Erol Alkan in Berlin (Melt klub)

Fusion-Festival was great again! Hung around some time with Malente and saw some nice Djs. The bad thing - I lost my mobile and my funky sunglasses. But the party dont stop - 2morrow I am warming up for 2Many Djs at Bla in Oslo. That club is the residence club of Todd Terje and Prince Thomas and it holds a maximum capacity of 300 people. With 2 Many Djs thats gonna be crazy!!! And - last but not least.....after a very long time ( I remember Erol Alkan playing with James Murphy at Rio Club ) Erol comes back to Berlin. A bit of a warm-up for the Melt!Festival and also a bit of a legend in town. Nuff said. Be there - or be square and watch out for Erol Alkan in my radioshow next tuesday. Peace.

CUT COPY - HEARTS ON FIRE (Calvin Harris remiix dubbed by Ben Mono

For those that prefer a non vocal version of that superb remix.
Here you go dudes and dudettes.



A lot of news from our (and blogs-world) friend Sirius Mo: after his 12" on Shir Khans "Exploited" Label, the "Diskoding" EP on Boys Noize Rec. and a couple of remixes for Modeselektor, Yelle or Ben Mono, he's going to release new stuff.  Watch out for an EP together with his cute sidekick Dana (as Sirius Mo & Dana) and a remix for Berlins HipHop weirdo Sido (sic!).
The tracks that i've posted are from his first release back in 2000 on Mad Benton Rec., a small berlin based label. I think the 12" is sold out (or hard to find), so get these 2 funky nuggets here:


Bugati Force - Juke this dirty mother

Bugati Force is the new supergroup from Berlin: Droopy Goldberg, Spänk and Cashmaster Diamond. They have already been killing it in Hamburg at Übel&Gefährlich with Boy 8 Bit (Mad Decent) and at our Berlin Battery Party at Picknick. Go catch them at the Splash!Festival together with the Cool Kids. EXPLOITED has put out a very very limited 7inch of Bugati Force's Edits. Make sure you grab it at Juno. Already supported by Stereo Mcs, Edu K, Daniel Haaksman, Sick Girls and many more!

Get Bugati Force Edits@Juno

Bugati Force - Juke this dirty mother



maybe you already heard about this one. In case not, this is a fun story...
I like these stories/rumours/fake tales: Buh, the big COLDPLAYs are cheating and stealing from bands that nobody has ever heard of. Buh!
Check out the video (with the story included) and be your own Sherlock Holmes in finding out the truth about this mystery... (or just forget about it and go to the next topic...)
If this is not true (a fake) than this is a really cool way for unknown bands to make people listen to your music and go to your website (as you are doing any moment now... aren't you?)

How about this? The truth is: Coldplay never existed. Never did! They were invented by a desperate band called The Creaky Boards to finally make it under a new name...?



Stricken City - Tak o Tak

ACTH Recordings is a sweet little label from London. Adventures Close to Home have been putting out music from Holy Hail and Free Blood. The latest offering: Striken City.
Striken City's debut will be released 28th July on limited 7" by ACTH Recordings.
See their video of "Tak o Tak".

Hostage - Blockhead (MALENTE Re-Edit)

Hostage has got his first ever appearance in Germany / Berlin this saturday. Be there. And read this. I know it's long, but it's worth reading, no joke.

His tunes are all over the blogs and all over the blogs only. Hostage records, Hostage releases? Nope. Working his ass off during the week for some corporation Alan gives his music away for free: "Mash up the speaker", "Roll on", "Snake Charmer". Honestly, if I produced these tunes I would have tried to sell them. These tunes are great and better than 99% of the stuff pressed on vinyl last month. So why not sell them? I had to ask him and this is what he says:

"There are many factors which mean that I give tracks away for free. I am very busy with a 9-5 day job, and I cannot, and do not want to dedicate my spare time to dealing with releases. I've done this before, it's boring and labourious. There's very little financial incentive for me to do it either. Any money I make from music I feel I should make by my shows where I can play the music I have given away, often for free, out to the people, who will perhaps have therefore heard it and be familair with it more often because it was free, and if they like it and want to offer money for this music they can do so in the way of turning up and dancing to it: afterall that's what it's designed for! I often find that the kind of music I write is very time senstive too in terms of current trends, I'm not writing timeless classics, I'm writing dancefloor zeitgheists which are primarily for my DJ sets which when I'm done playing them, or want others to play them too, give them away.

