Two days ago here was a Filthy Dukes Dj mix, that their German record company sent us to be posted. It was meant as promotion for the party we will have in december with their band. It has been deleted by Google (who are the owners of "blogger"!)

I thought it's time we not only share music with you but also a thought:
Maybe you realized (well, you probably didn't...) that we sometimes post music and the complete posts disappear soon after. This happens to all kinds of music-blogs now for some time and causes a great confusion!
Well, it's definetly not David Copperfield, who does it with his magic hands. The content is taken away by Google/Blogger, when somebody tells them that there is a copyright problem with the post. There are no questions asked, it is done immediately. Afterwards we receive an email from blogger telling us that they did so and that there is a website called The chilling effects, where the notice they received should be published soon. Well, we (all blogs) are waiting for months now for these notices to get public, so it looks more like a cool way to keep the bloggers quiet.

Well, of course we are living on thin ice here in the music-blogger's world, because what we do is not legal in a traditional sense. But since the start we are heavily supported by many bands and even labels in our work, because blogs have become a modern way of spreading new music to make it heard (and some bands/labels understood that and use this effect).
Maybe they support us and send us their mp3s, because they can see, that we (and some other influential music blogs) NEVER post more than one song from an album/12 Inch from an artist (especially not his complete catalogue...), because we always just tease you with a song that we like and then hope/pray to get "at least some of you" to buy the stuff! (that's why we add links for beatport, Juno, Itunes etc...).
Anybody who has a problem with our posts can contact us directly by mail and - as stated several times on top of our site - we will take away the links to the music immediately. It would be easy.

And more, what has been deleted very often recently was Dj-mixes with lots of diffrent songs, where somebody obviously was not okay with one of the songs being used! C'mon! A Dj-mix? That's pure promotion for any artist in the mix because the songs are of course in the mix and not complete. Really hard to understand that!
There is no way to find out, which song (of the dj-mix) was problematic, until the notice at The chilling effects will be up, which - we think - will never happen.

If you are interested in finding out more about this new development in blogging, go to our friends at PALMSOUT. They started a discussion (and a courtcase against google) on the topic and so far they received 56 comments about it, which are also worth reading, because they are pro and contra.

And maybe you should know, there are also political posts in political blogs (on Sarah Palin for example) that have been deleted that way without explanation... And this is where it gets interesting/dangerous in my eyes!

check it out, if you like:

>>>palmsout music blog discussion

(the foto actually shows Raja Petra Raja Kamarudin, an editor of a Malaysian blog, who is famous for being the first blogger to be taken to jail because of the content of his blog.
Please don't get me wrong, we know, that our "music-blog" problems are only a tiny piece of flyshit compared to that...


Anonym hat gesagt…

may you should think about leaving blogger?

dj supermarkt hat gesagt…

yep, you are perfectly right.

many blogs are thinking about setting up their own sites without blogger.

But, costs money, and there isn't a lot.



Anonym hat gesagt…

Do you know if wordpress makes the same trouble?

elizabeth hat gesagt…

hey, elizabeth from palms out here. we did not start a court case against google. we are just trying to file a counter-notice (basically sending a letter) to get our posts back up.

also, chilling effects is a mainly volunteer project run by a friend of mine who is deeply committed to freedom on the internet, so you can rest assured that she is not purposely holding anything up. (i will bug her about this again..)

Anonym hat gesagt…

was ich dabei interessant finde, ist welche unglaubliche macht scheinbar nach wie vor dahinter steckt, besonders durch amerikanische rechteverwalter wie die riaa. wenn man bei der deutschen gema als sich privat verwaltender künstler anruft und sich nach ein zwei nicht korrekten abrechnungsvorgängen erkundigt, dann fällt der bayrischen mutti in münchen erstmal die stulle aus dem gesicht. das dauert dann drei tage und die vollbürokraten kriegen nichts geschissen wieso was wie nicht erfasst wurde. die sind sooo weit hinten dran und vernebelt, die laufen immer noch kleinen kindern hinterher um ihnen ihre kopierten basf tapes aus dem walkman zu entfernen. wenn nun die amerikaner eine "kampagne" starten und mal kurz scheinbar über das rote telefon den globalplayer google in die knie zwingen, der einknickt und einfach gnadenlos alles entfernt, was auch nur im ansatz irgendwie stress für ihn bedeuten könnte, dann sind meine gedanken von der grenzenlosen freiheit des internets grade wieder eingezäunt worden. what the hecke... cia, fbi, google, rechteverwaltung, 1984... ich zieh den modemstecker...

Manuel hat gesagt…

ich empfehle wordpress in eigener installation auf eigenem webspace. kinderleicht und selbstbestimmt :-)

biete euch auch gerne asyl auf meinem server
- bei bedarf: einfach melden.

lasst euch die laune nicht verderben
eure liebe zur musik ist wunderbar ;-)

Klimbsac hat gesagt…

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Anonym hat gesagt…

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