berlinbattery festival/party weekend

there's a good chance to catch us play somewhere this weekend, because we are spreading the battery-style (whatever that is..):

29.05. ESP-Barcelona, Primaverasound Festival

(berlinbattery djs Supermarkt & Shir Khan @ Vice stage)

30.05. CH/Neuchatel, Festineuch Open air 2008
(berlinbattery package with Shir Khan, Dj Supermarkt & Malente, plus Boys Noize, Verve, Simian Mobile Disco etc...)

31.05. bb&Rio&Coop present in Berlin @ Scala:


LA BIONDA - i wanna be your lover

We all know, Italo Disco ruled and is bigger than ever, today. But did you know, that Daft Punk started in the eighties in Italy as an obscure duo...? with a slightly diffrent clothing-style...!
(thanks, headphonesex)


James Harcourt - Galia Melon (ASTON SHUFFLE Remix / MALENTE Re-Edit)

Vance Musgrove & Mikah Freeman are The Aston Shuffle. Starting off they have a third member but as the oil and flightprices climb and climb they fire him. Well, two drunk Prodcuers / DJs are more than enough as I experienced when I was spinnig with them on New Years Eve in Sydneys one and only Chinese Laundry Club. Not without any pride I dare to say that hardly anybody knew them until they made that mindblowing remix for my "Killer Applikation" track out on Moonbootique (played by DJs from Tiga to Crookers). Until then they called themselves Muz & Mann, wich no doubt contributes to the fact that nobody knew them before.

However, Vance & Mikah are from Canberra, the capitol of Australia and are signed to Ministry of Sound down under. If you ask me this is one of the reasons for not too many people here in Europe having heard of them. Their stuff gets put out mainly in OZ. The UK Ministry or European branches don't seem particularly interested in releasing their stuff. Ignorant bunch of losers. You should check the Aston Shuffle mixes for Claude Von Stroke, Green Velvet, Pnau and their latest single "For Everyone" (incl. Stupid Fresh & MALENTE Remixes by the way). All of them are great, but hard to get over here - especially on vinyl.

In the land of the Kangaroos a double Mix-CD "Mashed Vol4" with Kissy Sell Out and The Aston Shuffle just came out. They were on a huge Australian tour all may. And now they are planning their first ever Europe & North America tours. So if you dig their stuff and you are a promoter or a friend of a friend of a promoter. If you wanna be one or if you wanna be one of the first to present The Aston Shuffle over here contact their booking agent ben.henderson(at)ministryofsound.com.au and get them to play your club. Do it. They are great DJs.

James Harcourt - Galia Melon (The Aston Shuffle Remix / MALENTE Re-Edit)


MELT FESTIVAL: "I'm melting away"-dj-mini-mix by dj supermarkt

Starting today we are going to post all kinds of music/stories about the MELT FESTIVAL in Graefenhainichen near Dessau/Berlin. We actually have the honour to finish the festival on sunday night, july 20th, which is nice.
I always call Melt "the only spanish festival in Germany", because i needed to see festivals like Benicassim and Primavera in Spain to understand, that festivals are not only about boys in black t-shirts with rockband-logos getting smashed, but can also be about girls or people like me and you...getting smashed.
Besides that, MELT still is a "friends"-festival to me, although it has grown so fast. Lots of bands return again and again (The Streets, Phoenix, me...), because the atmosphere is really special and relaxed. In recent years even the sun seemed to like the festival. Hey, we are talking about Germany!?
So lets enjoy the festival like it is before the english music-hooligans discover it...
This first dj-mix is actually a "FRIEND-Dj-mix": i collected all collaborations i could find, where Melt artists are remixing Melt artists, because that captures to me, what is so special about it. Team spirit. enjoy...


1. Intro: MELT(ing) away
2. FRANZ FERDINAND - Take me out (HOT CHIP rmx)
3. HOT CHIP - One pure thought (SUPERMAYER rmx)
4. UFFIE - First love (MR.OIZO rmx)
6. OPERATOR PLEASE - Song about Ping Pong (KISSY SELL OUT rmx)
7. THE TEENAGERS - Homecoming (DJ SUPERMARKT shremix)
8. THE EDITORS - Camera (DJ SUPERMARKT shremix)
9. BONDE DO ROLE - Office Boy (SHIR KHAN rmx)
10. EDU K - Hot mama (CROOKERS rmx)
11. BOYS NOIZE - Lava Lava (FEADZ rmx)
12. TOMAS ANDERSSON - Washing up (SAY HOOO! bootie)
13. Outro: still MELT(ing).....