If I was to wait for them to be released by normal channels I fear they would become stale and dated by the time all the buggering about that is involved with a release takes.
Maybe I don't value my music enough, maybe so much of it often contains a sample that in order to obtain sample clearance would be such a hassle that it's not worth releasing it through the normal channels. I am much more into playing shows! Finally, and this is a bit of a strange one but I'd be a total hyprocite if I was to demand payment for all my tunes as to be honest I get a fair amount of the music I listen to either free or illegally. Therefore this is my personal justification and a way of purifying my soul of all piracy sins. :P

But: I'll now go on to be a hypocritical hyprocrite as I do have some proper releases as I have been advised that for me to be taken seriously as a proper artist it is important to have proper releases: Depending on which way the wind is blowing I sometimes agree and disagree with this, however at the moment I have a remix out on SIC records. It's a remix of Da Bleep by 2's Company and it's available on Juno and many other international record shops on 12". Forthcoming I also have my remix of Tommie Sunshine's "Limit of your Mind" which will be released very shortly on Alphabet City and a remix of On Snap!! "High Top Fade" which will be released on Sweat it out Records (Australia). Full details of this forthcoming releases are on my blog on my myspace as the most recent entry.

Also forthcoming is my remix of The Japaneese Popstars "Rise of Ulysees" which will be released on Gung Ho! Records.
Lastly, Roccodisco #1 should be out sometime soon, but I've been saying that for a long time now, but it's been mastered and the 4 track sampler is ready to go, but I know the Roccoboys are having trouble with distribution. It's an area I know not much about but...hold tight.. It should also be noted thatI had my first 12" single out 10 years ago and it sold 1600 copies, but it's a track I'd rather forget about!!"

I'd say forget the last chapter about his forthcoming releases, because after reading all this you know you will have to support this man at one of his shows. That's what you owe him for downloading all his stuff. And your sweat on the dancefloor will be the currency you pay him in. So don't be a blockhead this weekend. It's party mayhem as there's the Berlin Battery Party at Picknick this Friday and:

On Saturday you should witness the first ever appearance of scotsman Hostage in Germany at Birthday Party (Maria). For all those who still think they don't owe Hostage nothing, I'll post a brand new tune by the man in an exclusive Re-Edit I've done today. Free of charge, but everybody who downloads this will have to support Hostage this saturday. If you can't make it to Maria in Berlin on saturday this track is not for you! All about Hostage and the Birthday Party line up this saturday here:



Hostage - Blockhead (MALENTE Re-Edit).mp3


FATBOY SLIM aka THE BRIGHTON PORT AUTHORITY - The Toe Jam feat. David Byrne and Dizzee Rascal (video)

The Man is back. And what a great video. This is Censorship gone wrong (or right, or left...) I especially like the scene with the vintage Video-tennis-Game. Watch it, it has a lot of NUDITY!!!!
Oh, and the music is not bad either. It is sooo Fatboy Slim! The song has this Carribean feel that i really like, and of course David Byrne's (Talking Heads) voice fits perfect to that vibe. And when Dizzee starts rapping the song really gets going. I have to admit i always liked Norman Cook (...how uncool is that nowadays). His early music as Fatboy Slim (especially his first album) really influenced my way of "Punk"-deejaying party style. So thanks Norman!
BPA is his newest alias (Brighton Port Authority). There will be more this summer.

And here is DIZEE RASCAL'S new single "Dance wiv me", because it is a nice disco-electro-rap-pop song. Wonder why? Well, it's featuring the voice (and sound) of man of the moment Calvin Harris. Another example of Hip Hop embracing Electro more and more, which will be the next big thing, promised (if you like it or not..., i am not sure, actually!)

>>>DIZZEE RASCAL - Dance wiv me (feat. CALVIN HARRIS).mp3


THE GOSSIP - Skanking in the way of control (NICEUP! Ska/Reggae Bootie)

NICEUP! are a bunch of Londoners, who throw parties and release some party-bootleg 7-inches from time to time, that are always of the highest quality. First one i bought was a crazy mashup with the vocals of "Multiply" by Jamie Lidell on top of some Ska/Rocksteady/reggae version, which sounds like a nightmare come true, but worked amazingly well. Together with J-Star they are not only the earliest but definetly the top Reggae bootleggers.
This time they blended the vocals of GOSSIP'S "Standing in the way of control" on a Ska/Reggae instrumental and - again - it works so great!
You can still buy this rare 7 Inch at Juno Records and piccadilly. Do it quick, before it's gone forever.
(I had to use this picture of Beth Ditto/The Gossip, used for the NME cover. To me one of the most remarkable Rock-portraits of the last 20 years.)

