SURFACE - Falling In Love

This is one of my all time slow-jam-disco favourites. The song was released in 1983 on the phillysound disco-label Salsoul at a time when disco was already dead. I don't know much about Surface, only that their other songs were really crap. The guy who wrote a review on discogs knows more: "Listen to any song that these guys made from 1987-1992 and you'll see why they died out and disappeared from the scene. Those songs were terrible. And the sad thing is two of them went gold." Ok. So don't waste your time by diggin pearls like this on other Surface records. Just wait for a new post with my next disco-nugget here on Berlin Battery.

SURFACE - Falling In Love.mp3 (ysi)

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BlackSun from CZ said: yeah, true and the 2nd golden track is "Happy" (mellow sticky ballad)