Boys Noize - Feel Good (MALENTE's TV Bombs Re-Edit)

There are things in live that are not very likely. If I asked "Who of you has been in bed with Madonna?" or "Who of you listened to the Boys Noize album in one go?" there would not be many "Yes"-answers. I bet my life on that. Don't get me wrong I despise Madonna and I love Boys Noize, but life as a pile of images to me is as boring as an album full of well-engeneered distortion. I'm kind of glad that with some of his remixes and his label Boy Alex proves that there's more to him than the album shows. But the real reason why I love him is for his DJ skillz. I saw him in Miami last year with the whole Ed Banger Crew (incl. Justice) and i dare to say he was better than all of them together. I have a thing for DJs I consider better than me I must admit. And I got a girlfriend so don't worry if you're a good DJ... Check "Mike & Charlie - I Get Live (Fatboy Slim Remix) to find the vocals I put on "Feel Good (TV On/Off)". And buy the Kitsuné Maison Compilations. All of them, because I forgot on which volume you can find the original Boys Noize track. Sorry

Boys Noize - Feel Good (MALENTE's TV Bombs Re-Edit)


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