>>>THE GOSSIP - Skanking in the way of control (NICEUP! bootie).mp3


The Pop Group - We are all prostitutes

The reason for this post is quite simple: Mark Stewart and the Maffia are playing at Maria tomorrow. Its their only german gig.
Mark Stewart has been the mastermind of the Pop Group - the very influential Bristol Post-Punk-Funk-Band.
"We are all prostitutes" was released in 1980. Its powerfull slogan and the incredible flattering voice of Mark has become the trademark of The Pop Group (actually they already split up in 1981). People like Dj Hell, Carl Craig, Nick Cave or Massive Attack consider this track a piece of music history - and its even more.....Mark and his members of The Pop Group have been very influential for the whole Bristol Sound....Maximum Joy, Rip Rig & Panic, New Age Steppers, The Maffia, Adrian Sherwood....later projects and collaborators of the Pop Group and Mark set it up for bands like Portishead, Tricky, Massive Attack. Tomorrow, Mark Stewart is performing with the Maffia and its original members. The Maffia has been the backing band of The Sugarhill Gang and Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five. Also on the lineup: Angie Reed and a bit of Shir Khan....I think i might be playing a bit of The Bug, Roots Manuva, Liquid Liquid, ESG, Public Enemy and maybe some techno.
EDIT is Mark Stewarts new solo-album....after 12 Years...I think its great! Go, get it and kiss the future!
BTW - on tuesday I have Mark Stewart in my radioshow on FRITZ (www.fritz.de) with an exclusive dj-set. This guy is playing with a minidisc-player and prepared minidiscs.
>>>THE POP GROUP - We are all prostitutes.mp3
And last but not least, see Crookers playing their club-version of "We are all prostitutes" that came out on my label Exploited last year......that remix got so fucking big!:


THE TING TINGS - Shut up and let me go (DJ Supermarkt shredit)

What a great POP song!!! I've been singing this one for days now (no big surprise that this is the song for the new I-Pod). It has been haunting me in my sleep... (which was a bit disturbing). It's really addictive, like all outstanding pop-tunes. It is rough, catchy, has great "fuck off" lyrics and makes you jump! (It's that simple, isn't it?) I had to do this "dj-friendly" extended version (6 minutes) by cutting it in one thousand pieces and glueing it back together again, so i can play it out in clubs better.
UK Duo THE TING TINGS have an album out called "we started nothing" which has at least five great pop tunes on it, so try it out. This is music strictly for the moment, as all great mainsteam pop music should be! I can also highly recommend the CALVIN HARRIS-remix for "Great Dj", another electropop stomper.

>>>THE TING TINGS - Shut up and let me go (DJ Supermarkt shredit).mp3
(this song is most groovy on the original 108 bpm, but you can speed it up yourself, can't you... lazy bastard)




hey Opossums! It's Aussie-time!
Very often in berlin recently you have weekends where from thursday to saturday there are so many partys with djs/bands i want to see, that it's really hard to follow and decide...
Well, tomorrow it is all happening in one party at one place!!!! Thanks a lot!
This is one of the most amazing line-ups i saw in recent years! my two favorite labels of the moment team up once again to shake berlin... The crazy Bumblebeez are playing with Midnight Juggernauts... and the best DJs of the moment (BANG GANG DJS) are playing. I saw them at the last Modular Party in Cookies and they were spectacular... oh, not to forget Riton, who is surrounded by rumours that he formed a new psychedelic supergroup with the brothers Soulwax and Erol...and Jimi Hendrix, God and Maradonna...
So it's quite simple: Better have a good excuse not to be there!


* live:
- MIDNIGHT JUGGERNAUTS (siberia / melbourne / aus)
- BUMBLEBEEZ (modular / aus)

* djs:
- RITON (modular / get physical / uk)
- BANG GANG DEEJAYS (modular / aus)
- MODULAR DEEJAYS (modular / uk)
- KAOS (rong / kitsune / berlin)
- KEANOU RAVES (scala / coop / berlin)

and here is the Trizzy remix of Bumblebeez, because it is one of my favorite Dj-tracks of last year which hasn't left my case until today, because it is really OUTSTANDING!:
>>BUMBLEBEEZ - Dr. Love (Trizzy's Free O.D.B.-remix).mp3

and the Bumblebeez Remix for The SOFT TIGERS, because they will be at our berlinbattery party next week:
>>SOFT TIGERS - Maria (Bumblebeez rmx).mp3