>>MELT FESTIVAL: "I'm melting away"-dj-mini-mix by dj supermarkt.mp3


The EM is coming and Hamburg cities finest football fan and HipHop connaisseur DJ DSL (stands for: "DJ SuperLeiwand") has painted this fabulous football wallchart. You can order it in big (75 x 59,4 cm / 29,5" x 23,4") for 10€ on his website www.dj-dsl.com. Deutschlaaaaand, Deutschlaaaand! Hm, let's see...


BUNNY RABBIT soon @ berlinbattery party (31.5., Scala)

Next week we will have another berlinbattery party in Berlin/Scala together with Conny from Rio Club. We are really happy to have some veryvery special guests again. BUNNY RABBIT are from Brooklyn and they are an eruption of beats, rhymes, attitude and female power! They shout their rhymes about perverse sex, drugs, and rock n roll over some of the most starking basslines that come out of NY for some time. They combine the fuck-off attitude of PEACHES with the skillz of M.I.A. and the artschool-style of CHICKS ON SPEED and the politics of LE TIGRE. This will be an explosion! And - how cool is that - they are signed to CocoRosie's label VoodooEROS, where they released their album "lovers and crypts". This is REAL! See you there!

"The record oozes with slow grinding melodies, charming obscenities and homespun beats ready-made for dance club demolition." - VICE MAGAZINE


31.5. Berlin: Scala
Bunny Rabbit (live)
Shir Khan
Jack Tennis
DJ supermarkt
and more...


Dj Chernobyl Neo-Bailefunk-mix

Actually i met Chernobyl last year in Brazil in Belo Horizonte. We played on the Elektronika-Festival supporting LCD Soundsystem. He was involved in some project together with Mixhell (who are supporting 2 Many Djs right now). Finally, it ended up that I gave him files for a remix for the new single "Miss Pacman" on Exploited that is coming in middle July. Now, he is coming to Europe and we slightly got him in last-minute for our Party at Scala on May 31st together with Bunny Rabbit from New York.
This mix here was already posted in march at Discobelle, but since we have Chernobyl playing on our party at Scala and we dont have a current set from him, here is a little teaser of how his dj-set could sound like. You can also catch him live on air next tuesday (20.00-22.00 central european time/www.fritz.de) on my radioshow. He has produced the album for Bonde do Role (on the picture you see him and Diplo recording Ex-member Marina from Bonde do Role) and is also part of Comunidade Nin-Jitsu - a rough blend between rock, miami bass and electro. Actually, I am just remixing this band. Here is the tracklist for his Dj-set:


Intro (”O controle total das galeras”)
Yellow Funky Bricks (Arctic Monkeys vs Chernobyl)
RQM - Misspacman (Chernobyl mix)
Le Night Dominator - The Touch (Chernobyl mix)
Ela Tá Na Festa - Turbo Trio & Chernobyl
XR 2 - M.I.A
The Ricota Countdown - DJ Chernobyl vs Europe feat. BDR
Tamborzuda- Sinden & Count Monte Cristal
New Feminism (Chernobyl & Mixhell feat. Canessinha do Pikachu)
Push It - Salt ‘N’ Pepa
Erotic Perfect City - George Clinton Vs Princess Superstar
Chuva Nas Calcinha - Cnj vs A-Trak
Office Boy - Bonde do Role (Shir Khan)
A La La - CSS
Je voux te voir - Disco D
Cubicle in chatuba (DJ Missill, Edu K e Mc Duda)
Gatas Gatas Gatas - Edu K (Chernobyl mix)
Mais Metal (AC/DC vs Bonde do Role vs Comunidade nin-jitsu)
Pipoca - Mc Colibri (Diplo remix)
Wicked Game - Giant Drag vs DJ Chernobyl
We Are Your Biba Friends - Justice/Simian vs Deize Tigrona

Shir Khan@Nasti/Valencia & Amateurparty/Athens

If you are around in Spain or Greece, visit me in Valenica at Nasti on Friday, or at the Amateurparty in Athens on Saturday. Me and Supermarkt already had a great time with Pablo at Nasti in Madrid. And I also heard good stuff about the Amateurparties in Athens....so thats on Saturday. If you are from Athens, stick around. The weekend starts on Thursday with Santogold in Berlin. Uff!


