Philipe De Boyar - Soulfreaka (MALENTE Re-Edit)

When I was searching for a photo that fits this track I didnt find anything. So what is a soulfreaka? Must be some ghost that freaks the soul of people out and, as we also learn from that track, shakes the body of the person affected. From the lack of photos, drawings or ilustrations I deduct that this ghost is invisible. Hard to say much more about it as in the track the only lyrical component is: "Your Soulfreaka, your bodyshaker". Well, good thing for the artist Philipe de Boyar is, that it doesn't seem to be his soulfreaka. It clearly says: "Your soulfreaka". Maybe his girlfriend has been possessed by such a rare creature when he wrote this song last year.

But what is even more interesting to me is the question: "Did Philipe, who makes his main income by working for Coca Cola, get free tickets to the European Football Championchip?" The company sponsors this, don't they? And Philipe is living in Switzerland. So if he got tickets, why didn't I get any? Why???

Hm, at least he did a great Remix and Dub for a tune I worte with my Canadian Crew (Smalltown DJs, Neighbour, Lady Precise of Stinkmitt). So I should be thankful. Yes I Am thankful. Indeed I am. That tune "Waking Up" is gonna be on a strictly limited 12" amongst rare stuff by other artist, who play at Shambhala Music Festival in the Canadian moutains this year.

If checking out is one of your sparetime activities, check out myspaces of Shambhala, Philipe De Boyar, Smalltown DJs, Neighbour, Stinkmitt and buy my records, now!

Philipe De Boyar - Soulfreaka (MALENTE Re-Edit)



Anonym hat gesagt…

Thany for the great tune!
I´m lookin forward to a nice album...

Philipe hat gesagt…

..."Did Philipe, ..., get free tickets to the European Football Championchip?"

>>>>> to be honest ..........
.......YESSSS !!!!!!! :))))

Johnny Douche hat gesagt…

If Malente and Philipe had a baby boy I would totally be gay for him. These 2 guys fucking rock!