Me My Head - White Lights (Shadow Dancer Remix / Malente Re-Edit)

This is how Digitalism's fridge looks like when they're playing the big festivals. Thanks for showing us Isi. But why haven't I told you earlier? Well, I was busy playing. On my little 5 week Australia tour the two summadayze festivals in Melbourne and especially the one in Perth (where these fotos are from) have been the highlight so far.
Incredible lineup. I played alongside Boys Noize, Switch, Digitalism (live), Busy P and DJ Mehdi, who's showing me how to use the mixer ;) on the photo belowIt was a beautiful day with great music, great people and it was a lot of fun to meet and hang with these guys. The atmosphere in the Hot Barbecue tent (pay attention to the sausage above the stage) was phenomenal.
Especially when Digitalism performed and Busy P & Mehdi played to finish the thing off. For the last 30 minutes all the artists where dancing on stage having a good time. I didn't know that Switch was such an awesome dancer... impressing. This is how fetsivals should be.
Even if you haven't read the interview with him on Discodust yet: I know you guys know that Boys Noize Alex is not only a nice guy, but one of the worlds best DJs, has great taste in music and is releasing all the Shadow Dancer original material. What you didn't know till now is how my re-edit of Shadow Dancer's fabulous Me My Head remix sounds like. Go ahead and get to know now.

Me My Head - White Lights (Shadow Dancer Remix / Malente Re-Edit)

Ah and by the way here's a little something for my German readers: it's around 30 degree celsius where I'm at now. Till next week. If i'm not too lazy...



Hugo hat gesagt…

i bet the digitalism live was dope. what a tight line up!

dj supermarkt hat gesagt…


here in Berlin it has nice 22 degrees, sunny, perfect time for outside diner etc..

Sorry to hear that it's much too hot in Australia at the moment ;-)

Komm heil zurück!


BOMB BOUTIQUE hat gesagt…

haha, 90er rave. Geile Sache, Christoph!

maX hat gesagt…

4 grad in hamburg :-((((