METRONOMY - Heartbreaker

If there is one band at the moment we b.batteries can all agree on the most it must be Metronomy. The way they blend disco and electro-pop with arty attitude is so smooth and so catchy, it is way above other contenders. I saw them ages ago at the White Trash in front of 100 people (supported by Late of The Pier....!!!!) and they blew the whole place away. And that was before the songs of their new album. This is the video to Metronomy's new single "heartbreaker". It is about "boy's friendships" and the silly things you do trying to make your "broken hearted friend" feel better.
The single comes with extremly good remixes by Discodeine, Faze Action, Diskjokke and Kris Menace. What a package! And in case you don't have the album, which is top ace, get it at Rough Trade Records quickly, as only there you get it as a special edition with an extra CD.


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