Boys Noize - Feel Good (MALENTE's TV Bombs Re-Edit)

There are things in live that are not very likely. If I asked "Who of you has been in bed with Madonna?" or "Who of you listened to the Boys Noize album in one go?" there would not be many "Yes"-answers. I bet my life on that. Don't get me wrong I despise Madonna and I love Boys Noize, but life as a pile of images to me is as boring as an album full of well-engeneered distortion. I'm kind of glad that with some of his remixes and his label Boy Alex proves that there's more to him than the album shows. But the real reason why I love him is for his DJ skillz. I saw him in Miami last year with the whole Ed Banger Crew (incl. Justice) and i dare to say he was better than all of them together. I have a thing for DJs I consider better than me I must admit. And I got a girlfriend so don't worry if you're a good DJ... Check "Mike & Charlie - I Get Live (Fatboy Slim Remix) to find the vocals I put on "Feel Good (TV On/Off)". And buy the Kitsuné Maison Compilations. All of them, because I forgot on which volume you can find the original Boys Noize track. Sorry

Boys Noize - Feel Good (MALENTE's TV Bombs Re-Edit)


SKIBUNNY - remote control (DJ SUPERMARKT shremix)

I produced this shremix in the countryside of France, and somehow i feel, you can hear it. It's very relaxed electro-disco. Hope you like it. As the basis I used another song (as usual) and only recently Jack Tennis told me that the version i used already consist of another sample. So i sampled a sample of a song... (weird world this is).
It will be out on 7 Inch on may 26th. Skibunny is a duo from belfast. Marc used to be in a band called Olympic Lifts (we released on bungalow ages ago) and now teamed up with girlsinger Tanya. It's hard to describe their sound, i would call it floating "shoegaze-disco". Kind of RIDE meets ITALIANS DO IT BETTER... This is already their second single and they receive Rave-reviews all over. Listen to them and you will know why. Oh, and Skibunny is also a club, a dj-team, a label etc.. and soon maybe a football team, a burger place, a political party.... maybe.
The first one to send me the band name of either the original sample, or the song i used will receive a 7 inch from me!!!! (no, not you Jack!)

>>SKIBUNNY - remote control (dj supermarkt shremix).mp3


F-I-R-E in Berlin!

Holy shit! One of my favorite buildings in Berlin is on fire at this moment: the philarmonic concert hall!

Whats happening here? last week there was another spectacular fire in Berlin. i shot this picture from my roof. Fortunately it was "only" a paper factory, but looked really bad!

SANTOGOLD in Berlin!

thursday, 22nd of may! berlin - tape club
(click the pic)

SANTOGOLD with her only german appearance this Thursday@Tape Club Berlin!



Saturday, 24 May is the great Eurovision Song Contest Final in Belgrade. This year with the "No Angels" for Germany, a guy called "Andy Abraham" for the UK and: Sebastian Tellier for France!
The official Eurovision Song Contest website wrote:
"The eccentric entry from France - Divine by Sébastien Tellier - has one of the most interesting settings this year. Sébastien arrives on stage driving a golf buggy and presents his sung with the image of a black sun on the LED projections. Apart from the black sun on the projections, the dominant colours used during the French song are mainly green and orange. He is getting excellent help from his 5 backing singers - four female and one male - who help to lift the song. As the song is totally different from any other of the participating songs this year, it might attract lots of votes! It is definitely an unusual song for a Eurovision Song Contest stage - but then again the Finnish winners Lordi from two years ago had a unique stage presentation as well! It is the first French song ever though in the history of the song contest that is predominantly sung in English and not in French - something which made the headlines of all French newspapers some weeks ago! At the press conference after the rehearsal, Sébastien Tellier told the fans and accredited press that he will complete a world-wide tour after the Eurovision Song Contest, and that he thereafter will start considerations regarding a new album. A journalist asked whether there is a theme associated with Divine, since many all of his prior albums have had some kind of theme. To this, Sébastien replied that this single is about sex, sexuality and love. Despite singing a bit himself, Sébastien's backing singers performed Divine in front of the enthusiastic people in the Press Centre."


