Jaimie Fanatic - Break Ya Neck (MALENTE Re-Edit)

Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Honestly, what comes to your mind when you hear the name of this city. Well I guess I should have asked for Amsterdam and you would have given me the "weed"-answer right away. I'd say it's well suppressed that a unique style of music called "Rotterdam Hardcore" was born here in the early 90s. A kind of hilariously cheap, too fast and distorted sound that is still around today and undeniably had an enormous effect on a lot of other questionable music from Scooter to Jump Style. Many of you know it, but not too many would admit that they do.

I'm sure that on the contrary just a bunch of you know that Rotterdam is the home of Jaimie Fanatic, an outstanding and yet still underrated producer & DJ. He also runs his sneaker store in Rotterdam, so be sure to visit while you're here. Jaimie doubtlessly is affected by Rotterdam Hardcore. But he embraces it the same way he embraces Hip-Hop and Fidget. It's in his blood (though I'm not really sure if he's aware of that).

I for my part love music you can either love or hate. And Jaimie produces exactly this kind of stuff: From the unbearable "Interactive - Dildo"-Remix he did recently to the groundbreaking "Mic Perry - Have A Nice Day " or "Calvin Harris - Rock Band"-Remixes. On the original release (PBR) "Jaimie Fanatic - Break Ya Neck" he delivers a full vocal and an instrumental version. Be sure to get them and his other releases and show him some myspace love, goddamn!

Jaimie Fanatic - Break Ya Neck (MALENTE Re-Edit)

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super kram. "I like it" ist ja auch ne echte bombe!