Shir Khans radioshow now available as Stream!

Finally it happened: From now, my radioshow on Fritz (each tuesday from 20.00-22.00) will be available as a stream. Each show will be stored for 1 week. Just click on my pic and you can already hear the show. Only problem - due to trouble with gema and all that crap it is not possible to hear the show from the beginning. it always starts from a different position which means that you will jump into the show just if you turned on the radio too late. blame it on the gema and germanys stupid copyright law! a download is not possible at the moment. keep trying it and spread it....i have cool guests in the next weeks and months such as BUSY P, MUNK, MALENTE, JOYCE MUNIZ, BABY G....if you just turn in now you might here the feature with OLIVER $. word.

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i think he dosn't mean his pic but the headline...;-)