Diskokaine - Rimini (Christopher Just Rmx)

Diskokaine is a real funny guy. I think its the person I meet the most at all those hip places in New York, Barcelona or Berlin.
Hes also that dude that is always hanging around with the most prettiest girls in town. No lie.
Here is a picture of him that I made when I was in New York. I still remember how he tried to help me buying an I-Phone. Actually my credit card was fucked up and we were always thinking of different solutions how to get money. However, we didnt make it. Besides that, I know how he said to me. "Okay, I am gonna go over to Christopher Just now". Probably this was around that time when the Remix for "Rimini" happened. This tunes is already one of my essentials in my Dj-set. Here you go for another Gomma-Post.....Best label in germany for quality music since a long time!
Diskokaine - Rimini (Christopher Just Rmx)


Like every season the Round Table Knights from Switzerland just sent us the new summer-mixtape for you. It's really special, no electro or dance beats, simply good music to listen to. I think it's the best if they describe in their own words how it sounds this time: "Summer is here and you know what this means. Yes, a new Round Table Knights mix is done and online. We don't know what all of you are doing at this time of the year, but we enjoy most of our free summer nights sitting on our balcony while listening to some music. This is what this mix is all about. No club tracks, no heavy basses, no distorted syntheseizers......just some songs for quiet summer evenings." Very nice!


Brian Wilson - Our Prayer
Fleet Foxes - Heard Them String
Yann Tiersen - 1976
Atlas Sound - Bite Marks
No Age - Eraser
Radio Dept. Radio - It's Been Eight Years
Para One - Sunless
Yeasayer - Wait For The Summer
Polyphonic Spree - It's The Sun
John Lennon - Oh Yoko
The Ruby Suns - Tane Mahuta
The Broken Hearts - Black Cat
Jean-Michel Bernard - Gènèrique Stèphane
Spiritualized - Harmony 3
Paul Guiot & Paul Piot - Amour, Vacances Et Baroque
Jade - Well
Iron & Wine - Carousel
Sufjan Stevens - Decatur, Or, Round Of Applause Your Stepmother!
Avett Brothers - Colorshow



Metronomy - Radio Ladio

You should check out the remix of Diskjokke from Metronomys new single "Heartbreaker".
I love it. My girlfriend loves it too. But before that, you watch this video here.

LE KNIGHT CLUB - Holiday On Ice

Do you remember Crydamoure? Crydamoure was the label of Guy Manuel De Homen Christo, one half of Daft Punk, founded in 1997. Le Knight Club was (or still is) a project together with his brother Eric Chedeville and the 12" Santa Claus/Holiday On Ice was catalouge No.1. He uses his label for all kinds of electronic dance-music apart from the typical Daft Punk sound. This track was one of my favourite warm up tracks for years and i still play it from time to time. Rough but cheesy...

LE KNIGHT CLUB - Holiday On Ice.mp3

MUNK - The Knights Of Heliopolis

News from our favourite label GOMMA from Munich: Munk released their second album "Cloudbuster". After the big disco-smasher Live Fast Die Old, this one is a bit more - well, let's say "strange"...I'm really curious how the rest of the record will sound...


Die Fantastischen Vier - Einfach Sein (MALENTE Remix)

I’m ill. No joke. I’ve been ill since last monday and decided to party the pain away this weekend, but that didn’t work. On the contrary. Fever and sleeping all sunday and monday were the result and even today I’ll go to bed early. Nonetheless here’s my weekly post. This time with a remix I made a little over a year ago for Germany’s best known HipHop act Die Fantastischen Vier. They never released it, so this is a Berlin Battery exclusive. You should buy their first album „Jetzt Geht’s Ab“ if you haven’t got it already. It’s from 1991 and after Falco’s works the first German HipHop album plus pure fun.

Die Fantastischen Vier - Einfach Sein (MALENTE Remix)




DJ Supermarkt at FIB Benicassim 2008

It's actually hard to describe the last weekend and i did not get it yet completly, for sure. will take some time. It's a big feeling to play in front of a crowd of people, where you can not see the end of it... and they all go mental! watch this film. there are more on youtube. i got a bit scared when i saw the size of the crowd on the film... luckily only after deejaying.
FIB BENICASSIM, FIBER MADRID and the Berlinbattery stage at MELT all have been really really special, so thanks to everybody that rocked with us!

here is THE!!!!!! track of my weekend. My neighbours Mr. & Mrs Cameron gave it to me. i hope they don't mind me posting it. It's a remix/bootie/whatever from "Just can't get enough" by Depeche Mode. Sounds a bit odd? that's what i thought too in the beginning... but wait till you hear it! or even better, wait till you see what happens when you play it!!!!! Explosion guaranteed (you can see what was happening in benicassim when i played it. on youtube...)

>>>Depeche Mode - I just can't get enough (remixbomb).mp3

Shir Khan, Supermarkt, Jack Tennis@Melt!Festival2008

The Berlin Battery Tent was on Fire at Melt!Festival.....what a lovely festival...though me an Supermarkt nearly missed everything since Supermarkt conquered the Spanish Festivals and I was at a wedding in England....but we kicked it last minute on Sunday closing down the Festival how it should be done. Cant wait for next year. We just found this on Youtube.
Actually the time schedule got a quite confused..but who cares.


Pase Rock - Get Money Kids (MALENTE Re-Dub II)

Chicago House, Acid House, Hip House... they're back no doubt. And I'm already bored by this poor attempt of an introduction... This isn't how this post is gonna end (hopefully). Let me be honest with you. As I don't earn anything doing this, my weekly post should at least be no time consuming obligation. At best it should be fun. I'm sitting in Calgary airport now, waiting for my plane back to Frankfurt. It's been a great little tour and now's just the perfect time to write. Stupid thing is, that I don't have any idea about what. I need a topic that doesn't bore me to death. I seem to have the choice between the Dollar, the History of House Music and Pase Rock. Hm, he's in Spank Rock and... ? I don't know much about Pase Rock, but me and him we go way back. And writing about our personal relationship will be fun for me. That's for sure. So Pase Rock it is.

So here's my rather unimportat "pseudo-jetset" and "semi-in touch with the stars" stuff. I remember meeting Pasey Pase* briefly in Miami a year and a half ago. We had dinner with the Smalltown DJs and some friends of them. Can you call it "meeting somebody" when you have dinner with that person amongst others, but only introduce yourselft to her/him and nothing more? I have no clue, but I guess rather not. So I might not have met him.

But then, beginning of 2008 I played a festival with Spank Rock in Australia. It took me a while to recognize Pase I must admit, so I didn't say "Hi" or something. Also because it would have been too late. You can't just go to somebody and tell them "Hi Pasey Pase, I had dinner with you and ten other guys in Miami, March 2007". Especially after you've been around that person for some minutes already. Okay, maybe you can. But I decided not to do that. There's a 0.9 percent chance he had the same thoughts and a 99.1% chance he didn't recognize me at all (and will never). That's how Pase Rock's and my story goes. That's how far we go back. How tight we are...

That DJ of Spank Rock though is a funny guy. Hm, they have two djs right? Well, I just talked to one of them. I forgot his name. He was pretty funny.

Enough of this weeks insider talk. I'll end this exciting post with giving you two Re-Dubs of Pase Rock's latest frenzy and a poor paparazzi shot of mine. You earned it. Hey. You still awake?

After "Field Day" (that great Australian Festival I mentioned earlier) we did a little boat trip - artists and promoters only. That's where I took this photo. If you look close enough you can see Chromeo and some members of Spank Rock (including Pase Rock far left). Feadz is drunk and sunburned and not in the picture. Go myspace, go! And buy my head off. Brain is on out, so no danger at all.

* In the money tune he says "They call me Pasey Pase" So I'm just being them. Hope that's fine.

Pase Rock - Get Money Kids (MALENTE Re-Dub I)
Pase Rock - Get Money Kids (MALENTE Re-Dub II)



BEN MONO´s music dropbox

ez out there.

i am always running out of nice and fresh stuff during my sets.
so if you got sumtin´ that might fit, please don´t hesitate and upload it here.

Send me your track

appreciated and have a pleasant weekend ya´all.




catch us here this weekend. It's going to be fun:

DJ Supermarkt:
17.07. ESP-FIB Benicassim Festival
(opening night with Sigur Ros, Nada Surf, Lightspeed Champion, Black Lips, These New Puritans etc..)

19.07. ESP-Madrid, Saturday Night FIBER
(with Morrissey, My Bloody valentine, Hot Chip, Babyshambles, Rumble Strips, Mika etc...)

21.07. Berlin, weekend
(Rooftop Rendezvous with Masha Qrella, Norman Palm und Jim Avignon aka Neoangin)

20.07. Graefenhainichen, Melt Festival
(berlinbattery package Shir Khan, Jack Tennis, Dj Supermarkt & friends finishing the festival in style)


what a night!!! berlinbattery party @ picknick last saturday

What a party!!! Thanks for everybody that helped make this night as "fucking amazing" (sorry) as it was!

(here you can find tons of fotos and even live-music snippets of the night)

Malente&Dex - Hyperactive (EXPLOITED-Trailer)

What can I say! This stuff here is the bomb. Berlin Battery member Malente teams up with Dex aka Daniel Dexter to drop some dirty warehouse style. Already heavily supported by the whole Institubes-Gang. Comes with remixes from Surkins partner Bobmo, Dirty Birds Riva Starr who teamed up with London Grime Mcs Jammer&Frisco (thanks to Dirty Canvas for hooking up) and Austins most freshed remixer Bird Peterson. The record comes out on EXPLOITED in August 18th. The mp3s are already available on Beatport, Juno and I-Tunes.





Crookers & Boy 8-bit - The Crow (MALENTE Re-Edit)

I feel sorry for Proxy. I mean he just released his "Dancing In The Dark" twelve inch on Turbo and that's all nice, but his hit record to come is called "The Raven" and it is not yet out. What makes me feel sorry is that since some weeks you can find a poor radiorip of this gigantic tune on the net. This has been cut out of an Erol Alkan DJ-set broadcasted by Radio Brussels. The sound is not good at all and even worse is that you can hear the crowd cheering in the breakdown. Anyway, the two most shocking things about this are, that some blogs really post this radiorip without stating (or maybe even recognizing) it is one and - far worse - that there are "DJs" out there that play this version out (to people in a club!)

This must be more than a nightmare for the artist. People can't buy your record or download it, the tune is getting old and it is played in a very low quality on some retarded "new rave parties". Well it would be a nightmare for me. But as if this was not enough, Proxy himself uses his own unreleased hit as basis for a Moby Remix, thus speeding up the tune's aging process. Well, though to me all this looks like a desaster, I haven't given up hope that it is just guerilla marketing. At least the original "Raven" in a good resolution hasn't leaked.

In the meantime two of my favourite producers Crookers and Boy 8-bit team up for a "Raven" inspired tune, coverversion or is it an official remix? Who knows. They call it "The Crow" and my Re-Edit is essential to every DJ set from now on till you can buy Proxy's original. This is one of the moments you can be proud of yourself for visiting Berlin Battery and my Re-Edit post regularily.

Crookers & Boy 8-bit - The Crow (MALENTE Re-Edit).mp3



THE STRIKE BOYS: new banging remix for Näd Mika!

Nuernberg's favorite producers, djs and remixers THE STRIKE BOYS have done it again! Check out their remix for German Electro-Act Näd Mika, which is a funky banger in the style of Fake Blood, Boy 8 Bit etc.. with it's broken beat and this wild bassline. Well, maybe you should know that the Strike Boys did that Breakbeat/Rave influenced sound already way back in the Nineties, when they released their amazing first 12 Inch "The Rhyme" on Wall Of Sound. Check it out! It stills works well today!

(mp3 taken out for copyright reasons/problems of the artist Näd Mika...)




We got Findlay Browns great "Promised Land" cover yesterday via Buffet Libre. It is part of a project called "Rewind. The 80's cover project" that features many different acts from rock to electro, from the likes of The Toxic Avenger and Moulinex to Oh Snap!! and Passions, but this one is my favorite. 
The original "The Promised Land" was written by Joe Smooth feat. vocals by Anthony Thomas and became a house music classic. After it's release in 1987 one of the UKs most prolific songwriters - Paul Weller, rated the song highly enough to release (only two years later) his own cover version with The Style Council. Listen to this extraordinary versions and watch the video if you want to know more about a great moment in house music: 

FINDLAY BROWN - Promised Land.mp3

THE STYLE COUNCIL - The Promised Land (Pianopella Version).mp3

(if you are in a hurry: they talk about the song at 2:47min. But don't miss Marshall Jefferson a few minutes before: "...the summer of love!" Great!!!)


BEN MONO in the mix on Samurai FM.

A new mix just been posted by Samurai FM.
Brandnew and good for you.


