DJ Shir Khan Liverecording at Cubic Club, Salamanca, Spain (20.11.09)

Normally I dont like if a club makes a liverecording of my DJ-Set - especially if you dont know it before. Suddenly a DJ-set of yours appears online....and you are not happy with it because nobody knew you were fucked up or told you that this particular girl was asking for Paul Kalkbrenner non-stop:( which kind of made you mess up your set. On the other hand sometimes I am glad if there is a recording - because it cant get any realer. Well - at Cubic Club in Salamanca (Spain) my Set was recorded and I didnt know before. It was definetly not my best set and also not my most advanced. But to make a long story short.....as we are already heading to the year 2010 - I thought that this set includes a lot of sureshots from 2009....so here you go. Get your Shir Khan dose. A warm hello to all of you from Bangkok.
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DJ Shir Khan Liverecording at Cubic Club, Salamanca, Spain (20.11.09)


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Nice set, very versatile, yet consistent, bravo!
Who did that Night by Night Remix?
Never heard it, it's super awesome!
Please lemme know!

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