NSM...PSM - Clap your brains off! (Say Hooo! Remix)

Really nice remix we got from Holger aka Say Hooo! (one half of the legendary Le Hammond Inferno) who spends a lot of his time with surfing (actually he lives in Florianopolis,Brazil), producing for Mexican Institute of Sound, remixing and making nice mash-ups (Check out his sweet MGMT-Boot on his myspace).
Now this here is a remix for NSM...PSM. Actually this means NO SOMOS MACHOS - PERO SOMOS MUCHOS! - and as real human beings they just call themselves Kay and Pato.
Guess what - they are from Mexico. Kay is a Dj and performs some vocals with MEXICAN INSTITUTE OF SOUND (thats one of the biggest alternative acts from Mexico).
Both of them, Kay and Pato grew up with cassette mixtape culture, early Chicago House and Big Beat. They are as likely to select Elvis as Daft Punk while performing at all the big indie and dance events in Mexico City. Pato owns a store called Beat Box in Puebla outside of Mexico City that carries clothes, sneakers and Kid Robot style toys; while Kay produces trailers for Mexican produced films. "Clap your brains off" will be on their debut EP releases in a few months.
The "Say Hooo!"-Remix is Holger's brazilian takeover with some dangerous Raconteurs guitar samples bombing into the originals Justice electro noise.
Say Hooo! will be also djing at the Man Recordings-Tent at Melt!Festival alongside Bonde do Role, The Count&Sinden, Crookers and many more. Yeehaa!

Check him out at the MELT Festival.

>>NSM...PSM - Clap your brains off! (Say Hooo! Remix)

>>NSM...PSM - Clap your brains off!


Cobblestone Jazz - Dump Truck

Wow! This tune is so magic. Please dont call it minimal. This is Matthew Johnson at its best. Ready to explode on a mad jazz tip with a heavy subbass that is so warm that everyone just melts away. If I play a bit of a deeper set this is one of my essential tracks. I remember playing it last year at Hive Club in Zürich and the reaction was massive. Yes - of course - this tune isnt new anymore. But i would call COBBLESTONE JAZZ - DUMP TRUCK (WAGON REPAIR) even one of my alltime favourite tracks so far. People just go mental with this one, screaming and asking what the hell of the track this is. I love the moment when the jazzy rhodes solo in the end drops in. A psychedout 8.30 minute trip. When you thought dance music has lost its soul this one sets your heart on fire. One of my essential tunes that works great in my deeper sets. When I heard that Jack Tennis already planned to put this one into his Melt!Minimix for the Melt!-Festival I was a bit sad, cause I wanted to use the same track for my Melt!mix. I have been also doing some edits of this song - using phrases of "Hustler" from SMD. In Fact you can already guess it...this is my personal Melt!Festival-post. Cobblestone Jazz will be performing live at Melt!Festival. Make sure you check it out.

>>Cobblestone Jazz - Dump Truck

Check them out at the MELT Festival.


Shir Khan@Vice Party, Brussel, Recyclart

Gonna be playing Recyclart in Brussel, Belgium on Friday. One of my favourite venues at an Underground station. Its 2 Years Vice Magazine in Belgium-Party. Should be fun.


Philipe De Boyar - Soulfreaka (MALENTE Re-Edit)

When I was searching for a photo that fits this track I didnt find anything. So what is a soulfreaka? Must be some ghost that freaks the soul of people out and, as we also learn from that track, shakes the body of the person affected. From the lack of photos, drawings or ilustrations I deduct that this ghost is invisible. Hard to say much more about it as in the track the only lyrical component is: "Your Soulfreaka, your bodyshaker". Well, good thing for the artist Philipe de Boyar is, that it doesn't seem to be his soulfreaka. It clearly says: "Your soulfreaka". Maybe his girlfriend has been possessed by such a rare creature when he wrote this song last year.

But what is even more interesting to me is the question: "Did Philipe, who makes his main income by working for Coca Cola, get free tickets to the European Football Championchip?" The company sponsors this, don't they? And Philipe is living in Switzerland. So if he got tickets, why didn't I get any? Why???

Hm, at least he did a great Remix and Dub for a tune I worte with my Canadian Crew (Smalltown DJs, Neighbour, Lady Precise of Stinkmitt). So I should be thankful. Yes I Am thankful. Indeed I am. That tune "Waking Up" is gonna be on a strictly limited 12" amongst rare stuff by other artist, who play at Shambhala Music Festival in the Canadian moutains this year.

