Forget about Fashionweek. Fashionweek = Boring People / Boring Music. Instead this here is the real deal. An important underground location of Berlin will close down forever. We had many great and fun nights at Villa. The Closing Party is starting today and finishing on Monday. Party business non-stop with many Berlin Locals and def the best party in town today. If you miss this - you missed something for real. I am gonna play tonight(Friday) from 6.00-8.00 in the basement. Oliver$ is next after me from 6.00-8.00.
To get you in the mood for my set, here is a Radiossesion of mine:SHIR KHAN WEEKEND MIX (RADIOSESSION)



Benno Blome (sender)
Cotumo (pentagonik, burlesque musik)
Gebrüder Teichmann feat. Raumagent (festplatten)
Metope *live* (areal)
Basteroid *live* (areal)
Retro (playplus, wasted unicorns)
Robosonic (berlin kreuzberg institut)
Das Christl (villa, awesome)
Cinthie (keinemusik, villa)
Astma (reclaim the beats)
Fetzo N Small (collectief tabourstrasse)
Shir Khan (exploited)
Oliver $ (made to play)
Lars Moston (top billin)
AmTrack (tracy recordings)
Durch & Durch (drüber rec.)


Tricus & Gold (awesome)
Meggy *live* (still vor talent)
Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs (greco roman, london)
Funkenstrøm *live* (symbiont)
Herr Sauer (tonkind)
Wool (Top Billin, we collect enemies)
Full Nelson (greco roman)
Der E-Kreisel (spoiler)
Mz Sunday Luv *live*
Fresh Meat (berlin mitte institut)
Oliver Raumklang (kulturfreiheit)
Thomsen *live* (nicht berlin)
Hagen Bergmann (2ndskool)
Helge Baumberg (zuckertütentraum)
Sol Tight (taffkass)
Delfonic (oye)
Hoito (dublin)
Agent Starling (poland)
Zsolt-Mischke (berlin)


Jake the Rapper (bar25, combination)
Aaron Hedges (district of corruption, lessizmore)
Beaner (bar25)
Walker Barnard (district of corruption)
Mutlu (bar25)
Sylvie Foret (berlin)
David Dorad (bachstelzen)
Britta Arnold (bar25)

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