Daft Punk - Technologic (MALENTE Re-Edit)

Malente Re-Edits. The first post is always the hardest. I guess that's why it took me half a year to do what I do right now. Well the third reason (after no. 2: my lazyness) was that I did not just want to post some new tunes, but something special. So here is something special and from now on I'll try to make it something special every week. I do a lot of Re-Edits for my DJ-sets so I came across the idea that this might be exactly that special giveaway I am searching for. From me to you.

Why Re-Edits? Most of the times I re-edit stuff because the arrangement of the original is too long, too short, has got a part in it that rocks/sucks or the original is played by everyone so I need an exclusive version. In some cases the track is brand new in others it's a classic that I feel needs an update. In every case I love and respect the original track. Otherwise I wouldn't spend time on this. In other words: The original is perfect already, but just not for me playing it out in the club. If you like the edits I did you should buy the vinyl of these releases. In the following posts I'll write something about the artist or tune or some totally unrelated stuff, but as kind of an introduction to the whole "Malente Re-Edits"-thing I wouldn't this time. That's why I chose something you know everything about already (apart from that this Malente Re-Edit is from 2006)



dj supermarkt hat gesagt…

hallo kollege,

willkommen. grosse klasse!


grrr! hat gesagt…

willkommen im bloggerland! :)

Anonym hat gesagt…

kann man den track nicht runterladen?
schade die anderen re-edits sind FETT

Anonym hat gesagt…

wie siehts jetzt aus? kann man das noch irgendwo ziehen oder nicht?