Quadrophonia - Quadrophonia (MALENTE Re-Edit)

This is essential. And now it's time to share it. I kept this to myself long enough. So grab it now before the whole Rave frenzy is over. Best Remix / Re-Edit of this classic. No arguing here.

The original Quadrophonia was first released in 1990 and a cooperation of the two Belgians Lucien Foort with Abbeloos Olivier. Both of them now seem to be more into cheesy house. The kind of music I can imagine you can actually make money with. A lot of "soulful" vocals in their production.

Speaking of vocals. Quadrophonia, also the name of the project, hired a rapper even less talented then Turbo B of Snap! in 1991 to make this already big tune a bigger success. I recently bought the Album "Cozmic Jam" and wished the rapper to hell because if there was a quality to those tracks on there, he terminates it as soon as he drops his lines. Well that's how it is with the oldschool rave stuff. If you are into this sometimes crappy sometimes brilliant music you have to check the oldskooltimes blog by the way.

My Re-Edit though is quality and doesn't feature any part time rappers. You can even open your set with it, because I did a special Intro Re-Edit. Grab grab grab.

Hey and you have to check out Turbo B's myspace. He only got 86 friends though his site is da shit!

Quadrophonia - Quadrophonia (MALENTE Re-Edit)

Quadrophonia - Quadrophonia (MALENTE's Intro Re-Edit)



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