AIR - sing sang sung (video)

AIR - Sing Sang Sung

Autumn must be here. There is a new Air album coming soon. I really hope the whole album sounds like their new single "sing sang sung", a fluffy piece of Retro-Pop.



Mayer Hawthorne - maybe so, maybe no (video)

This young nerd is from Detroit, the home of Motown, and that's also his biggest influence. Man, he's got Soul! Think of the 60's & 70's motown sound mixed with the beats of J Dilla. He soon has an album out on Stones Throw, which can make the sun come out, even in Berlin! Enjoy the new thing: Nerd Soul!! Amy, watch out!

Kanye West does it again!

it's time for some Obama on berlin battery. if you do not understand this video, you are a perfectly healthy person, congratulations. It means you haven't followed this year's "scandal" on the MTV-VMAwards. Actually even the scandals are getting poorer and poorer, not only MTV'S program. But, on the other hand, if you have seen what happened, you will really like this video... hm...


Shir Khan-Recordrelease 12.9.@Picknick

This Saturday is going to be mad. Exploited Records&Berlin Battery teamed up to bring you the second edition of:
JACK HAD A GROOVE. Last party at WMF with Mowgli, Solo, Lucas Hunter, Snax and Reznik was a blast. This saturday its the Recordrelease of my Double-CD: "Shir Khan presents Exploited". We invited dOP from Paris to join us. After their wild shows at Wilde Renate it is the first time they perform in Berlin Mitte at Picknick. And they are bringing some special guests. We only say: YOU HAVE TO DANCE. Showtime already at 1.30! Dj-support from man of the moment: DAN M who delivered a massive house debut together with his mate James Braun on Mothership. Reznik from the always great Keinemusik-Crew will warm it up and I will kick it with some dirty bassdriven house in the end. Outside we will have discoqueen Baby G who has released some nice Discorecords with her partner Pete Herbert under the name of L.S.B. on Eskimo. Her latest project Dance Disorder already is making some waves among the big disco Djs. And not to forget - Baby G's charming vocalfeature on the track ESTA SI, ESTA NO produced by The Glimmers. To mix it up stylistically we invited our friends Katy and Jess from Australia. Last year they have been smashing it at our party under the name of Gameboy/Gamegirl. Now - Gamegirl/Gamegirl is dead and Tranter is still in Australia - but we got the 2 young ladies to do a special Live-MC-Dj-Set. The way they look is the way they DJ: B52 meets SaltnPeppa. Word. And how can we make this party perfect? With thrilling beats from the Berlin Battery-camp Jack Tennis&Dj Supermarkt and not to forget the gorgeous ladies of Ponypop who have become favourites in the small room of Cookies and Picknick. We heard somebody is also celebrating birthday...or maybe even some more. Lets see and be there.
And if anyone of you reads german - here is a nice quote about dOP...in fact they are darlings of the german musicpress:

"Vom Jazzkeller in den Club: Die Pariser Houseband dOP mischt mit instrumentaler Vielseitigkeit und poppiger Eingängigkeit wie niemand sonst die eingerosteten Hörgewohnheiten des gemeinen Ravers auf. Denn während das gegenwärtige House-Revival per se Wiederholung bedeutet, klingt der Zugang bei dOP nach Frische und Unschuld: nach dem Entdeckergeist eines mit Bioriegeln aufgezogenen Zehnjährigen, der zum ersten Mal in seinem Leben vor dem Schokoladenregal im Supermarkt steht.
dOP klingen wie niemand sonst, und jeder will klingen wie dOP.
Immer auf der Schwelle zwischen tradierter House-Ästhetik und libertärem Jazz-Gestus, zwischen genrebedingter Strukturgrenze und der Grenzüberschreitung im Ausfallschritt.
Jazz, Funk, Folklore, Techno - auf einmal ist alles wieder möglich." (Groove)

Preorder SHIR KHAN-CD@Juno


EMPIRE OF THE SUN - without you (video)

Thanks to the guy that spilled tons of fluid drugs into the Australian water system years ago, so we in the "boring old world" get crazy shit like Empire Of The Sun! This is so out of it, it's amazing. Flock Of Seagulls 2009! Love it or hate it!