AEROPLANE - new disco-pop dj-mix

AEROPLANE's new dj-mix comes with this month's mixmag magazine and it originally is called "disco balearica", but fortunately it is not very balearic, but more disco-pop and quite danceable. It features some of their amazing remix productions (Friendly Fires, Shortwave Set) plus some very unusual songs (Alphaville...anyone?), but it all fits perfectly and goes down very smoothly...
I really like it cause you can perfectly relax or dance slowly on this one! It would also be nice for a drive through the countryside on a sunday afternoon, but my car just died...


aeroplane myspace


Shir Khan - Bombaklaatlivemix 1

Long time no sign from me....I have been locked finishing my upcoming Cd, doing some remixes ect. This week I am playing 4 times...exhausting. 2 Partys not to be missed are these here... Fanklub Deejays are cool Djs from Belgium who run the monthly BLAST YOUR GHETTO-Party in Antwerp. Also included on the lineup: Dancemachine who I have already Djed with and I really liked her set last time in Brussels. Saturday is Picknick-time in Berlin....they are opening the outdoor-area which will be nice. Me and the Roundtable Knights taking it to the next level....and you wanna know how next level shit sounds? Here: download my 1 hour live-mix - no editing. Since there is a lot of exclusive material in there I dont post a playlist.
Shir Khan - Bombaklaatlivemix 1


Last weekend we've lost our home. Thank you Scala for all the great parties. Bye bye.
Cry a bit while checking the Scala Blog with lots of photos.



A 30 minute power workout mix.
Arranged, repitched, tweaked, mashed and edited by Ben Mono.


We Fell To Earth - Lights Out
Justice Stress (Auto Remix)
Fatboy Slim - Everybody Needs a 303
Billion Dollar DJs - Sugoi!
CSS - Move Metronomy Remix
Freeland - Under Control
Reiner Mauch - Clap
Tonka - Freeze
Freeland - Under Control Golden Bug Remix
Captain Commodore - eXpress
The Glimmers - Rather Do It With The Boys
Lorenz Rhode - Motor Cortex (Ben Mono remix)
Reiner Mauch - Clap
Kid Kaio - We Don´t Give A Fuck
Hools - Beware and Motorpitch Remix
Fairmont - Gazebo (Joe And Will Ask Remix)
V V Brown - Leave (Style Of Eye Remix)
Bag Raiders - Turbo Love
Scott Cooper & Andy George - Jump &Twist (Jokers Of Science Remix)
Donovan - Breakin (Charlie Fanclub Remix)
rafale - rock it dont stop it
Mr. Oizo. Two Takes It
Peaches Talk To Me
Niyi - Amelia (Ben Mono Remix)
Yuksek Break Ya (Disco Version)
Zombie Nation - Worth It
Fukkk Offf - Love Me Hate Me Kiss Me (Disco OF Doom remix)
Midnight Juggernauts - Road To Recovery

KNIGHTLIFE is back with "knightlife II"

KNIGHTLIFE II - 12" video trailer from Cutters Records on Vimeo.

One of Berlin Battery's favorite producers "KNIGHTLIFE" from Melbourne is back with his second 12 Inch on CUTTERS (the label of Cut Copy). If you like warm modern electro-disco music that gets you shaking on the dancefloor, you will love this one. I still remember his great electro-disco-house set at our bb party @ Scala some time ago. Come back, amigo!

get it on beatport now or soon on vinyl (i guess...)


knightlife myspace


SANTIGOLD - Your Voice

Reggaesound from the artist formerly known as Santogold. Don't ask me why she changed her name from Santo- into Santigold...This is her new single, perfect for this sunny days.


the berlin battery weekender: berlin/scala & Nürnberg/k4-festsaal

we have two parties for you this weekend, so prepare yourself. Friday the complete berlin battery boys (including VJ Ultramoodem & our designer Dennis Ratzlaff) will play on the last weekend-party of our favorite berlin club SCALA, so be prepared for total mayhem!!! Saturday Jack Tennis and Dj Supermarkt will go to Nuernberg.

friday 22.05; 22UHR! Berlin:

saturday 23.05. Nuernberg

be there!!!!!!!


berlin battery @ POP UP Leipzig

Catch us on the "berlin battery" mission in Leipzig at the fine Pop Up festival/convention/messe. This is the real ANTI-POPKOMM. A small gathering of people/labels/aliens who try to make quality independent music. And thats why we are there... (besides partying with our friends from the MELT FESTIVAL)

saturday, 16.5.:
DJs: Jack Tennis & Dj Supermarkt
Ilse's Erika, Leipzig



Malente - Music Forver

This summer is gonna be hot: "Music Forever" coming with Remixes by Solo, Dada Life, Freaks, Act Yo Age, The Urchins and too good for B-side track "Feel It". So good by that way, that Alex Gopher after receiving the promo did an Edit of this track...

