new "dj-mix" by JARVIS COCKER for National Trust

JARVIS COCKER has been a "hidden" hippie all those years. But on PULP's last album "we love life" (R.I.P.) he crowned his wisdom with these beautiful lyrics:

"yeah, the trees, those useless trees,
produce the air, that i am breathing,
yeah, the trees, those useless trees,
they never said that you were leaving"

Now he produced a "dj-mix" for The National Trust, which is maybe the first mix without.... music! It is just nature sounds from the british countryside. It is aimed to clear your ears from all that ipod rubbish. Great idea, Mr Cocker.
you can download it here for free, which is nice, because it can actually save your life or sanity!:

>>>JARVIS COCKER - dj-mix for the National Trust

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