Lars Moston & Ben Mono´s "People EP"


Once a year, the inhabitants of Berlin districts Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain meet up at the cutesy towers of Oberbaum bridge and proceed to hurl vegetables at each other in an epic battle royale for supremacy. Ben Mono (Kreuzberg) and Lars Moston (Friedrichshain), in a valiant attempt to appease the waring factions, met several times in the studio and threw beats, bass and samples at each other, in order to determine the winner once and for all. To no avail. The result was a draw. However, the good news is that their combined projectiles to make the bassline move your spine.

some quotes:

Crookers: "Tony senghore mix we like a lot "
Malente: "Can't Stop is great! included in my coming djmix for mixpak."
Oh Snap: "Lovin that Wool Mix."
Detboi: "Stunning"
Neoteric: "Another winner, will play a few versions for suuure! "
Tepr: "Perfect for peaktime! Love the chords, so frustrated to have them in
the break only but that's what makes the track so
Lee Mortimer: "freaky shit"

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