Listen to some of that now in space and watch the video directed by Leo Von Werhahn of Fourlights. Good. Good.Good.... yes. Advertising myself. 90% of my job. 100% awesome. I love it (as much as McDonalds).

early support by Etienne De Crecy, Lee Mortimer, Kissy Sellout, Don Diabolo, Mikix The Cat, Shir Khan, Midfield General, Groove Armada, Dub Frequency, Acidkids, Sharam Jey, Stereo Mcs, Dave Spoon, Shinichi Osawa, Peter Kruder, Jason Nevins, Aston Shuffle, Maral Salmassi, Nick Catchdubs, Erick Morillo, Aquasky, Mason, Ursula 1000, Azzido Da Bass +++

... oh and DJ Supermarkt loves it too ... and Axwell !? ;)


DENT MAY & HIS MAGNIFICENT UKULELE- meet me in the garden

ahhhh.... SUMMER!!!
Dent May is from Taylor/Mississippi and just released his catchy, weird debut album with the commercial title "The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukulele". He sings, looks like a nerd and plays... yes.. the Ukulele! (rust me, 2009, the year of the yukulele!!!!)
Hard to describe the sound, but it has a bit of Pop, Folk, even Country.. Sounds like he will get along well with these fellow weirdos: Jarvis Cocker, James Yuill, Serge Gainsbourg, Pale Fountains, Beck and Lee Hazlewood. Get the spirit...? Enjoy it, the album is amazing and worth checking out!




Ben Mono in the mix, VJ Chanoar footage-tweaking.
... some mindblowing experience - had to recalibrate brain and eyelids after watching it for the first time.


Malente DJ Mix (22/03/09)

People seem to have problems to distinguish between REMIX and RE-EDIT.

That's one of the reasons I barely do posts anymore. All I got in return was some LOVE and a lot more TROUBLE. From now on I'll keep 99% of my Edits to myself or better: I'll be the only one playing them out on my DJ gigs.

Every once in a while, when I'm sure there will be no GOOGLE taking tracks down or PRODUCERS mad at me I'll let you have a peek of what I edit for my crowd. And maybe if you write me an either friendly or desperate email I'll make an exception and send you a link if I like your haircut.

Generally though I'm fed up with this. Don't get me wrong, I still love Music. Why else would my new 12" on Southern Fried coming in summer be called MUSIC FOREVER? Tracks from this release will be featured in my next DJ Mix.

This Mix done 22nd of March '09 is an oldie in Blog-Time. I did it exclusively to the Mexican Jack Mafia Blog to support my gig in Mexico City some weeks ago. But their link expired... so here you go. feel free to spread, blog, steal, copy and paste.

By the way, the picture on top is a T-shirt design. It incoportates Malente and the Mexican spirit. Dope Dope Dope. They gave away Shirts in Mexico to promote the event. That's how you do it!

Malente DJ Mix (22/03/09)

1. Mephisto – The Beat of the Bee (Malente Re-Edit)
2. Dj Raziek – Wake Up (Zero Cash Remix)
3. Kid Sister – Get Fresh (Alex Gopher Remix)
4. Acidkids – Mad Mahoney (Motor Remix)
5. Acidkids – Mad Mahoney (Zogamin Remix)
6. Gigi Barocco – The Rhythm
7. Fort Knox Five – The Wonder Strikes Again (Malente’s Champion Sound Remix)
8. Dub Frequency – Guy Brutus
9. Dada Life – Happy Hands (Malente’s Wasted Youth & Wacky Mix)
10. Dillinja - Twist `Em Out (Proper Villains Remix)
11. Sidney Samson – Riverside (Dex Edit)
12. Brazilian Girls – Good Time (Diplo Remix)
13. The Rogue Element – Sidewinder
14. Djedjotronic – Dirty & Hard (Boys Noize’s Jump If You’re An Idiot Mix)
15. DJ Rockid – Girlz
16. Armand Van Helden – Illin N Fillin It (Malente’s The Monster’s Lose Remix)
17. Jack Beats – What (Boy 8-Bit Remix)
18. DJ Sneak & Hervé – Droppin’ Kisses (Hervé Club Mix)
19. Mr Miyagi – We Wanna Give You The Lesson
20. Malente – Bring That Lead Back (Destroy Disco Remix)
21. Kelevra – Jak Muzik (Jaimie Fanatic Midnight Mix)
22. Audio Bullys – Dope Fiend (Malente’s 1 Hour Remix)
23. Sound Of Stereo – Evil Panda
24. Crookers – What Up Y’all ?
25. Malente – Music Forever (Intro)