JACK TENNIS - From Past To Present. Remixes, Version & Edits

Here comes a bundle of my work with or for other artists.
Featuring the hard to find "Psycho Killer" and "Too Much" (Bonaparte) Edits. Have fun with it!

01. Bonaparte - Too Much Reggae (Jack Tennis Version)

02. Frankie Valli - Grease (A Jack Tennis Edit)

03. Alan Wilkis - N.I.C.E (Jack Tennis Remix)

04. Neonman - Nightclubbing (Jack Tennis Remix)

05. Sebastian Tellier - Kilometer(Jack Tennis Remix)

06. Talking Heads - Psycho Killer (A Jack Tennis Edit)

07. Captain Sensible - Wot a Dub (A Jack Tennis Edit)

08. The Whitest Boy Alive - Courage (A Jack Tennis Edit)

09. La Bionda - Bandido (A Jack Tennis Edit)

10. The Charlie Calello Orchestra - Sing Sing Sing (A Jack Tennis Edit)

11. Leila K. - Check The Dan (A Jack Tennis Version)

12. Bangalter, Peaches, Tone Loc - Wild Scratch (A Jack Tennis MashUp)


Hey beloved BB-blog readers, wanted to leave this to you before i leave to Tanzania to spin at the Swahili Fashionshow:

Ben Mono feat. Jemeni - Jesus Was A B-Boy (Moulinex remix) FREE DL by ben mono

After so much positive feedback i finally decided to upload the superb Moulinex remix in full quality.
by the way, my next stop will be Uzbekiztan, so if you know anyone in Tahskent, please tell them Nov.14th.

but for now enjoy some Moulinex madness.

BEN MONO love@Myspace
BEN MONO at Facebook



Our friend Chernobyl from Porto Allegre delivered a new mix - lots of mashups and lots of fun. He is gonna release an amazing 12" on Exploited soon. Watch out.
Dj Mix from CHERNOBYL@Mad Decent Blog

Douster - Triassic Genesis EP

Triassic from natilu on Vimeo.

Douster is the man of the moment. I love him and so do I love ZZK. Show him some respect and grab his TRIASSIC GENESIS-EP at Beatport. BTW - he also delivered a fine remix for Malente&Dex to be released on November 20th on Exploited.
Show Douster love@Myspace


22.10.@WMF Berlin

Life is a brand and whatever brand you want to support or dont want to support - it seems like lineups are getting bigger and bigger on these kind of partys. For a thursdaynight the booking is quite massive - though a bit too varied if you ask me. I dont know how all of this will work musicwise together: FLYING LOTUS, JEANS TEAM, N.A.S.A., DJ PHONO, AZZIDO DA BASS, CAJUAN, SHIR KHAN, THE FILMS all at WMF. Lets find out. If you wanna hear me play some music come over. Dont worry - its not a VIP-Party.


Bugati Force - The Show

Berlins most wanted Boy-Group Cashmaster Diamond, Droopy Goldberg & Spank are presenting you BugatiForce - The Show...
First episode will be out on 19th October 2009 ... Check the trailer.

BugatiForce & Sir Benni Miles - Teaser for the Show! from Sir Benni Miles on Vimeo.


Exclusive STEREOTYP 30 Minute-mix

Now here is something very different. To me - the hottest producers of 2009 are probably UNTOLD - ZOMBY - SOLO - RENAISSANCE MAN - DOUSTER - HUDSON MOHAWKE - DORIAN CONCEPT - NOOB and KU BO. Speaking of KU BO....Stefan Moerth - the Vienna producer - who is behind KU BO also does the project STEREOTYP. He and AL HACA were together with THE BUG probably the first to form a radical new wave of Digital Dancehall. When you see acts or DJS like MAJOR LAZER or TODDLA T - you have to give it up at least to STEREOTYP who kind of built this new dancehallsound out of nowhere. Not long ago he contributed an exclusive Dj-Mix for my Radioshow on Fritz. Get it here first.
Exclusive STEREOTYP 30 Minute-mix

Veronika Fischer Band - Wir fahren mit dem Zug (Edit Honegger Rework)

