Shir Khan - Partyweekend

Once a year I play at Hive Club in Zürich. It has become one of my favourite clubs and I always had amazing nights there. Its one of these clubs where I play my technosets and I love it. Well - and on Sunday I am gonna go all the way down to my homies Roundtable Knights and Mercury in Bern. They opened a new club and bookingwise and imagewise I think that this club is the future.
The club is called Bonsoir and the idea is quite simple: Dope Bookings + ace Webmarketing. Bonsoir is directly linked with Facebook, Myspace, Playlists from Fairtilizer (to get you the music of the DJS that appear at Bonsoir) and an I-Phone-application where you can receive SMS and daily stories about the world of Bonsoir. Voila!
This is what I want for Berlin Battery.


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Martin hat gesagt…

Very good booking in this club, but security stuff sucks big...