Crookers & Boy 8-bit - The Crow (MALENTE Re-Edit)

I feel sorry for Proxy. I mean he just released his "Dancing In The Dark" twelve inch on Turbo and that's all nice, but his hit record to come is called "The Raven" and it is not yet out. What makes me feel sorry is that since some weeks you can find a poor radiorip of this gigantic tune on the net. This has been cut out of an Erol Alkan DJ-set broadcasted by Radio Brussels. The sound is not good at all and even worse is that you can hear the crowd cheering in the breakdown. Anyway, the two most shocking things about this are, that some blogs really post this radiorip without stating (or maybe even recognizing) it is one and - far worse - that there are "DJs" out there that play this version out (to people in a club!)

This must be more than a nightmare for the artist. People can't buy your record or download it, the tune is getting old and it is played in a very low quality on some retarded "new rave parties". Well it would be a nightmare for me. But as if this was not enough, Proxy himself uses his own unreleased hit as basis for a Moby Remix, thus speeding up the tune's aging process. Well, though to me all this looks like a desaster, I haven't given up hope that it is just guerilla marketing. At least the original "Raven" in a good resolution hasn't leaked.

In the meantime two of my favourite producers Crookers and Boy 8-bit team up for a "Raven" inspired tune, coverversion or is it an official remix? Who knows. They call it "The Crow" and my Re-Edit is essential to every DJ set from now on till you can buy Proxy's original. This is one of the moments you can be proud of yourself for visiting Berlin Battery and my Re-Edit post regularily.

Crookers & Boy 8-bit - The Crow (MALENTE Re-Edit).mp3



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