Tigas brother recently said about Adam Sky: "I know that Tiga had a picture of Adam Sky up on his wall when he was a kid, that he wanted to BE him, and that Adam put his first record out 30 years ago, which dethrones Sven Väth and makes him the longest-active, still relevant producer as far as I know."

Adam Sky has a new single out on "Exploited" with remixes from Tomski&Fredboy (Tartelet/Get Physical/Whomadewho), Ku Bo (Man Recordings) and JBAG (Kitsune). The single is called "The Imperious Urge" and features the fantastic voice of Danny Williams (the grandfather of his daugther) who was also the voice of the 1961 chart-topping version of "Moon River".
Sadly, he is no longer alive but "The Imperious Urge" demonstrates he'd lost none of his vocal ability.

Not long ago, Adam Sky shared a cab together with Anthony (from Anthony and the Johnsons/Hercules&Love Affair) and told him that some english journalist considered "The Imperious Urge" as a bad copy of "Hercules&Love Affair" which made Anthony quite interested in the song....but I dont want to tell you how the story ends:)
For now I am gonna give you a Dj-set from Adam Sky which he already did in February. Lazy me hasnt put it up so far.....sorry:(


1.'in your bones' FIRE ISLAND
2.'addicted' ALAN BRAXE
3.'same great taste' DEADSET
4.'crying blood' VV BROWN (HANNAH HOLLAND RMX)
5.'i exist because of you' HENRIK SCHWARZ
6.'pussy' NADASTROM
7.'nrg' ADAMSKI (20 years anniversary update)
8.'circle jerk' BAZOOKA LIZARDS(adam sky and zoo brazil)BLOODYBEETROOTS RMX
9.'afreaka' SOLO
10.'love lockdown' KANYE WEST
12.'don't you want me?' FELIX
13.'the imperious urge' ADAM SKY AND DANNY WILLIAMS(KUBO RMX)
14.'jungle hop' THE CRAMPS
(r.i.p. lux interior 4/feb/2009)

There is also a new single coming from Adam and Zoo Brazil under the name of "Circle Jerks" on Tigas label "Turbo" (the track is in his Dj-mix here).
Furthermore, I have included a few links on Adam Sky....some old article from De-bug, but also an interesting video with Adam Sky at WE LOVE SPAZE@Ibizza talking about his 20th anniversary of Rave (featuring: Alfredo, A-Trak, Ed Banger Crew, Tony Haze, Tiefschwarz). Oh....and make sure you check out me, Adam and Dex at our little Exploited-party in Aarhus in Denmark. Its gonna be happening on the 16th of May at Voxhall at the great LOCO-Party. Yeeha!
PS: And have a look at the links from Danny Williams (RIP) as well.

From Adamski to Adam Sky - De-bug-Article
Adam Sky@WE LOVE SPAZE(Ibizza) talking about his 20th Rave Anniversary
Adam Sky's Website: Past - Present - Future
Moonriver Song sung by Danny Williams
Memorial to Danny Williams
Adam Sky&Danny Williams - The Imperious Urge@Juno Records
Adam Sky&Danny Williams - The Imperious Urge@Beatport
Exploited Records
Exploited Records@Myspace


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