Re-Dub)

So, if you're into british rock music and dance music influenced stuff plus you don't buy your vinly at rough trade shop, go get your kicks at norman records. That's where I order my Late Of The Pier, Foals and Mystery Jets.

And if, like with my "Half In Love" 7" of the Jets, they get confused and send you the wrong item, you just contact them and they help you personally and immediately. Awesome service. Most of the stuff you find e.g. at juno they offer 50 pence cheaper. And they carry a lot of items juno doesn't have.

I find "Half In love" one of the cheesiest but best Mystery Jets songs, not to say I love it. And I also love what Foamo did. What I don't like though is the original vocals with Foamo's Instrumental. So I took the liberty to "fix" that for playing it out in my sets. Hope everyone digs this.

For those who didn't now the original till now, I added the video this time. So go buy Mystery Jets vinly at norman records. Or all these dope Foamo jams in all the other online or in town shops.

Damn. I just saw that Foamo plays in Brisbane Empire Club New Years Eve and I play in Brisbane Monastery Club same NYE. Who did this? Guys!? You should merge these parties as these clubs are not even 100 meters away from each other anyway. You Brisbananians are craaaazzzzyyyy... (and have good taste in music obviously)

Mystery Jets - Half in Love (Foamo RMX / Malente Re-Dub)





Two days ago here was a Filthy Dukes Dj mix, that their German record company sent us to be posted. It was meant as promotion for the party we will have in december with their band. It has been deleted by Google (who are the owners of "blogger"!)

I thought it's time we not only share music with you but also a thought:
Maybe you realized (well, you probably didn't...) that we sometimes post music and the complete posts disappear soon after. This happens to all kinds of music-blogs now for some time and causes a great confusion!
Well, it's definetly not David Copperfield, who does it with his magic hands. The content is taken away by Google/Blogger, when somebody tells them that there is a copyright problem with the post. There are no questions asked, it is done immediately. Afterwards we receive an email from blogger telling us that they did so and that there is a website called The chilling effects, where the notice they received should be published soon. Well, we (all blogs) are waiting for months now for these notices to get public, so it looks more like a cool way to keep the bloggers quiet.

Well, of course we are living on thin ice here in the music-blogger's world, because what we do is not legal in a traditional sense. But since the start we are heavily supported by many bands and even labels in our work, because blogs have become a modern way of spreading new music to make it heard (and some bands/labels understood that and use this effect).
Maybe they support us and send us their mp3s, because they can see, that we (and some other influential music blogs) NEVER post more than one song from an album/12 Inch from an artist (especially not his complete catalogue...), because we always just tease you with a song that we like and then hope/pray to get "at least some of you" to buy the stuff! (that's why we add links for beatport, Juno, Itunes etc...).
Anybody who has a problem with our posts can contact us directly by mail and - as stated several times on top of our site - we will take away the links to the music immediately. It would be easy.

And more, what has been deleted very often recently was Dj-mixes with lots of diffrent songs, where somebody obviously was not okay with one of the songs being used! C'mon! A Dj-mix? That's pure promotion for any artist in the mix because the songs are of course in the mix and not complete. Really hard to understand that!
There is no way to find out, which song (of the dj-mix) was problematic, until the notice at The chilling effects will be up, which - we think - will never happen.

If you are interested in finding out more about this new development in blogging, go to our friends at PALMSOUT. They started a discussion (and a courtcase against google) on the topic and so far they received 56 comments about it, which are also worth reading, because they are pro and contra.

And maybe you should know, there are also political posts in political blogs (on Sarah Palin for example) that have been deleted that way without explanation... And this is where it gets interesting/dangerous in my eyes!

check it out, if you like:

>>>palmsout music blog discussion

(the foto actually shows Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin, an editor of a Malaysian blog, who is famous for being the first blogger to be taken to jail because of the content of his blog.
Please don't get me wrong, we know, that our "music-blog" problems are only a tiny piece of flyshit compared to that...


JUSTICE - L.I.V.E. & ... Unplugged?!

