James Harcourt - Galia Melon (ASTON SHUFFLE Remix / MALENTE Re-Edit)

Vance Musgrove & Mikah Freeman are The Aston Shuffle. Starting off they have a third member but as the oil and flightprices climb and climb they fire him. Well, two drunk Prodcuers / DJs are more than enough as I experienced when I was spinnig with them on New Years Eve in Sydneys one and only Chinese Laundry Club. Not without any pride I dare to say that hardly anybody knew them until they made that mindblowing remix for my "Killer Applikation" track out on Moonbootique (played by DJs from Tiga to Crookers). Until then they called themselves Muz & Mann, wich no doubt contributes to the fact that nobody knew them before.

However, Vance & Mikah are from Canberra, the capitol of Australia and are signed to Ministry of Sound down under. If you ask me this is one of the reasons for not too many people here in Europe having heard of them. Their stuff gets put out mainly in OZ. The UK Ministry or European branches don't seem particularly interested in releasing their stuff. Ignorant bunch of losers. You should check the Aston Shuffle mixes for Claude Von Stroke, Green Velvet, Pnau and their latest single "For Everyone" (incl. Stupid Fresh & MALENTE Remixes by the way). All of them are great, but hard to get over here - especially on vinyl.

In the land of the Kangaroos a double Mix-CD "Mashed Vol4" with Kissy Sell Out and The Aston Shuffle just came out. They were on a huge Australian tour all may. And now they are planning their first ever Europe & North America tours. So if you dig their stuff and you are a promoter or a friend of a friend of a promoter. If you wanna be one or if you wanna be one of the first to present The Aston Shuffle over here contact their booking agent ben.henderson(at)ministryofsound.com.au and get them to play your club. Do it. They are great DJs.

James Harcourt - Galia Melon (The Aston Shuffle Remix / MALENTE Re-Edit)


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