The wheather is so unbeleivably shitty since two days in Berlin: just rain and storm! Today I needed some really uplifting tunes... and there comes KIDDA. I came across this guy, because there is this really cool HERVÉ remix around for "under the sun", which we batteries are playing for some time to great effect. I won't post it here because it is everywhere in the blogs already (get it for example at our friends from Welcome to dance club)
But this guy KIDDA has an album out called "going out" which makes my day now. It's actually quite Hip Hop but in the old school "non-purist" sense of De La Soul, mixed with the sound of Northern Soul, bouncy electro-pop a la Junior Senior, some Doo Wop, Motown, great, sweet vocals and millions of vintage dusty samples, that make the sun shine for a moment! (THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Guest singers are Gary Lightbody (Snow Patrol), Blak Twang, Psycho Les (The Beatnuts/Big City) and local luminaries Jim Oxborrow (smallwhitelight) and soul beauty Laura Vane. The album is out on Brighton's Skint label, the label of Midfield General and real home of Fatboy Slim.
But there is much more about that guy!
He already did videos for several other artists (My Federation, Midfield General, a.m.m.) and created the character KIDDA. He also remixed the Ting Tings, did a funny mashup for Fatboy Slim, which everybody is looking for... and more.
check both his myspaces and his funny "Billy Jean"-website...

There you will also discover that he did two already legendary compilations with his own fun Beastie Boys versions/remixes (32 tracks!!!), which are free to download thanks to the cool attitude of The Beasties with their own acapellas:



looks like the Beastie Boys liked one of his versions so much, they used it for one of their videos/Tv appearance which is really funny and features a hairy monster (rumours say it is Mixmaster Mike inside the costume...):

and here is the original version of "Under the sun". if you need some sun in your life, listen to it on repeat and buy the album!!!!!

>>>KIDDA - under the sun.mp3

here are his websites, which are not only full of the stuff i was writing about, but also very funny!


(here you can be Kidda aka Michael Jackson doing the video for "Billy Jean")




mark hat gesagt…

kidda's playing our next skibunny party on 30 october!yeah!

Anonym hat gesagt…

I found the original "Under the Sun" towards the beginning of summer. It soon became a staple of my summer soundtrack. I found it recently in another playlist here:
Fantastic track.