FILTHY DUKES - tupac robot club rock (video)

We all saw it coming. Desperate Hip Hop acts turning their heads to Electro, because they always follow the money trail and they guess it's now in electro!
But this here is the other way around and therefor really interesting. Filthy Dukes did club/electro stuff for ages and now they add some Rapping flavour from Plastic Little, but in a fresh, unusual style.
They are a duo (live a trio) and run a legendary club night in Fabric/London for ages called "Kill 'em all", where they had literally EVERYBODY playing, that is now seen as the "hot shit" of electro (you know who it is), but always way before they became the "shit". They were the host-djs and got themselves a name for making parties explode in a unique style. Last year they releasd their first single "This rhythm", which sounded a bit like what Talking Heads would do with ESG in 2007.
Next year in february they will finally release their first album and this is a taste of it!


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