JACK PENATE - tonight's today (extended version)

Spring is here and all these crazy uplifting pop songs arrive... and i keep dancing on tables all day... If this goes on, 2009 will be THE music year for ages!
I always liked Jack Penate's pure pop-music but never thought he was a genius! Now i have to admit I was wrong. This song is so way beyond anything since... well...Paul Simon discovered african music? Imagine a "very" british pop singer backed by (lets say..) Orange Juice, and surprisingly visited by a 20 piece african-carribean percussion streetgang high on mescal! If this doesn't get you shaking, you must be German! This is what Post Punk to me really was (and should now be) about: combining sounds of foreign cultures with pop and making people dance (and me happy).

The 12 Inch comes with 2 remixes by Mickey Moonlight and you HAVE TO WATCH the weird video (big screen, very good quality) on his website. It comes with real "Hair"-style dancing moves!

what did they put into his drinks... I want to have it too...

>>>JACK PENATE - tonight's today (extended version)



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I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool..