Foals - Electric Ballroom (MALENTE Remix)

I really wanna do more bands. I mean I get a lot of remix requests these days, but not too many from the likes of the Faint, Friendly Fires, the Ghost Frequency, the Presets, well you name 'em.
And this is though I have a THING (big) for quality IndieRock.

I'm not only having breakfast to the Rumble Strips or the Zutons, oh no. I've also been doing IndieRock parties in my hometown every wednesday from 2001 for at least 4 years. And when I have an offday from Djing as Malente I ...and I know this sounds odd for a professional DJ: I still I love to conquer the decks of the best local IndieRock Club and battle the DJ(-friend) there.

Incidentally this will happen again on friday. So if you're around, come to Fieber-Tanzparty at AMP in Munster, Germany and watch me spin 7"es of stuff from These New Puritans to the Ting Tings, from the Kills to the Rapture and so on...

Hey, and at least I had the chance to do a remix for one of my, and even more important, my girlfriend's favourite bands: Foals. Unfortunatley (part1) it's not gonna be released on vinyl. Unfortunately (part2) it's not one of their stronger songs. But this shouldn't be taken as an excuse or a complaint.

I'd do remixes for an even weaker new the Strokes, Franz Ferdinand or Depeche Mode tune. So dear label of those bands i'm so passionately talking about: just call me up, drop me an email plus throw a little bit of money at me and I'll be on the job in no time...

Foals - Electric Ballroom (MALENTE Remix)




Pat Drops Noize hat gesagt…

I already heard it a few days ago and it's great - I love it!

Hope you come again soon to Frankfurt!


MALENTE hat gesagt…

me too ... nothing set yet though. will be on my myspace if.