Its freezing and I am chilling in my bed - kind of ill. Once upon a time there were 3 friends who decided to release bootlegs - mainly from the HipHop-world on Vinyl. The idea was simple - so we formed the Vinyl series Broken Bootlegs. We only released 3 Vinyls and one special edition. The idea came when german ex-rap-star and ex-VIVA-host Scope called me and said that he really likes the Broken Bootlegs stuff. He asked me if I would be interested in releasing some german funk edits - just in the style as Berlin DJ Hype did with his FUNKVERGNÜGEN Mixtape. He also remarked that Hans Nieswandt from Cologne (Ex-Whirlpool Productions / Author and Journalist) has done a nice edit. So it slightly all came together. I asked DJ Hype&Jim Dunloop to contribute a track....they did a rework of Su Kramers "Weisser Sand". Funnily enough - when the Vinyl came out - the recordcompany who owned the rights to the original recordings found out about this record and tried to destroy all of the Vinyl. Luckily - they never found me - but the recordstore who sold it had to pay some serious money....Ouch and sorry:(
Then I also asked Roskow Kretschmann (former member of Jazzanova) to contribute a track....He did a coverversion of Kraftwerks "Model" and he also sung himself...I think it still sounds very cool with a nice retro funk touch. He used his alias of Knister Geschwister for this. Scope and Defcon did a weird Roberto Blanco rework with a massive Funk Break - seriously crazy - they did that under their alias of Primetime Bros. Last but not least - I had to meet with Hans Nieswandt in some hotel in Berlin. He was in Berlin to give interviews and to read from his new book. It was the last track I got. Its a rework of the DDR-Classic from the Veronika Fischer Band - "Wir fahren mit dem Zug". The song meant a lot to Hans cause he said that he is always going by train - as a DJ and as a author - and he really thinks that this song is his anthem....He did that rework under the alias of Edith Honegger in order not to get in trouble:) Well - and because on Saturday I am also going by train I thought I am gonna share this with you...sorry I only found bad quality mp3s on my laptop. If you want the full quality you have to look at Ebay and maybe try to get the Vinyl...it was called: THE GERMAN KRAUT INVASION - REWORKS OF GERMAN FUNK HISTORY.
Veronika Fischer Band - Wir fahren mit dem Zug (Edit Honegger Rework)

Studio R feat. Capitol A - A+R (Llorca Remix)

I kind of fell in love for this track again when I was playing it to my Australian friends. Studio R was an anonymous project from Rocky Flanger and me. There were only 2 12inches....1 on Sonarkollektiv with a feature from Mocky - and 1 on Black Label Compost. There are still lots of unreleased tracks on my harddrive - such as tracks with Yo Majesty, Mr Velcro Fastener and many others....but I dont know if they are that great. Maybe I share them one day.
Studio R feat. Capitol A - A+R (Llorca Remix)


RE: HAYDN is a new project from Universal Classic/Deutsche Grammophon based on the 200th anniversary of classic composer Joseph Haydn with modern producers - such as me SHIR KHAN, Moulinex, Dorian Concept, Patrick Pulsinger&Diskokaine, Stereotyp, Alexander Robotnik, Krazy Baldhead and others. It was not easy to remix Haydn because I thought too much in the beginning of how to start but in the end I just decided to go for a simple Tribal House Remix. Here it is.
RE-HAYDN Webpage

SHIR KHAN presents EXPLOITED (3 free tracks)

I kind of forgot to promote my own CD on here....Here is 3 free tracks for you. 2 of them are included on the compilation.
The other 1 was a remix from Zombie Disco Squad which we actually didnt release. Grab them now.
Get the CD here:


ALAN WILKIS - N.i.c.e. (dj supermarkt shredit bootie)

After Compadre Jack Tennis did his thing, here now is my old school 80s disco-version of Alan Wilkis'super-funky track "N.i.c.e". It's a desperate try to get summer back. Imagine eighties Disco-Kings The Gap Band fronted by a white nerdy Prince 2009. There even is a long bass solo in it. Enjoy and listen to Alan Wilkis other music. He is very special!

>>>ALAN WILKIS - N.i.c.e. (dj supermarkt shredit bootie)

and to complete the berlin battery package, here is Jack Tennis' remix of the same song again:
>>>>ALAN WILKIS - N.i.c.e.(Jack Tennis rmx)