Throbbing Gristle - What A Day
Ben Mono feat Jemeni - Jesus Was A B-Boy (Shir Khan Mix)
Jason Toddfeat MC 2020 - 1-2-3
When Saints Go Machine - You Should Be Someone Else (Ben Mono MIx)
Munk - Down In L.A.
Ting Tings - Great DJ (Calvin Harris Remix)
Ladyhawke - Paris Is Burning (Cut Copy Remix)
KId Sister - Pro Nails (Tepr Remix)
Whitey - A Walk In The Dark
Discodeine - Joystick (Tomboy Remix)
Golden Bug - Bisco Punk
Metronomy - Holiday
Daz ft. Too Short - It Might Sound Crazy (Cursa Bitch Slap Remix)
Hostage - Snake Charmer
Estelle - American Boy (Nadastrom Remix)
Vivek - If We Were Talking (Ben Mono Remix)
Moulinex - Futurecop
Puzique - Don´t Go
MIA - Bucky Done Gun (Billion Dollar DJs Remix for Kicks)
Rusko - Cogney Thug
The Kills - U R A Fever (JazzstePpa Remix)




Machines Don't Care - On A Roll Man (MALENTE Re-Edit)

As you might have noticed I always make an effort to find the right picture for my weekly post. For my take on Machines Don't Care I found some great machines not caring at all. Above is a pic I think fits the best to the track I re-edited. Just cross the "On A" out. Then you're left with "Roll Man". And that's the thing to do after using the machine.

The other machines I discovered are as essential as for your future life, so I decided to introduce you to some more machines rather than to write something about the Machnies Don't Care project. As a proper music nerd you should know the story anyway.

The machines are pretty much self-explanatory, so this week not too many words.

Machines Don't Care - On A Roll Man (MALENTE Re-Edit).mp3

If this is not enough machines for you visit the pages below.


GAMEBOY/GAMEGIRL @ Picknick/Berlin

Our "Australian summer" continues next saturday (july 12th) with a show by Gameboy/Gamegirl in Berlin's Picknick Club.
For those of you, who missed SOFT TIGERS at our last party: they were absolutely amazing. For those of you, who were there: yes, sorry, they missed the flights and couldn't play...! (got it?)
We posted this video of "Sweaty Wet Dirty Damp" already ages ago, but for those of you that haven't followed us from the start (shame on you), here it is again. I simply love it, and i guess it represents perfectly the vibe, that is going to explode on stage on saturday!

here is another "HIT" called "Disco House" (Gameboy/Gamegirl are one of these bands that only have HITS. They do not release other songs below that standard!)

>>>GAMEBOY/GAMEGIRL - Disco House.mp3


We are really happy to have Berlin's finest DJ & producer HUNEE with us on that same party, together with companion FINN JOHANNSEN. If the wheather is good, they will pamper the outside area of the Picknick Club with their special Disco-Sound.
HUNNE is signed to INTERNASJONAL RECORDS, the label of Prins Thomas! One of the most talented guys in Berlin at the moment, we bb's think!




Dj-mix from Viennas turntable-champ DJ BEWARE who hosts a great radioshow at FM4 by the way.
You should also check out the Dj-Battleweapon of him, Sandrinho and Daniel Haaksman. The first Battle-Record in Baile Funk ever. All the essential beats, scratches and sounds....good for Baile-Juggling ect........
and because we are heating it up here for the Melt!Festival and Man Recordings is hosting an own tent with Sinden, Herve, Crookers, Edu K, Bonde do Role, Beware, Say Hoo!, Deize Tigrona, Mc Gringo - we gonna give you this exclusive Dj-Mix here:

1. Intro
2. DJ Edgar "Boxe vs. Axel F"
3. Veronica Costa vs. Switch vs. Fatboy Slim "Dece Glamourosa Champion Sound - Edu K Mashup"
4. Daniel Haaksman feat. SD Boys "Parolar De Veso"
5. Crookers "Il Brutto"
6. Mark Ronson "Valerie - Count + Sinden Mix vs. DJ Conhecido - Edu K Mashup"
7. Stereotyp feat. Edu K + Joyce Muniz "Jeçe Valadão - Rob B/Stereo MCs Edit"
8. Buraka Som Sistema "Yah - Count+Sinden Remix"
9. DJ Sandrinho "Yazoo Medley"
10. Crookers "Lollypop/Crookers "Sveglia - Oh Snap Remix"
11. DJ Beware + MC Gringo "Tamborzão Con Scratchy"
12. Skream "Midnight Request Line Remix - Scottie B Remix"
13. Deize Tigrona "Injeção"
14. Bonde Do Role "Marina Gasolina Remix Buraka Som Sistema Dub"
15. DJ Znobia "Dandale"

RITON - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

Are you into Krautrock? Have you made your homework in pop-musicology? If not listen to this amazing mixtape with german only music from Riton. It is a kind of teaser for his next release called "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" (Modular Rec.) and the sound of this mix seems to be the blueprint for it...

You can download the mix (zip file) here:

RITON - Eine Kleine Nachtmusik

eroc - zimperlein
edgar froese - pinnacles
intence - jump on velvet paws
kraftwerk - boing boom tschak
kraftwerk - neonlicht
tone band - this is germany calling
toy planet - two dophins go dancing
faust - its a rainy day, sunshine girl
guru guru - globetrotter
conrad schnitzler- das tier
peter bauman - the third state
cluster - caramel
cluster - grosses vasses
holger czukay - on the way to the peak of normal
die grüne reise - ich bin
baffo banfi - indian
rheingold- dreiklangsdimensionen
canaxis 5 - boat woman song
amon düül -
überfällig - puls
neu - hallogallo
eloy - impressions
holger czukay - persian love
tangerine dream - love on a real train
segius golowin - die weibe aim

LOUIE AUSTEN - Too Good Too Last

Louie Austen is a hard working man. After his little journey into latin moods ("Reality" together with Senior Coconut) and a cameo as a gambler in the Oscar-winning movie "The Counterfeiters", he is going to release some wonderful popmusic on the Austia imprint "Klein Records". The six songs on the "Too Good Too Last" EP were written and produced by Vredeber "Commercial Breakup" Albrecht (and partially by Tobias "Jack Tennis" Schwermann) and Louie is crooning as Frank Sinatra never happened. Have a listen:

LOUIE AUSTEN - Too Good Too Last.mp3

B.t.w.: Do you know that he is still working on his Tennis carreer? Without question that he wanted to work with Jack Tennis...


Acid Jacks - Mookie (T-Rek's Mashup / MALENTE Re-Edit)

The original "Mookie" is from Melbourne's Acid Jacks. That tune has been mashed up with Alter Ego's Fuckingham Palace by another Melbourne DJ named T-Rek. He also did a proper T-Rek remix for Mookie, but his mash up is better. It has never been released and I never saw it posted anywhere either, so again: exclusive (how boring). My Re-Edit tries to give it more structure and shortens it down to a size where you can play it out without being annoyed by the retardedness of the track. Well, it tries to. You should judge on that yourself.

Acid Jacks by the way are too mates who remix/remixed everything that mooves from Goose to Lars Moston to Saint Pauli to Cazals. Lately they started using the names Metalzone and Jackmaster for remixes too to cover up their tracks. Don't let them fool you. If you never heard of Acid Jacks before shame on you. Check out their fabulous "Awake since '78" on Tommie Sunshine's label or/and the mindblowing "Auto Riot" they prodcued with Boy 8-Bit under the name of Full Mental Slackers. You can find "Auto Riot" only on my WHOW 2CD, cause it hasn't been properly released still. Another good reason to give me your money.

At last something totally unrelated. But I have to say thanks to everybody who came out to Fusion Festival last weekend to see me play at Seebühne. You were amazing! Hope you did not miss Shir Khan and Saint Pauli later on. They rocked it. Yuksek live was blowing me away too. Shame that I did not manage to check out Toxic Avenger and Riva Starr. If you've never been to Fusion Festival you'll have to go next year. No corporate shit, no stupid security, bring your own drinks/food - just great people and MUSIC. I have been missing DJ Supermakt, Lars Moston and the Acidkids this year though. Somebody forgot to invite them. Hope the whole family gets to play there in 2009.

Acid Jacks - Mookie (T-Rek's Mashup / MALENTE Re-Edit).mp3

buy my stupid record: malente - whow 2cd

JAMES PANTS - We're through (video & mp3)

You have to love this guy. This is really fresh, not too serious and totally artistically unique, somewhere between Rap, Soul, Funk, 80s Electro, DIY and Punk attitude. He is signed to STONES THROW, the hippest and maddest HipHop label on earth (J-Dilla, Madlib, Peanut Butter Wolf...).
JAMES PANTS is from Spokane near Washington. He started playing drums and marching in bands. Then he bought cheap turntables and learned to scratch with Steppenwolf records. James Pants' turntables skipped so much that he lost many battles and was never a good DJ. Then James Pants started playing Showbiz and AG, but no one liked his rap, and he was never paid. Then James Pants started playing Cameo and his drums again and people danced a little. Now James Pants plays his new album "WELCOME" and a few girls like it. "Mystical and enchanting," is what people in Spokane say about it. Teenagers at the park like to dance and make-out to the new James Pants sound. "What a kaleidoscope," said one lady with her dog. "I can feel the universe pulse."

You should check this out. And i can truely recommend his complete album "Welcome", which is full of little surprises, instrumental sketches, soulfull songs etc...

>>>JAMES PANTS - We're through.mp3