If checking out is one of your sparetime activities, check out myspaces of Shambhala, Philipe De Boyar, Smalltown DJs, Neighbour, Stinkmitt and buy my records, now!

Philipe De Boyar - Soulfreaka (MALENTE Re-Edit)



Aussie Weirdos SOFT TIGERS are one of the many bands that are coming from Down Under at the moment which really have a feeling for doing relaxed, nerdy dancemusic (see also Bumblebeez, Midnight Juggernauts, Muscles etc...). They sound like Beck (Odelay) mixed with 2008 electro-stuff, but s...l...o...w, which makes sense, as i heard it is quite hot in Australia (in winter, don't even mention the summer). They have an album out right now called "Gospel Ambitions", which is great! Don't miss them on the next berlinbattery party (june 20th) at Picknick club in Berlin. And until then: "lets go out and bring KA--RA--AH--TE--YAY back!"

Also watch their funny video for Hit Single (which is no Hit Single) "ICE CREAM" on youtube, which we posted some month ago...)



THE TEENAGERS - make it happen (video)

New spacey video for The Teenagers' "Make it happen". It's another song in the new music direction, that the three cute frenchies invented (without knowing...): "romantic-artschool-pop-for-kids-that-are-normally-to-cool-for-emotional-songs". I really like them and their music, especially because they are one of these bands, which you either love or hate, which means they take a risk in their music. (i always fall for these bands). For your extra delight i'll include the TEPR remix (check out fellow frenchmen TEPR, they are amazing) for "Love no" which is definetly the best remix around for The Teenagers (the rest sucks big time in my ears, especially when there are more remixes than songs...)

>>THE TEENAGERS - Love No (TEPR rmx).mp3

oh, and here is the shremix again that i did for "Homecoming". Does it suck? is it good? you never know...

>> THE TEENAGERS - Homecoming (dj supermarkt shremix).mp3

Check them out at the MELT Festival. We will!


RQM - Miss Pacman / EXPLOITED Videoteaser

Coming middle july on EXPLOITED: RQM with nice mixes from OLIVER $ (made to play), CHERNOBYL and ACT YO AGE.
Dont know what happened when we uploaded this to Youtube....somehow the level of the sound volume fucked up a bit....anyway - here is an impression of what the record will be like....the pre-release is already available at Beatport.

Toy Selectah Mini-Raverton Mix

This here is an ill dj-mix....not mixingwise, but more stylewise.
Toy Selectah fuses well known tracks into that cumbian-bongo-baile-style.
Thanks to Mad Decent fo this one.

1) Prende la Vela ( INTRO ) / Toto y la Momposina
2) Fancy Footwork ( Toy Selectah Raverton Remix ) / Chromeo
3) Föcki, Föcki Haan / MC Gringo, MC Playboy and DJ Amazing
4) Balkanski Kumbia ( Ft. Ivo Papasov & Yuri Yukanov ) / Uproot Andy
5) Ponchito de Colores ( Toy Selectah Up Tempo Disco ReFix ) / Afrosound
6) RootDown ( Sonido Changorama Remix, Toy Selectah Refix ) / Beastie Boys
7) Hey DJ just Play that Song ( Cumbia Refix ) / Nina Sky vs Dj Or vs Toy Selectah
8) Subete la Mina Faster & Stronger ( Mano vs Toy Selectah vs Calle 13 vs the Punk Daft )
9) Are we your Friend • Tu Veniste a Matarla !!!! ( REFIX ) / Los Simian, Los Justice, Mano & Calle 13
10) Mundo Kerido Dub ( Toy Selectah Up Tempo Refix ) / Dj Negro
11) La Vie ( Mex-More Radio Bemba Refix ) / Manu Chao
12) Tu no Sabe vs Tiro al Blanco Toy Selectah Refix / Diplo vs Afrosound
13) La La Land ( Raverton Remix ) / Greenvelvet vs Toy Selectah
14) La Pelirroja ( Toy Selectah Refix ) / Los Golden Boys
15) My Moon my Man ( Toy Selectah Raverton Remix ) / Boys Noize vs Feist


Shir Khan@Territorios Festival

Just came back from Glasgow, and yes, scottish people rock. Tomorrow I am playing in Sevilla, Spain on the Territorios Festival with Midnight Juggernauts, Kavinsky, VJ Pfadfinderei, Sick Girls and many others.


