Housemeister - What you want (Siriusmo Rmx)...NEW LINK!!!!

I already wanted to upload this a long time ago. Sorry for being so lazy. Sometimes I feel like I even dont have the time to download all the tunes I get - so I dont even know when to upload a track. So at the end of the day I dont post much - its just too much out there to blog about and others are probably much quicker and better in this. But - hey - this track here is essential.
Its from one of berlins oldest oldschool techno-djs "housi" aka "housemeister". I think since 10 years or probably even more he always looked the same: basecap, sunglasses, jointsmoking, trainers, big necklace. "Housi" talks the Berlin Slang and he has one of Berlins biggest images I would say. On his latest installment WHO IS THAT NOIZE? he asked all his friends to make some Remixes. I really rate the remix from SKATE under his moniker of UNSPORTMANLIKE (who is also into the visual collective of VJ PFADFINDEREI - the dudes who do the "Modeselektor"-visuals and the "Bpitch"-Artwork) which got a bit Dubsteppy. The best remix comes from SIRIUSMO. But as far as he told me - thats actually not a real remix. All he did - was putting the vocalsample of WHAT YOU WANT - YOU WANNA DANCE on top of one of his most secret bombs. "Housi" can be proud. He got a real killertrack. This track is guaranteed to make ALLTHEGIRLS fall in love with Housi and Siriusmo.

new links:
>>>Housemeister - What you want (Siriusmo Rmx).mp3


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New Link Please...

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yeah, a new link would be great. zshare please :)