From time to time i find a 7 Inch, which is so spectacular and fresh it blows me away.

Here is the latest...:
Brooklyn-based producer Kotchy is a singer songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and all round super talented. He worked with people like The Epochs, Violet (w/members of Fischerspooner / Rufus Wainwright / Joan As Police Woman / Polyphonic Spree), Yo Mayesty and Starkey.

His music sounds like a mix of Beck, Prince, Lemon Jelly and the sound of Warp records..., sort of D.i.Y.-weirdo-pop with elements of Hip Hop and Dub and other madness. Really hard to explain, cause i never heard something like this before.
"She made it easy" is glitch-disco, "bruce fleetwood" is... well the Boss mixed with Fleetwood Mac and more. Mind blowing!

You can get a digital package version (7 inch is limited to 500 copies and sold out) with 2 remixes and another song.

And there is an album coming soon. Can't wait...

>>>KOTCHY - she made it easy.mp3


>>>KOTCHY - bruce fleetwood.mp3



get the package here:

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