Moonbootica - We 1,2 Rock (MALENTE Remix / Special Re-Edit)

No mercy for Malente. Yes. I Re-Edit my own remix here as I could have done a slightly better job I must admit. Though the feedback to the remix was good and many DJs still play it, something must have gone wrong, cause it only works 98% on the floor.

But what went wrong? Touché didn't like Moonbootica's vocals and would have loved to have an instrumental. Moonbootica themselves told me they don't dig the mix at all, but couldn't put their finger on why (I hope it's not their vocals after all...) I'd say the original remix is partly perfect. And I actually found the original parts that have been perfect and re-arranged them in a better way. The main trick here was to shorten the track a lot and cut the bass in the breakdown. When you play the new edit out be sure to put in some delay effect towards the end of the second break. Yes I still left a bit of work for you here, so take part in my re-editing process. Hope you're playing on a pioneer mixer for the delay and do me a favour make it a 3/4 delay.

Hey, you wanna hear a weak excuse why I did not make this Remix right in the first place? Here it is: I didn't have enough time to check it in the club as this was the tune I finished last for my "Whow" 2CD and 12" Album Sampler end of last year. And now I should forgive myself. Especially after this Re-Edit... What? You guys don't know Moonbootica? Shame on you. Go throw some money at them!

We 1,2 Rock (MALENTE Remix / Special Re-Edit).mp3


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