Where have they been all that 8 years? These two frenchies released a great, eclectic clubpop-album called "shampoo victims" long ago and since then disappeared completely. The music was (and it seems like it still is) a mixture of all kinds of styles, samples, moods and other madness, but very Pop. I came across their album because it was designed by one of my favorite graphic guys of that time: Laurent Fetis.
He became well known with his beautiful design/artwork for fellow frenchies TAHITI 80.
Well, both bands were on french label "Atmospheriques", where he was the "inhouse-graphic-guy" and also responsable for another great band called Mellow. Kinda the "modern" idea of many labels like Ed Banger etc... now (he designed a video for one banger: Dj Mehdi).
there is also a beautiful book on him/his work from berlin's DIE GESTALTEN Verlag.
oh.. back to Grand Popo...
this is the first single to their new album and it is a beautiful electro-disco-pop-song with a girl vocal. And the video (as all their visual stuff) is amazing, too.
There is a 12 Inch (or download) with remixes at Juno. It features lots of mixes, a.o. by Joakim, Putsch 79 and more. I really dig the "Italo version":

>>>GRAND POPO FOOTBALL CLUB - my territory (Italo version)

"i am my own minority!"


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