ALAN WILKIS - N.i.c.e. (dj supermarkt shredit bootie)

After Compadre Jack Tennis did his thing, here now is my old school 80s disco-version of Alan Wilkis'super-funky track "N.i.c.e". It's a desperate try to get summer back. Imagine eighties Disco-Kings The Gap Band fronted by a white nerdy Prince 2009. There even is a long bass solo in it. Enjoy and listen to Alan Wilkis other music. He is very special!

>>>ALAN WILKIS - N.i.c.e. (dj supermarkt shredit bootie)

and to complete the berlin battery package, here is Jack Tennis' remix of the same song again:
>>>>ALAN WILKIS - N.i.c.e.(Jack Tennis rmx)


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bazza030 hat gesagt…

what a great remix mr supermarkt! still on heavy rotation...

too bad berlin battery posts are so scarce these days. hopefully it's just the freezing autumn weather that grasped berlin these days..