SEBASTIAN TELLIER - Kilometer (Jack Tennis Remix).mp3

And here comes another great moment in the history of the contest:
Telex from Belgium in 1980:

TELEX - Eurovision

BONAPARTE - Too Much Reggae (Jack Tennis Remix)

The summer is coming and Bonaparte goes reggae. Check out the Jack Tennis mash-up of his big hit "Too Much" with a ton of carribian feel (who knows the original? write a comment and get a free(!) mp3 of the remix). Other remixes will come from everybodies darling Sirius Mo, Round Table Knights, Bonaparte himself and many more. Listen to some of them here: www.myspace.com/bonaparteremixed

BONAPARTE - Too Much Reggae (Jack Tennis Remix)

The longplayer "Too Much" is more ruff and rocky, check it on on his myspace: www.myspace.com/findingbonaparte or see them live with their full circus show(!), on tour now in Germany and Switzerland.


N-JOI - Music From A State Of Mind (Back To The 90ies Vol.1)

OK, you guys think the whole Baltimore movemenet and Surkin´s White Knight Two  are the next step in todays´s hipster culture.

But maybe you are curious about where it all came from. So this is the first episode of a few records i´ve recently ripped that shall provide some proper indepth info about those predecessors that made clubmusic what it is today.



2manyDJs, Soulwax & Jack Tennis

Tonight, 16.05. is ravetime in Berlin.
2many DJs are on tour to promote their new documentary DVD "Part Of The Weekend Never Dies". Watch the trailer and you know what it means to be a part of their parties. So come over if you are around!
And by the way: we've heard that they are working on a "As Heard On Radio Soulwax Part 2" follow up...
This is the line up for tonight:
Venue: Maria

22:00: "Part Of The Weekend Never Dies" (Movie screening, 60min)


Goose DJ-Team
Jack Tennis
DJ Coop

Part of the Weekend Never Dies trailer


MELT KLUB mit Infadels, Dillon, Klee & dj supermarkt

In case you are in Berlin. Check this out at Maria Club:

21.30 Dillon
22.20 Klee
23.40 Infadels
after: dj supermarkt

to get into the mood here is Alex Metric's banger-rmx of Infadels new single:
>>Infadels - free things (alex metric rmx).mp3


AUDIO BULLYS - Gimme that punk

Always really liked their records and their style-mishmash between Electro & Breakbeat & The Specials. And, hey, remember that they used this lazy english "rap" way before The Streets. But somehow, here in Germany, they never really made it. Now they're back with another catchy banger. This is raw, but Pop, and you can dance to it, and, i guess, a lot of people in the UK this festival season will get absolutely smashed on this tune. There are some more new songs on their myspace page, which all sound very AUDIOBULLYS...
For me their first 12 Inch (with "Real life" and "Hit the ceiling") ages ago on SOURCE records really was something very special. I'm still playing it sometimes these days. It's absolutely timeless.
The video was directed by Mister "PUNK" himself DON LETTS. He was the guy that introduced Punk-bands like The Clash to Reggae & Dub (he was a DJ at that time) and he did some really great documentaries on Punk ("punk attitude" is absolutely essential to lovers of Punk). Enjoy.

>>Audio Bullys - Gimme that Punk.mp3 (zshare)
(this mp3 is a special version with all kinds of weird samples thrown in of the bands that are mentioned...)


Moonbootica - We 1,2 Rock (MALENTE Remix / Special Re-Edit)

No mercy for Malente. Yes. I Re-Edit my own remix here as I could have done a slightly better job I must admit. Though the feedback to the remix was good and many DJs still play it, something must have gone wrong, cause it only works 98% on the floor.

But what went wrong? Touché didn't like Moonbootica's vocals and would have loved to have an instrumental. Moonbootica themselves told me they don't dig the mix at all, but couldn't put their finger on why (I hope it's not their vocals after all...) I'd say the original remix is partly perfect. And I actually found the original parts that have been perfect and re-arranged them in a better way. The main trick here was to shorten the track a lot and cut the bass in the breakdown. When you play the new edit out be sure to put in some delay effect towards the end of the second break. Yes I still left a bit of work for you here, so take part in my re-editing process. Hope you're playing on a pioneer mixer for the delay and do me a favour make it a 3/4 delay.

