le hammond inferno almost played FIB Benicassim festival... but then the storm came!

it could have been our biggest Benicasssim show ever, but then Nature turned against us... and we couldn't play.
okay, there was quite a breeze all day, but when the huge fire next to the entrance of the festival started (see the video and listen to Paul Weller singing about love in the background...), it all began to go horribly wrong. The wind became a storm (or something much worse) and during Paul Weller's set around 21:00 (after playing Jam's "Eton Rifles") the big stage was shaking so much that somebody came onstage and made the band run from it. That pretty much was it. The storm got bigger and bigger, there was a scary amount of panic all around, because all kinds of things were breaking down and everything was about to fly away (and i mean even the big tents) and we had this horrible feeling (crammed in the open air backstage cause everybody had to escape out of the tents for safety reasons) that something really bad could happen anytime... Fortunately it didn't.
Some hours later it was clear, that there was no way the festival would go on that day and the organizers had to make an announcement that the friday was cancelled.
Actually the only reason why the 30.000 mainly english visitors didn't riot big time was the announcement of the mayor of the village Benciassim that the bars in the town would stay open the whole night. Clever bastard!
Last really poor thought: there were 40.000 people camping on the site. there was hardly a tent left on the camping area after the storm... Imagine!

fire chaos:

Next day we flew over to Melt, who also suffered some bad wheather moments on friday and played a really great explosion-set on sunday evening. Thanks god (or whoever...)!

watch a bit le hammond inferno here:


Flo hat gesagt…

thanks guys!! you've been great at melt..

Navid hat gesagt…

damn ... :S

Supermario hat gesagt…

you guys rock!!

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Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!