AIR FRANCE - collapsing at your doorstep

Hey amigos, autumn has arrived.
And Air France to me are this year's perfect soundtrack to it. They're from Gothenburg in Sweden and they combine only the best elements of Air and Avalanches and the early Gentle People (anybody remembers...?). The result is dream-pop at it's best, which will make you feel warm inside even in this winter's coldest evenings. Float away with the mellow sounds of this duo. And if you like it, get their top CD (which combines their two eps) at Rough Trade Records. (where else...)

Listening to their music i realize (againandagain), that i really miss The Avalanches. There is hardly an album which made me so happy like their one and only opus. COME BACK, lazy bastards... you are missed so much. Actually it says "working on second album" on their myspace, but since 10 years... Last thing i heard from them was their erratic but beautiful remix for Belle & Sebastian ages ago.

>>>AIR FRANCE - Collapsing at your doorstep.mp3


(next time i fly Air France, i hope the title of the song is not meant literally...)

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