Shir Khan - Partyweekender / London+Melt!Festival

London is on fire in this moment - well there is a couple of nice people I am going to meet here. Met with Solo yesterday, will go recordshopping today, check out some exhibtion with an old school friend of mine at Hyde Park, then see Joyce Muniz, Mowgli&Solo for a beer, tomorrow will meet Toy Selectah from Mexico and then heat it up at new hipster place Dalston Superstore with Trailer Trash Buddy Ian Robinson and play later at "Always Fridayz" at the Egg with Style of Eye in Room 1. Saturday I will go to the Lovebox Festival and there will be also great after-partys....so lets see where I end....and the best thing: Jack Tennis will also come to London on friday. It cant get better than this. And when we are all done - we fly to Melt!Festival on Sunday....Berlin Battery madness at Gemini-Stage. Catch me and Supermarkt and the rest of LHI there and a bit of Brodinski, Yuksek and Tiga. Ciao!