GBs - "Lucky In Vichy" (Gomma) FOR FREE

Teamed up with Georg Baer some while ago in Munich.
Blessed by the Cosmic City´s Italodisco legacy we came up with that tune.
A track that just came out as a limited vinyl copy on Gomma back then and moved the dancefloors very nicely.

GBs - Lucky In Vichy (prod. by ben mono) - free download. by ben mono

Georg, may the force be with you.

Enjoy and holiday vibes to all of you from India.




Tonight's the night: Kisunè pres. the Maison 10 Compilation in Berlin. Last time with Kitsunè (Maison 9 release) was awesome, so we looking forward to tonight!

This is the whole line up:

Kitsuné floor:
LO-FI-FNK*live (moshi moshi/stockholm)
LE CORPS MINCE DE FRANCOISE *live (heavenly/helsinki)
YELLE DJS (kitsuné/paris)
IS TROPICAL*live (kitsuné/london)
DJ KAOS (kitsuné/berlin) & DJ KENT (force of nature/japan)

Berlin Battery floor

LOGO *live (paris)
SHIR KHAN (exploited/berlin battery)
JACK TENNIS (gomma/berlin battery)
SUPERMARKT (bungalow records/berlin battery)
special guest: RYNECOLOGIST (boys noize rec.)

Remmidemmi floor:

Butzke floor:
JAN MIR (claqueur records)
KURIOSE NATURALE (ritter butzke)


Joyce Muniz - Party over here, Party over there (Shir Khan Remix)

Here is my latest remix for you. JOYCE MUNIZ - PARTY OVER HERE, PARTY OVER THERE.
Joyce Muniz - Party over here, Party over there (Shir Khan Remix)

Also check out the Podcast from Joyce Muniz here:
Joyce Muniz Exploited Records Podcast 06

Full release available at Beatport:
Joyce Muniz - Party over here, Party over there FULL RELEASE@Beatport


Exploited Records 3 Years Anniversary Flashback

We had such a good time...here is a flashback from the last Exploited-Party featuring the dreamteam:
Shir Khan, Homework, Mowgli, Gnucci Banana, Malente&Dex, Savage Skulls, Siriusmo, Jan Driver, Oliver $, Jack Tennis, VJ Ultramoodem.


JESSIE EVANS - scientist of love (SAYHOOO! rmx)

SAYHOO! (half od LE HAMMOND INFERNO) just finished this remix for JESSIE EVEANS while sitting on the beach in Brasil. Must have been rough wind that made this bass-heavy Electrobanger!

jessie evans - scientist of love (sayhooo_remix) by sayhooo_remixes


5.11. & 6.11./berlin: berlin battery djs join ZOMBIE DISCO SQUAD and STRATOJETS

on friday you should visit us and lots of our friends here:

_Zombie Nation LIVE (John Starlight / ZZT / UKW Records/ Munich)

_Homework (Exploited records, Made to Play/ Amsterdam)

_Jan Driver (Boysnoize Records, Made to Play /Berlin)

_Acid Kids
(Acidkids, Television Rocks / Munich)

_Jack Tennis (Berlin Battery, rio /Berlin)

_Dj Supermarkt (berlin battery, bungalow records /berlin)

_Finckobot (bln.fm, get wavey /berlin)

_whatever! dj-team (magnet, rosis /berlin)

and if you like, you can continue on saturday with Dj Supermarkt on the record release party of the world's one and only 8-bit rock band STRATOJETS, featuring one ex-member of Pet & Dauerfisch:

6.11., Berlin: NBI
STRATOJETS record release party

- Stratojets live

- and a very special "dj-conversation" between:
Monsieur Le-Roc & Dj Supermarkt

(wanna know what "dj conversation" exactly means? Well, no idea really, but something special will happen and wipe the clouds away forever in Berlin...)