KNIGHTLIFE (from Melbourne to Berlin!!!)

(this complete post was deleted because of copyright problems, which is hard to understand, as all songs i posted are old and already all over other blogs.... For safety reasons i now only give you "all systems" by knightlife himself!)

We have another berlin battery party coming up on saturday and what a guest we have!!!!! Knightlife comes from Melbourne and releases his music on "übercool" label CUTTERS (KIM aka Kim Moyes from the PRESETS and Midnight Juggernauts etc...), owned by none other than the guys from CUT COPY.
His first 12 Inch "ambopop" found it's way in very diverse dj's playlists (from disco - to electro-djs) and never left my recordbag. Side A was a club electro banger, right in time for the rise of the similar early Ed Banger sound. But it was the b-side "all systems" that really made it for me and must be one of my most played songs in clubs for some time (until today).
A funky, catchy electro-club-stormer guaranteed to rock every dancefloor with a breathtaking, surprising, beautiful harmonic synth breakdown in the middle, a trick, which has become KNIGHTLIFE's trademark on all of his work until today.
Reminds a bit of classic French House, which he loves, but it sounds 100% like 2008!!! The unique way he mixes funky synth-harmonies from heaven with banging modern electro-grooves often reminds me of the early stuff that Jacques LuCont did under his LES RHYTHMES DIGITALES alias. And that's one of the biggest compliments i can give out!
Since then the rare remixes he did were all amazing and really stand out in the flood of pure "functional" clubmusic of today.
Here are some (sorry only one...) diamonds of Mr. KNIGHTIFE. There is more Knightlife music, which is worth every second of your attention, just check it out! (he did an amazing remix for "go" from Harris Robotis, which i can only find in shitty 128kbit quality, so i won't post it...)
Watch this talented guy grow and party with us on saturday, his first show in Berlin!

>>>KNIGHTLIFE - all systems



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