Hey, you wanna hear a weak excuse why I did not make this Remix right in the first place? Here it is: I didn't have enough time to check it in the club as this was the tune I finished last for my "Whow" 2CD and 12" Album Sampler end of last year. And now I should forgive myself. Especially after this Re-Edit... What? You guys don't know Moonbootica? Shame on you. Go throw some money at them!

We 1,2 Rock (MALENTE Remix / Special Re-Edit).mp3



Voodoo Chilli - Street Players

Herve aka Vooddo Chili aka The Count here with his take on Discofunk-Cutup.
The new TITANS EP on CHEAP THRILLS is all Disco-madness with a nice B-more Twist.
For "Street Players" Herve ripped CHICAGO's Classic "Street Player" which was also sampled by Kenny Dope for "The Bucketheads - The Bomb". I tested this version 10 days ago in Darmstadt@603qm and about 1000 people were going mad to this one.
I am sure I am gonna drop it for the fun of it again today at the Berlin Battery Party. By the way - Herve aka the Count is playing together with Sinden at the Man Recordings-Tent@Melt!Festival this summer.


Act Yo Age (Sweat it Out) / Dj-Mix

Bastions of Bounce, assassinators of fakers ACT YO AGE are in the building.

Coming live and direct from a Love bunker deep in the neon gothic forests of Xanadu, ACT YO AGE are rapidly shaking the tree from which the apple fell, brining forbidden sonic fruits to the hungry zombie masses across this universe and the next.

Part werewolf, part faster pussycat, part robot love machine, collectively AYA brings a wealth of musical experience, with fifteen years between them. See them ride fearlessly through the intergalactic night and enter the strobe zone, cutting down imitators in their path and loving freely at each and every turn.

They do not go quietly, nor do they travel unarmed, they pack an attitude adjustment ray gun set to decimate and aimed squarely at any demon or dancer that knows how to shake and bake.

They live for dress ups and die for a dance competition in the toilets, they believe all that glitters in not gold, nor kryptonite for that matter. They are oft to be found on midnight forays for rainbow dust, pixie blood and endlessness itself, that nearly always end in tears.

They have been hyped and tipped to be the next hot thing, but these two beat freaks say they will be content with a rumble in the bassbins, a zap in the speakers and nothing less than murder on the dancefloor.

Here is a Dj-Mix from Sindeys newcomers ACT YO AGE.....Tim Sea....thanks for giving me a good time in Sidney! Jan.



The sun is shining! Yes - and so much going on these days in Berlin. Thursday its DIPLO playing at the GHETTOBLASTER-Night at TAPE Club, but you could also go to the RELISH-night with BENI from RIOT IN BELGIUM and HEADMAN at COOKIES. Well – and there is a bit of BUSY P the same night at ICON.Friday its SEBASTIAN TELLIER at COOKIES… Grab the JACK TENNIS Edit of KILOMETER at Berlin Battery here. And Saturday its our next edition of a BERLIN BATTERY-Party down at PICKNICK. Before that you could go to Admiralspalast and see JAMIE LIDELL in concert. Right around the corner of Picknick there is the SCALA-Party from Conny with BOYS NOIZE, SURKIN and PARA ONE...but yes - we all go to PICKNICK. We have TOMBOY (WHOMADEWHO) and FREDSKI (young troublemaker these days:) from Copenhagen. They both form a new project called TARTELET which is a bit deeper but still straight down my alley. So - grab the full package and join us at the Berlin Battery-Party at PICKNICK on Saturday. TOMSKI & FREDBOY aka TOMBOY and FREDSKI and SHIR KHAN & SUPERMARKT in the main room. And upstairs Jackin House with DAN M! from Copenhagen and ANDRE HERZIG from Superclub playing exrated Miami Bass Tunes!

Here is an old remix of TOMBOY he did for GORILLAZ called KIDS WITH GUNS. It never came out...only on a promo-Vinyl… I originally wanted to license the tune for my MAXIMIZE!-Compilation, but I couldnt do cause GORILLAZ didnt give permission to EMI. Just click the header (headline) and you get the track.

Well – and if you are still in a party mood - after PICKNICK you can go to PANORAMABAR and visit the MADE TO PLAY-Night for some Afterhours with SOLID GROOVE aka SWITCH, CLAUDE VON STROKE and JESSE ROSE. Its gonna be a long weekend!


