Paul Bryan is a blind brasilian musician, who released an amazing album called "Listen of" in 1973. Back then he was asked to do an english spoken folk album, and hell, he did one!
It's a fragile pop album, sort of Nick Drake played by a relaxed Steely Dan backing band. Lush orchestra, shy vocals, echoes of congas, piano, rhodes and a warm, easy groove. It's so full of soul, it can heal any winter depression, trust me! His english voice comes with a beautiful accent, which reminds me of the charming way that Air pronounce english words.
Later he lived in America where he - of course - met and became friend with Stevie Wonder and wrote songs for him. Paul Bryan is also the author of 2 books: "Close Your Eyes to See Better: The Limit of the Senses and the Senses of the Limits", a book about dealing with blindness, and "Factory of Sounds", a study about sound production based on his musical experience and prefaced by the Minister of Culture and Brazilian legend, Gilberto Gil.
Fellow Berliners Jazzanova just rereleased the album on their label Sonar Kollektiv (first time on CD), so if you are into a little folk with a lot of Soul there is nothing i could recommend you more than this album!

>>>PAUL BRYAN - Windows.mp3

and if you like this sound, here is a dj-mix of american 70s groovy softrock I produced a while ago for berlin battery:
>>>Laurel Canyon - dj-mix

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