Sometimes strange things happen. After almost one year the great Friendly Fires released "Paris" again, but with a new video. What was wrong with the old one?  I have no clue... DJ Supermarkt posted this song with the old video on Berlin Battery before. So if you want to compare them do it here. I think the music changed a bit. More mainstream now...

The good thing is that there are some new remixes out. Justus Köhncke did a house version but my favourite is the one from Aeroplane with female vocals!

FRIENDLY FIRES - Paris (Aeroplane Remix).mp3 (ysi)

btw.: they are on tour in october and november together with Lykki Li and Foals (depents on the date)

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Anonym hat gesagt…

Is it me or is this new vid very Klaxons?

Anyhow- I think I pref the old one :)