PETER VAN POEHL - Parliament

There are three songs on my mind at the moment which sound like: Spring!!!
First up there is swedish pop-weirdo Peter van Poehl with his second album "May Day". He lives in Malmö, Berlin and Paris. And he sounds a bit like Nick Drake, Simon & Garfunkel mixed with Phoenix, Marvin Gaye and some psychedelical Krauts... (well, more or less).
Once a musician in Bertrand Burgalat's band, he later (2006) released his first beautiful album "Going to where the tea trees are".
"Parliament" is the first uplifting single from "May Day", a "BIG" folk-pop-song with lots of strings and SOUL!!! Oh, and the video is actually great, too! Never forget: life is great!


(curious about the two other songs that make my day...? Easy, tiger! One each day...)

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