Gameboy/Gamegirl - Sweaty Wet (Shir Khan Rmx)

So here is my remix for Gameboy/Gamegirl....this is the right version you wont find anywhere else....for now. We have them coming over all the way from Australia in July to our Berlin Battery Party.

Gameboy/Gamegirl - Sweaty Wet (Shir Khan Rmx)


MGMT - Electric feel (video)

Finally. This is my favorite track on their album, which is my favorite album at the moment. Great, psychedelic pop with a lot of funk. Especially on this track! The video shows a hobbit-rave in the dark forests with hippie-painting games and animals singing (maybe it's live from Narnia..).
"Unfortunately" i saw them Live on thursday at the PRIMAVERA FESTIVAL and they killed everything magic on stage. They sounded like an average "Kreuzberger" Hinterhof Rockband, with out the funky edges, crazy electronic sounds... Really disappointing! No MAGIC at all.
Still the album is amazing! (maybe the producer of the album DAVID FRIDMANN is the man, who made these Hippie guys sound that fresh)


Chris Robix - Brooklyn Queen (Sebastién Léger RMX / MALENTE RE-EDIT)

This week my post is dedicated to all the people for whom Black Jack is not primarily a card game, but something rather French. The music nerd knows: Black Jack end of the 90s beginning of 2000 has been the Ed Banger of today. A hyped up record label from France that put out a lot of groundbraking music before it faded away. In a way they were also the Dubsided or Fool's Gold of that time, because they released a lot of stuff with uncleared samples from Michael Jackson to Abba. The clubmusic format of these days was French House not New Rave though and the leading forces of Black Jack were Superfunk's Fafa Monteco and Mike 303.

First release on Black Jack was Deaf 'N Dumb Crew's picture 10" "Champagne Party". When I remember that right it was basically a loop of one of Chic's greatest hits. Part of the Crew with these outstanding traits of character was no other than Sebastién Léger. In his French House phase Léger for me within the boundaries of French House developed a trademark raw and direct drumsound. I'm still crying over the loss of "You can't hide from your beats" in some shady club in Köln. That 12" featured drumtracks from some of Légers tracks including an "Apache" Rework. He chops up the "Apache"-drumsample and combines it with his drumprogramming. Somebody post this please if you find it in your collection! (And let me know). When you listen to my Re-Edit of Léger's "Brookly Queen" Remix from the year 2000 it'll give you a rough idea what i'm talikng about drumwise.

And Sebastién Léger today? Well I guess everybody knows what he does now, if not go to the beatport electro charts. Everything that is not Cirez D or Deadmou5 is by Léger ;) He for sure earned his success and still releases some great productions (from time to time). Before this ends up being a speach for a lifetime achievement award I better finish. Check the encore. A second Re-Edit I did to let those of you who don't use Beatprot see where Léger is now. And please buy all Duran Duran records on vinyl!

Chris Robix - Brooklyn Queen (Sebastién Léger RMX / MALENTE RE-EDIT)

Duran Duran - Falling Down (Sebastién Léger RMX / MALENTE RE-EDIT)


MUNK - Live fast die old (video and exhibition)

New great single by Gomma-bosses and Munich disco gurus MUNK. This comes as a 12 Inch with extremly high quality remixes by Headman and Zero Cash/Maral Salmassi. It is a first appetizer of their new album "Cloudbuster" which will be out soon.
there is also an exhibition in Berlin on the visual side of GOMMA records, which is worth checking out:

Picture Show No.5

Poster, prints and installations by visual artists from the world of GOMMA
30.May. till 05.July 2008

Both have been awarded with several prizes, one of which being the Lead Award Germany in 2007.

/ pool gallery
10117 berlin germany

opening hours
Mo. - Fr. 12 -18
Sa. 12 - 18

PACIFIC! - Hold Me (Breakbot Remix)

Breakbot, our man from Paris, did it again. This time he put his magic hands on the Pacific's "Hold Me", taken from their album "Reveries" (Dolores Rec.). And again, he got me with his disco-ish, funky style, this typical Breakbot-Sound. Check the Pacific! website with free music downloads on www.musicpacific.com.

PACIFIC! - Hot Lips

Bunny Rabbit live@Berlin Battery Party Scala

Thanks to everyone who came down to Scala on Saturday. We all had a good time. Every set was killing. Here is a preview of Bunny Rabbit taking over the Berlin Battery Party.
Filmed by Dj Chernobyl.