Intertrigo - Reversim (Malente Re-Edit)

Not only good music, but also an instersting story there. We Germans only know Pro7 as a TV Chanel, but as always we can learn something from our neighbours the French (no joke, check their cuisine dude!).

What was I writing? Ah, yes. In France lives a guy called Pro7. For a long time he had a busy life, beeing Don KiNG’s sidekick. In his bio it says "Pro7 has contributed to the organisation of many Box fights including the famous « Rumble in the jungle » in Kinshasa. Bored of shy ambiances and the monotonous boxing surroundings, he decides to get involved a new challenge: The Wrestling and especially the Lucha Lible. Big Splash Records is born. Only one thing matters: organizing “Audio Fights” bringing together the best fighters around. The word is out: Electro, Trash, Contortions, Rock, Breaks and Distortions."

My Re-Edit features "Reversim" a track from the first EP of this series of "Audio-Fights" where Intertrigo meets Pro7 himself. If you don't know what "Intertrigo" means please don't google it you might end up with .jpgs. Instead buy the first EP at Juno or better Bounce Records and watch out for the 2nd EP coming these days. It contains great tracks by Pirate Robot Midget, Dilemn and a remix by Swedens very own Blende. And both 12"es come with great sleeves.

Intertrigo - Reversim (Malente Re-Edit)




Patrick hat gesagt…

Why is the link not working? I cannot download the file :(

Anonym hat gesagt…

you forgot to flag that post as "malente re-edit" by the way

Premini hat gesagt…

Hi, could you re up the track, The Zshare link seems to enter in an infinite loop and the track never downloads.