ESSER - i love you (video)

Some people really take a huge burden on them to bring their music to people. Heard this catchy pop song by extremly talented young London fellow ESSER and fell in love immediately. Sounds like a Gorillaz track fronted by a crooner from the thirties. But then i saw the video!!! I guess everybody involved in the video really enjoyed the shooting (throwing all sorts of food at the singer looks like big fun), but as you can see in the end, for Esser this was a real struggle with his inner...self...body... (don't want to say too much, just watch it until the end).


Jaimie Fanatic - Break Ya Neck (MALENTE Re-Edit)

Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Honestly, what comes to your mind when you hear the name of this city. Well I guess I should have asked for Amsterdam and you would have given me the "weed"-answer right away. I'd say it's well suppressed that a unique style of music called "Rotterdam Hardcore" was born here in the early 90s. A kind of hilariously cheap, too fast and distorted sound that is still around today and undeniably had an enormous effect on a lot of other questionable music from Scooter to Jump Style. Many of you know it, but not too many would admit that they do.

I'm sure that on the contrary just a bunch of you know that Rotterdam is the home of Jaimie Fanatic, an outstanding and yet still underrated producer & DJ. He also runs his sneaker store in Rotterdam, so be sure to visit while you're here. Jaimie doubtlessly is affected by Rotterdam Hardcore. But he embraces it the same way he embraces Hip-Hop and Fidget. It's in his blood (though I'm not really sure if he's aware of that).

I for my part love music you can either love or hate. And Jaimie produces exactly this kind of stuff: From the unbearable "Interactive - Dildo"-Remix he did recently to the groundbreaking "Mic Perry - Have A Nice Day " or "Calvin Harris - Rock Band"-Remixes. On the original release (PBR) "Jaimie Fanatic - Break Ya Neck" he delivers a full vocal and an instrumental version. Be sure to get them and his other releases and show him some myspace love, goddamn!

Jaimie Fanatic - Break Ya Neck (MALENTE Re-Edit)


Souls of Mischief - Cabfare

One of my favourite HipHop-songs of all time was "93'til infinity" from the "Souls of Mischief". I remember that there circulated a track called "Cabfare" on a Hieroglyphics Mixtape, which never came out. So it was only available on Cassette. They couldnt clear the sample which was originally from "Bob James" - "Angela Theme". It was used for the opener of a US-Tv-Series. However, a friend of mine had a one-sided white vinyl bootleg of the track and I was really jealous. In 2001 they reprinted "93 Til Infinity" and "Thats when ya lost" again as a bootleg on Vinyl and guess what - they included "Cabfare" also known as "Taxi" on "That's when ya lost". Here it is: a piece of HipHop-History. "Souls of Mischief" with "Cabfare".

Yo Shir Khan, I've something special for you: BOB JAMES - Angela (Theme from Taxi) played by Garfield and his friend Odie. Have fun with this one:

Cheers, Jack Tennis (with thanks to uglytalented)

Metronomy - My Heart Rate Rapid (Primary 1's Love Letter to Metronomy)

To me one of the most interesting productions comes from Metronomy these days. After their great remix for Late of the Piers "The bears are coming" here is the first single: "My Heart Rate Rapid" from their second album:"Nights out". The single was just released on Because Music and comes with a fantastic Primary 1 Remix. Metronomy have toured with CSS, Kate Nash, Foals and Bloc Party. They are a realy good live band with their helping hand of their dance troupe and now trademark light show.
Get the record@Juno here: Metronomy @ www.juno.co.uk


JUSTICE - Stress

Puh, this is hard stuff...and it really stressed me out! Watch the video and you know what I mean. It reminds me of the uncontrollable teenage gang "The Doogs" from "A Clockwork Orange". Is Justice a political band now and is this their statement to youth crime, gang riots in french suburbs and kids with mobil videos of fights and rows?


JAMIE LIDELL - Another day (video)

SUN, it's shining!!!! This is my favorite track of his great new album "JIM". It has such a feelgood-soul-vibe. Can't beleive, that he is living in cold Berlin! Can't wait for his show in Berlin in may together with the new Tellé band The Rubies. Let your heart shine. Thanks Jamie!


FLAIRS - better than Prince (video)

we posted the song a while ago. Very talented guy. Here is the great video for "Better than Prince". Bit like a dirty bastard version of the "Take on me"-video by A-Ha. The finish is great and smart, if your attention span is long enough (very rare these days...).
read more (and listen to the OVERAMAZING "Trucker's delight" here: