new dj supermarkt mix: LAZY LAZER part 2

As some of you know, I spent some months in the south of France working for a wine maker, which is an amazing experience and a long overdue change in my “mono-cultured” Music-obsession. Unfortunately i didn’t have a fast internet there for ages, which made it impossible to post stuff on Berlin Battery or HDYA? for you (and me). But last month heaven – or thats maybe the EU – rewarded me with an “almost fast” DSL connection here in the tiny french village (15 inhabitants), that i live in when i am fed up with Berlin. I hope you missed me as much as I missed doing this (thanks for the many mails in my absence).
As a small comeback present i produced this 2 hour long Dj-mix with 45 (or so) electronic countryside disco tracks. In it you will find brandnew diamonds from 2012, but also some of the songs i really enjoyed last year when the blog was sleeping.

I am deejaying tomorrow, friday at good old Pony Bar Berlin.

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