This is fun!
Always wanted to know, what's really happening on stage of a JUSTICE Live show?
Well, simply watch the foto and find the mistake: There is one hidden on it.
"plug me in, plug me in, plug me in...."

hey! don't get me wrong. I really don't care at all about them faking some things live. They "rock" and entertain big time Live and that's what counts. In case you think this is wrong or not "pure", wake up! And watch "spinal tap" to find out what Rock is really about!
And remember, Justice have tons of empty Marshall speakers on stage with lights inside... How cool is that (well, i guess the guitar player from Scorpions will not like this!)

oh, anyway, here are the "real" Justice! feat. one berlin battery (every home should have one):


Hardrive - Deep Inside

"Hardrive - Deep Inside" sounds like early soulfull UK-Garage. STRICTLY RHYTHM is the keyword. STRICTLY RHYTHM - the New York-Cult-House-Label of the 90ies - home of Masters at Work, Todd Terry, Dj Pierre, Josh Wink and early Armand van Helden.
I have been checking out a bit of their backcatalogue and what can I say: timeless classics. One of my favourite tracks (DEEP INSIDE) is from Louie Vega who also released under the name of HARDRIVE. Printed on Vinyl in 1993 on STRICTLY RHYTHM.
Hardrive - Deep Inside


The Disco Itch (Shir Khan Rmx)

Searching deep withing the dephts of the internet I just found a video by some random youtube-dude to one of my remixes (Audioporno vs Purple Crush - The Disco Itch/Shir Khan Rmx) that I thought got completely lost. Check it out!

Purple Crush-Blog



Where have they been all that 8 years? These two frenchies released a great, eclectic clubpop-album called "shampoo victims" long ago and since then disappeared completely. The music was (and it seems like it still is) a mixture of all kinds of styles, samples, moods and other madness, but very Pop. I came across their album because it was designed by one of my favorite graphic guys of that time: Laurent Fetis.
He became well known with his beautiful design/artwork for fellow frenchies TAHITI 80.
Well, both bands were on french label "Atmospheriques", where he was the "inhouse-graphic-guy" and also responsable for another great band called Mellow. Kinda the "modern" idea of many labels like Ed Banger etc... now (he designed a video for one banger: Dj Mehdi).
there is also a beautiful book on him/his work from berlin's DIE GESTALTEN Verlag.
oh.. back to Grand Popo...
this is the first single to their new album and it is a beautiful electro-disco-pop-song with a girl vocal. And the video (as all their visual stuff) is amazing, too.
There is a 12 Inch (or download) with remixes at Juno. It features lots of mixes, a.o. by Joakim, Putsch 79 and more. I really dig the "Italo version":

>>>GRAND POPO FOOTBALL CLUB - my territory (Italo version)

"i am my own minority!"



Robert Boogert - Deserve You (Malente Re-Edit)

Not too long ago I stumbled upon Robert Boogert, producer from the Neatherlands. And today I really wanna share my enthiasm with you. As soon as I heard his definition of bassline driven fidget-house-music some questions crossed my mind. So I conctaced him on sykpe to gain knowledge.

Malente: „Where are you coming from musically? Your production sounds great. You must have done stuff before... any former projects?

Robert Boogert: „Ehm yeah. I'm originally a jazz guitarist. I'm attending conservatory in Amsterdam, which is a great school to study the jazz. Two years ago I heard some awesome basslines which made me into house music. Before then I never would've thought I'd like that style. But I sure do!!! I'm mainly trying to put some originality and music theory into the house. Because I don't often hear that. Anyway, I never produced before, I play in several bigbands and funkbands. I also have a fusion band where we only play instrumental songs that I write

Malente: „I see. That explains a lot. You got the ears. What I found unique about your apporach on fidget stuff is that it's really soulful, musical, funky and positive. Warm but the same time rockin' hard. And it sounds nothing like music theory or dry at all.

Robert Boogert: „Yeah, I really like it when it has a curtain recognizeble sound, not just a bassline. It needs to be an actual song.“

Malente: „So what did you release and what's on your scedule next?

Robert Boogert: „I released three EP's: Phatique EP (Downsouth), The Blizz EP (Hypotron Records) and Problemized EP (SMD Records). Deserve you that track you edited is on The Phatique EP in it’s original version. You should also check out Broke on this EP. It’s one of my personal favourites. Coming soon is Da Hype EP on Prompt Digital wich will be really good!! And there’s an upcoming EP on SMD Records, where im more into the Daft Punk style. Last but not least a Remix of Kynatix is to be out, wich I just uploaded on myspace.

Malente: „As you're from Amsterdam. Do you work with people like Brabe (he uses some sounds quite similar) or Mason or Jesse Voorn?

Robert Boogert: „Barbe, is a dude who makes awesome tracks. Maybe there’ll be a cooperation with him in the future. I hope that somehow we start a new 'Genre' although that might be to ambitious. But it certainly is something people not heard often before I think.“

Malente: „Yeah that's for sure. Barbe did a great remix for my forthcoming 12" on Southern Fried. Dope production! You already released quite a bit, but your name's not out there yet (trying to change that with this post). You feel you need to learn how to DJ? Also because that's where the money's at? I mean you can buy some ice cream with the money you made from your 3 EPs, but playing DJ gigs could get you a Volkswagen.“

Robert Boogert: „Yeah definitely!! I'm working on that right now. A friend of mine who's in the Beesmunt Soundsystem is teaching me now. And what DJ-sets I need to buy, all that stuff. Although it’s hard because the Jazz study needs a lot of time, though I love the Dj world to!! So I think i'm going to lay low on the jazz for a while and focus on djing and producing. I recently bought a 'Mixer' which gives me the oppurtinity to have a great guitar sound. I’m going to use this on my new releases gonna be awesome! More funky soul with crazy basslines.“

Malente: „Yeah man. Keep the musical input coming. As you said before many of the artists don't even know how to play an instrument (me for example).

Robert Boogert: „Haha. For sure adds substance to the music we make, but well fortunately there are no rules in music! Everything is possible right?! I love ur productions though. If you know every single musictheory it’s hard to keep an adventurous sound .“

Malente: „I think it’s just good we have all these different approaches. Sounds like final words...“

Robert Boogert: „Hopefully my name will come into the scene soon, Volkswagen sounds nice.“

Malente: „Fingers crossed! And hey, you should get that "Jazz" tune by the Beatdoctors on Jaimie Fanatics new Label „We Are All Kidz“, it’s on beatport. Could be the soundtrack to this interview... well second track on this soundtrack after my Deserve you Re-Edit.

Robert Boogert: „I’ll check it out!“

And, dear reader, you should check it out too. Plus Robert’s myspace and all the related stuff. There’s so much more than just Justice and Soulwax out there. Explore!

Robert Boogert - Deserve You (Malente Re-Edit)
(yousendit) buy Robert's stuff on beatport

weareallkidz blog


MJ vs HC - remember the time (roy boogie's brukup)

I'm so tired of Michael Jackson booties. no, don't need another one! Who does?
Well, that's what i thought until yesterday, but in this weeks Juno package was a 7 Inch that really changed my mind. This is cool. Imagine Michael Jackson with the backing band of PRINCE (or produced by young guys like Calvin Harris, David E Sugar). Kind of true to Michael's roots.
This is pure electrofunk with dirty vintage synths-sounds and reminds of the great times Michael Jackson had musically.
Imagine the next Michael Jackson album would sound like that! Check it out!
And get the 7 Inch quickly at Juno, it has a great b-side, too.

mp3s taken away for copyright reasons...

instead here is the bootleg video version on youtube:

BLIND TERRY - When Prefab Sprout Wrecked My Mind

Nice popmusic from sweden. This song is taken from their first 7" on the american label cloudbuster records, pressed only 100 times. Lucky you if you got a copy!
Blind Terry will play in Berlin at the 21.11.08 (Magnet). For more check their myspace

BLIND TERRY - When Prefab Sprout Wrecked My Mind.mp3


FILTHY DUKES - tupac robot club rock (video)

We all saw it coming. Desperate Hip Hop acts turning their heads to Electro, because they always follow the money trail and they guess it's now in electro!
But this here is the other way around and therefor really interesting. Filthy Dukes did club/electro stuff for ages and now they add some Rapping flavour from Plastic Little, but in a fresh, unusual style.
They are a duo (live a trio) and run a legendary club night in Fabric/London for ages called "Kill 'em all", where they had literally EVERYBODY playing, that is now seen as the "hot shit" of electro (you know who it is), but always way before they became the "shit". They were the host-djs and got themselves a name for making parties explode in a unique style. Last year they releasd their first single "This rhythm", which sounded a bit like what Talking Heads would do with ESG in 2007.
Next year in february they will finally release their first album and this is a taste of it!


berlin battery party @ scala last saturday with KNIGHTLIFE

well... it was a another great berlin battery night. Thanks to Mr Knightlife for his great soulful modern disco-dance set, The Interfilms for their festival, the Scalas for their place and YOU!!! for being there and dancing your asses off until 8.30 in the morning.

here are some fotos of us and YOU!!!

Mr Knightlife spreads his "french touch" the Melbourne way!

Knightlife giving an inch of his "french touch" to Shir Khan & Jack Tennis


and you...

oh.. and you!

almost the complete team with Vj Ultramoodem

and here is a video of Knightlife deejaying in front of the amazing visuals of VJ Ultramoodem (sorry sound is not good)

more videos here: youtube berlin battery @ scala


DJ Touché - The Paddle (Malente Re-Edit)

I did this edit in 2003, that time even Tiefschwarz played "The Paddle". Difficult to imagine when you see what they do now. Not so difficult to imagine though what Touché does now, but for those of you who lack imagination, i'll give you something to chew on.

That guy Touché came a long way. First he appeared on my radar when doing downbeat & big beat as Wiseguys with DJ Regal in the mid 90ies, being responsible for "The Sound You Hear" and the legendary/annoying "Ooh La La". There were a lot of rumors back then that, because of "forgetting" to clear some samples, they didn't earn anything on that project. I have no idea if that's the case, but I do know that I loved their "Cowboy '78" track. After the second album they split and around 2000 Wiseguys was over. Till then Touché did some tracks on his own under this moniker.

Finshed with Wiseguys Touché releases under exaclty that name + DJ and got more into house. "Good looking" in 2002 released on Defected was no doubt the biggest success of this more disco housy (in a good way... I know you can't imagine disco house being good.. well try to!) period. His stuff on Heat didn't sound that genius to me.

"The Paddle" was his first release on Southern Fried in 2003 and different from the usual house in many ways. Same time Touché started his own label Body Clap that only survived a few realeses. Here's where he put out the first stuff of foster-son Boy 8-Bit.

Getting a bit tired of producing club stuff all day (I assume) he formed the Black Ghosts in 2006 with the singer of "We Are Your Friends"-Simian. Now you take a look at who remixed their great "Any Way...", listen careflully to all the mixes, compare 'em to my "Paddle" Re-Edit and you'll know what Touché does today, apart from Black Ghosts I mean....

Yes right he's the drummer of Metallica. So don't download anything here go buy DJ Touché stuff on beatport or juno if you're into vinyl.

DJ Touché - The Paddle (Malente Re-Edit)

www.myspace.com/boy 8-bit



FRIENDLY FIRES - I'm good I'm gone (Lykke Li cover)

one of the most posted bands on bb. Why? well, just listen to this little thing they did for fun... probably in a free minute in the studio. It's a cover version of the great Lykke Li track "I'm good I'm gone", but here the Fires turn it into a beautiful, mellow Piano-House track. This is kinda Indie-House, a thing that's going to get big next year for sure. So watch out for Friendly Fires and buy their great album NOW!

>>>FRIENDLY FIRES - I'm good I'm gone (Lykke Li cover)



KNIGHTLIFE (from Melbourne to Berlin!!!)

(this complete post was deleted because of copyright problems, which is hard to understand, as all songs i posted are old and already all over other blogs.... For safety reasons i now only give you "all systems" by knightlife himself!)

We have another berlin battery party coming up on saturday and what a guest we have!!!!! Knightlife comes from Melbourne and releases his music on "übercool" label CUTTERS (KIM aka Kim Moyes from the PRESETS and Midnight Juggernauts etc...), owned by none other than the guys from CUT COPY.
His first 12 Inch "ambopop" found it's way in very diverse dj's playlists (from disco - to electro-djs) and never left my recordbag. Side A was a club electro banger, right in time for the rise of the similar early Ed Banger sound. But it was the b-side "all systems" that really made it for me and must be one of my most played songs in clubs for some time (until today).
A funky, catchy electro-club-stormer guaranteed to rock every dancefloor with a breathtaking, surprising, beautiful harmonic synth breakdown in the middle, a trick, which has become KNIGHTLIFE's trademark on all of his work until today.
Reminds a bit of classic French House, which he loves, but it sounds 100% like 2008!!! The unique way he mixes funky synth-harmonies from heaven with banging modern electro-grooves often reminds me of the early stuff that Jacques LuCont did under his LES RHYTHMES DIGITALES alias. And that's one of the biggest compliments i can give out!
Since then the rare remixes he did were all amazing and really stand out in the flood of pure "functional" clubmusic of today.
Here are some (sorry only one...) diamonds of Mr. KNIGHTIFE. There is more Knightlife music, which is worth every second of your attention, just check it out! (he did an amazing remix for "go" from Harris Robotis, which i can only find in shitty 128kbit quality, so i won't post it...)
Watch this talented guy grow and party with us on saturday, his first show in Berlin!

>>>KNIGHTLIFE - all systems




Siriusmo/Exploited Records-Artwork nominated for BEST ART VINYL 2008

Hello everyone. This is great news. So I am gonna spread it.
"Exploited Records" is proud to announce that the artwork for the record "Siriusmo - Allthegirls" has been nominated for "Best Art Vinyl 2008".
The artwork will be featured in exhibitions at the Art Vinyl Gallery in East London and around the country at Snap Galleries in Birmingham, The Fishmarket Gallery in Northampton and The Perfect Pad Gallery in Norwich.To see the artwork of all the nominations for this year, and to vote, please use the following link to:
Art Vinyl Nomination

All Nominations must be received my midnight 6th December 2008. Please vote for Exploited Records and Siriusmo and support us.

Also Best Art Vinyl 2008 was launched this week on BBC 6 Music, and the BBC website.
Art Vinyl@BBC

The artwork has been chosen alongside work for "Santogold", "The Notwist", "Alter Ego, "Liquid Liquid" and some more.
Furthermore - its also a great record. Siriusmo has been getting love from many influential artists such as Mr.Oizo, Jackson&his Computer Band,Soulwax, Justice, Dj Mehdi, Erol Alkan, Boys Noize, A-Trak, Freeform Five, Munk, Sinden. Its a record for Girls&Boys. Its a record for the whole family.

"Exploited Records" artwork has been done by MAREK POLEWSKI from FLOOR5.
Exploited Artwork@Floor5

Btw - "Siriusmo - Allthegirls" Vinyl is sold out and will not be reprinted. But if you need mp3s for your I-Pod, get those at Beatport or I-Tunes:
Siriusmo - Allthegirls (Free mp3/320Kbit)


Egotronic - Raven gegen Deutschland (Saint Pauli RMX / MALENTE RE-EDIT)

Every thursday they're doing the FOO. Well if you live in Hamburg you'll know what I'm saying. FOO-Club exists about two years. They had events in different loctions and since this autumn they're bringing "the shit" to Hamburg's finest Baalsaal.

Baalsaal is the little brother of infamous Neidklub (the basement of it to be precise) at the heart of Reeperbahn. I dare to say that they have the best system in town. Artists who played for FOO are Les Petis Pilous, Housemeister, Strip Steve, Mr. Flash, Lars Moston, Robosonic, Surkin, Nhan Solo and Saint Pauli who are also involved in the organization. Rrrrrrespect!

What a great idea to reclaim the thursday. Some years ago parties during the week were quite common in every German city, but then the system succeded in making students work harder and pay more for their education. It Succeeded in exploiting workers far more then some time ago, in stealing everybody's time and brainwashing us in the name of an almighty economy. Fuck that. Strike back. Go dance your ass off and "bang your ed" during the week. Future guest at FOO will be Fukkk Offf, Decalicious and CLP.

Berlin Battery - Saint Pauli - Malente - FOO. The "axis of no evil at all" gives away 3x2 tickets. Contact max@fooclub.de and get to see The Coconut Wireless on thursday 6th of november (this thursday) 11pm.

And you can get my Re-Edit of Saint Pauli's blasting Remix for Egotronic's anthem "Raven gegen Deutschland" only here and now on top. If you live in the Hansestadt you need to go to FOO though to check the mix on the best system in town. Thank god it's thursday soon.

Egotronic - Raven gegen Deutschland


contact max@fooclub.de to win 3x2 tickets for this
thursdays Foo night at Baalsaal/Hamburg starring The Coconut Wireless

buy "Kotzen/Raven gegen Deutschland" by Egotonic

watch people play for FOO:
Saint Pauli live @ FOO
Surkin @ FOO
Les Petits Pilous @ FOO