Chris Robix - Brooklyn Queen (Sebastién Léger RMX / MALENTE RE-EDIT)

This week my post is dedicated to all the people for whom Black Jack is not primarily a card game, but something rather French. The music nerd knows: Black Jack end of the 90s beginning of 2000 has been the Ed Banger of today. A hyped up record label from France that put out a lot of groundbraking music before it faded away. In a way they were also the Dubsided or Fool's Gold of that time, because they released a lot of stuff with uncleared samples from Michael Jackson to Abba. The clubmusic format of these days was French House not New Rave though and the leading forces of Black Jack were Superfunk's Fafa Monteco and Mike 303.

First release on Black Jack was Deaf 'N Dumb Crew's picture 10" "Champagne Party". When I remember that right it was basically a loop of one of Chic's greatest hits. Part of the Crew with these outstanding traits of character was no other than Sebastién Léger. In his French House phase Léger for me within the boundaries of French House developed a trademark raw and direct drumsound. I'm still crying over the loss of "You can't hide from your beats" in some shady club in Köln. That 12" featured drumtracks from some of Légers tracks including an "Apache" Rework. He chops up the "Apache"-drumsample and combines it with his drumprogramming. Somebody post this please if you find it in your collection! (And let me know). When you listen to my Re-Edit of Léger's "Brookly Queen" Remix from the year 2000 it'll give you a rough idea what i'm talikng about drumwise.

And Sebastién Léger today? Well I guess everybody knows what he does now, if not go to the beatport electro charts. Everything that is not Cirez D or Deadmou5 is by Léger ;) He for sure earned his success and still releases some great productions (from time to time). Before this ends up being a speach for a lifetime achievement award I better finish. Check the encore. A second Re-Edit I did to let those of you who don't use Beatprot see where Léger is now. And please buy all Duran Duran records on vinyl!

Chris Robix - Brooklyn Queen (Sebastién Léger RMX / MALENTE RE-EDIT)

Duran Duran - Falling Down (Sebastién Léger RMX / MALENTE RE-EDIT)



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